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Losing clients/ friends.

Got to my first job of the day this morning, A garden where I have been cutting the grass, trimming hedges and generally keeping tidy for around 16 yrs now, and have always had a cup of tea with the lady who's house it was. I was aware she was Ill an

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11 Replies · Reply by Anthony Toop Apr 25
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Hayter 41 pro

Hi, hope you are all enjoying the weather, the grass is now growing as fast as I can cut it!  Anyone had a problem with the rear roller on a hayter 41 pro? The height adjust works fine but it doesn't seem to lift correctly on the other side so the mo

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Robot line marker

I was introduced to a robot line marker today. The machine marked out 3 athletics tracks in 1 day and across 3 sites 70 miles apart. The thing is revolutionary.

So my question is, does anyone use one? If so, what would you recommend, a Rigby Taylor T

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2 Replies · Reply by alan wilton Apr 21
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Light roller mower

We run Hayter 56 pro, s as our go to roller mower, but have had an influx of jobs with smaller areas to roller mow where the 56 are too cumbersome to use.

So looking for a light, say max 42kg manoeuvrable roller mower either 19 or 21 inch preferably v

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8 Replies · Reply by Rob Davies Apr 18
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Hi everyone. 

For those of you that have employees. Do you provide them with the PPE required to do the job or do you get them to buy their own gear. 

Thanks in advance :)

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9 Replies · Reply by Tommy Apr 18
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Working outside filling stations

Hi, I remember someone on here asking about whether any special training/ qualifications are required for working at filling station premises ie cutting grass and maybe hedges. Can't find the discussion now. I presume public liability insurers would

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7 Replies · Reply by Mjc Apr 16
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Well at last, I have finally done the deed, my company officially ceased trading on 31st March.  It's been a long haul (46 years) but I dont regret for one minute, packing up a cosy job in the City to help out a local landscaper during the Summer of 

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11 Replies · Reply by Jonathan Davidson Apr 16
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Echo battery tools

I see Echo have now got a (fairly small) range of 50v battery equipment out. Be very interesting to see how good they are . I've always been pleased with their petrol hedge cutters.

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Cheap new rear tine rotovator

Anyone bought any of these rear tine rotovators?

Switzer, Mattiss previously Nielsen, Jobmaster, Titan pro.

Prices from £500 to £1100.

Guess all Far East manufactured ?

Varying online reviews.

Appreciate warranty will probably be non existent and spares d

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Weibang 553ssd.

Hi, sorry another mower question. Anyone used a weibang  shaft drive lately, are they worth the extra over a belt drive? Looked at one today, seem well built, heavy but then I have a hayter 41 for the smaller fiddly jobs. Just wondered about cutting

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4 Replies · Reply by Mjc Apr 9
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Fertilizer spreaders

I'm looking for recommendations for rotary spreaders for lawn fertilizer.  We've been using the Scotts Easygreen, but I'd like to use something more robust, ie. professional grade.The problem is that most of these seem to have a spread width around 3

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4 Replies · Reply by Adam Pilgrim Apr 9
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Honda gearbox.

Hi, having dragged my old 21"  honda izy out of the shed last week I remembered why I stopped using it, it drives forwards ok, if a bit sqeaky at times. However the drive wheels don't turn backwards so trying to pull the machine back is hard work. Is

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5 Replies · Reply by Mjc Apr 6
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Selling Vans

Has anyone had experience of selling their van to one of the various vehicle buying websites ? 

If so did you get a fair deal compared to selling it privately and which company did you use ? 

I have replaced the van already so no need to part exchange

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15 Replies · Reply by John F Apr 5
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Stiga 955v.

Good morning, anyone  using (or used) one of these or similar stiga. On paper it seems to do it all, mulch, bag, side discharge, height adjustable handle, good size engine. But of course only using a mower tells you how good it really is (or not!).

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Mulching mower.

Hi, a customer of mine with a large garden has asked me to get him a new dedicated mulching mower. He currently has a stiga  multiclip. Are the stiga's as good as any other or are others better such as the Honda or Stihl? The side eject option on the

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7 Replies · Reply by Mjc Mar 31
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Masport wide cut mower

hi all just to ask does anyone have any experience in using a masport 800 widecut mower

it has a off set deck allowing to cut the edges of the lawn as a roller mower would do !!

qeustion is does it work as well as a roller mower would do ?

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1 Reply · Reply by Mark Mar 31
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On board Tachos/Hour Meters

Who else uses after-market tachos/hour meters on their mowers or large equipment ?

If so, what do you use ?

In an earlier post I mentioned these and wanted some new ones. Ours originally come from the US and cost about £25 each.

These are the small L

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9 Replies · Reply by Gary RK Mar 29
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Testament to the Honda engine.

Thought I'd drag my old honda izy 21" out of the shed this morning to give it a go. It was getting a bit rattly and rough around the edges so I've been using other machines. Anyway it's been in the shed for about 2 years , I hadn't even drained the f

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1 Reply · Reply by Peter sellers Mar 27
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We are currently renovating an area of half an acre which has been used as a dumping ground for many years and is to be made into a lawn. We're going to have to make a seedbed out of a compacted, rubble strewn area, we're looking at buying a rotovato

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5 Replies · Reply by Peter sellers Mar 26
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Industry Jobs


Are you looking for an exciting job where you can experience the great outdoors and have a meaningful impact on UK conservation? What better way to mitigate climate change and benefit wildlife than planting trees and helping to create biodiverse habitats. As the UK’s most experienced ecological consultancy and contractor, Ecosulis is  currently looking to


Opportunity for work experience in Arboriculture/Tree Surgery + Gardening/Landscaping. Based around Kings Lynn / Wisbech. Variety of work,mainly domestic,suitable for pre- college,or similar. Contact chris; hennelly@tiscali.co.uk        or       07940 759 121.


We are looking for an arborist/climber to join our small team for our our well established gardening, property and tree services company. We are looking for someone on an initial trial basis of 3-6 months which may lead to full time employment after this. We would also consider someone part time for 3 days per

Experienced gardener wanted

We are looking for a gardener to join our small team for our our well established gardening, property and tree services company. We are looking for someone that has the potential to move up to Head Gardener/Team Leader within a year. This means we require someone with ambition, enthusiasm, experience and a good knowledge of

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