Business name

Used to be The Honest Services Company Ltd, sold out and retired May 2022

Business address

Hindon Lane, Tisbury





Primary telephone number:

07722 484290

About you and your business ( please complete)

  • It’s all about making your home and garden look better, for you, your family & friends. We take great pride in the garden services we provide and are delighted to maintain some beautiful gardens locally. We offer home maintenance services to residential and commercial properties, We offer one off, to weekly visits.


  • Having started the company from nothing in 2015, I sold the company to Countryside Grounds Services in May 2022   ... and am currently retired - whether it will last remains to be seen :)

Skills ( please complete )

Grass cutting, lawn edging, treatments & turfing Hedge Trimming, Planting & Pruning Flower borders prepared, planted & maintained Fencing repairs & replacement Patio pressure washing Gutter cleaning or replacement

Business category

Maintenance, Lawn Care, Consultant, Domestic, Commercial, Other

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