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I know that it's difficult to quote turf costs per metre without seeing the current condition of a site; from a contractors point of view, it's always frustrating when asked, by a potential client, what the cost might be..especially if their enquiry is generalist.

This has just been added to Twitter by BBC Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones:

"Just quoted £40 per sq m by gardening firm to returf my tiny London lawn. Turf at garden centre £4 per sq m. May have to bodge it myself."

Any comments?

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  • Either it is extremely inaccessible, they have a massive backlog of jobs in the book, the site prep is horrendous, or is that what rates are in London, are skips and waste charges so astronomical? Even in the most isolated and treacherous sites I can't imagine charging more than £30/sq.m. Interesting to hear other comments.

    I'm off to enjoy my weekend now. Ta ta.
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    Please also see 'how much to lay a lawn'
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    Maybe you ought to contact him and ask him to put a post on Landscape Juice to get a quote !!!!
  • PRO

    Here's a pic of the lawn:

  • £40 per m2 sounds steep but without seeing what the access to the garden is like and any other issues it would be hard to give a price other than say from £15 - £25 as a very much ballpark stab in the dark and also depending upon travel time! And that wouldn't include a return inspection visit.
  • PRO
    I've just invited him to pop over and read what you guys have had to say.
  • Companies that undertake turfing day in and day out work as a general rule of thumb that the job will cost the client retail £n per M2 for the turf and that again for labour. Additional charges being if extra soil required and of course disposal. Uplifts being applied for access issues, ground conditions and additional prep work to resolve any issues etc. Not saying you would always get the best job but you would certainly get a fairly decent one.

    Here is an example that ended up costing £20 per M2. The lawn was rolled after the picture had been taken and upon inspection on Thursday the lawn looked wonderful and had taken already. Turf was laid Tuesday mid day and whilst there wan't any access issues, the old lawn was in very poor condition and very uneven.

    Quality doesn't have to cost the earth and it is very unwise to quote on a basis of a picture or using Google Earth.

    We can laid approx. 500 m2 of turf a day (after removal and prep work!)
  • Having noted that Graeme Mann from the bgs group has replyed, states that i'd need look no futher for my answer, I'm no maintence figure but do take heed of all his replys.

    You'll not go wrong if you stick with this fella.

  • about £1000 is not bad . it may include vat and a top quality job ( i see no access)

    the house is from my experience in london £1,000,000 's worth. so total garden should be 10% £10,000

    i have one half the size to quote for a regular , i guess it will be £500 by the end with rotovating and top-soil etc.
  • ive just quoted a turf job last week for 160 m2 i quoted it and it worked out at £9 m2 which i thought was good and there not going with me as they had a cheaper quote of £6 m2 theres no way i can compete with that can anyone else on here do it for that price? its an awkward shape lawn and requires turfing down a bank.
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