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Vehicles (256)

Truck netting

We use tippers for grounds maintenance.  Yesterday one of our drivers got 'pulled' for not having the load (ie his tools and machinery) covered, as it could come loose in an accident.  It looks like I've got to get nets for the trucks, but prices see

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15 Replies · Reply by Graham Taylor Nov 14, 2023
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Van tax

Hi all. I just taxed a 2012 Kangoo ML20. Cost me £320. Co2 emissions are 129g but.... reading online, its not about Co2 on vans now but the age. Thinking of swapping this van for a younger model. I read (in here i think) about rasing van prices. Anyo

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17 Replies · Reply by John F Nov 13, 2023
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Van floor

Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice. The ply floor in my van is starting to get ripped up a bit, so now it is catching on bags & ripping them. Do I just over board it or I think somebody mentioned stable matting, is this an option? The van has been boa

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15 Replies · Reply by Peter sellers Jul 4, 2023
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Roof Rack Query

Looking for a bit of help re roof racks. Current van is the new shape Peugeot Expert. I use the van a fair bit out of work too and often have to go under those 2m high barriers at places.

Without a roof rack the van just about fits under them. Does

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7 Replies · Reply by Honey Badger Oct 4, 2022
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