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Overgrown Shrub Border

Recently taken on this garden where the previous gardener has allowed the shrubs to become far too big. The mahonia, red robin and budleja are all things i'm very comfortable sorting over the course of this year and early next year. My one slight hes

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5 Replies · Reply by PGM 11 hours ago
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Stihl lawn edger

We have a Stihl petrol kombi unit and are considering buying a lawn edger attachment.

Do we go for straight or bent shaft?

Are they any good?

Its going to be used solely for cutting grass back against kerbs, concrete and tarmac on large commercial sites

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5 Replies · Reply by Peter sellers 23 hours ago
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AdBlue on lawns

Hi All, I have a client who I have worked for, for years, just as & when doing his lawn scarifying a bit of maintenance & now cut the lawns when they go their other place in Spain. Alright for some!

Anyway he let me know a couple of days before he wen

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3 Replies · Reply by Neil Darby on Saturday
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Robust hedge cutter.

Hi, I use a echo long reach hedge cutter which is great, but awkward to use when up ladders cutting the top of a hedge. I need another machine, not long reach, which will also cope with heavy work when doing hedge reductions. What would you recommend

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4 Replies · Reply by The Wall Jun 18
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Petrol or electric?

I have been running stihl  AP battery range tools for about 5 years now, and was told back then they were more powerful than the  petrol equivilents, but is this still true?

Mainly in regards to the hedge trimmers and strimmers.


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11 Replies · Reply by Mjc Jun 14
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Employer H&S responsibilities

Hey, we do Grounds maintenance a mix of resi and commercial. I'm looking to get clear all my obligations for staff health and safety. Is there a company that advises which training, tickets, which RAMS, content for toolbox talks etc. etc. (all things

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Gaining commercial clients

Hi, all of my work is for residential customers (other than the occasional job where a commercial client will come to me for a one off job).

I'm looking to gain more commercial customers such as supermarket carparks, pub gardens, office block grounds

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9 Replies · Reply by Adam Woods Jun 7
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edging shears problems

Hi, I have had numerous pairs of edging shears and they only last at most a season. The blades only appear to contact one another at the ends with gives a cutting area of about 1 inch, somewhat shorter than the length of the blades. Ay ideas other th

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16 Replies · Reply by Paul Doyle Jun 5
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Trade green waste centres

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