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We would like to create a directory on LJN of known software applications for our industry (ideally UK centric) to help people looking for suitable business solutions.

It is  clear there is a growing number of software vendors in this marketplace, so if you know any and can post up a URL link I will maintain a  'System' page.

It is not meant to be 'recommendation-based' but if you have any direct knowledge, feel free to include a brief comment/overview. This will allow members to go off and do their own appraisal and due diligence.....

So if;

  • you are a member let us know as above....
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List : 

  • Re-Flow :   Any business, where employees and operatives are carrying out jobs on location, is going to benefit from Re-flow.


  • Jobber: Service management software to organise your field service business.


  • Lawn Pro : US product. If you have less than 50 customer's it is possibly free.


  • Groundleader : UK software for grounds-maintenance contractors. Support is by long-established UK contractors who work in and understand the industry. Free for up to 30 recurring tasks.

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  • PRO

    A good idea....maybe it should a PRO benefit though?

  • PRO

    Hi Gary

    Since mid January we have been using Re-flow.  They are focusing on green space industries and seem very helpful in assisting with software adjustments to suit our business.  Very comprehensive software in most areas.    



  • PRO

    Canadian in origin but geared for the UK too.  I've been a user for 7 years now.



    Jobber: The #1 Service Scheduling Software & App in 2021 | Try for Free
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    • I Know jobber has advanced a lot since I first tried it about seven years ago, but has it caught up with Service Autopilot yet?

      Does it have auto pricing of estimates, two way texting, two way emailing, automations that we can build, measure grounds around property etc?

      • PRO

        Adrian, this thread is probably not the place to start debating features, rather it will be just a directory - probably best to add your Post elsewhere, but I was in conversation with Service Autopilot a short while ago and received this response;

        "Currently our system is not optimized for use in the U.K. I am very sorry about that.

        I know we are hoping to expand our client base to be more international. Frankly, I don't think there is a plan on implementing the smart maps feature for the U.K. for the foreseeable future, however we are growing extremely fast and it is something that I would imagine will be implemented at some point down the road as we continue to grow and try to cater to those international members. I want to be as honest as possible with you because I don't want you to waste time trying to setup the software if certain aspects will not be functional for you. 

        Kindest regards, "

        I think the key is Jobber is fit for purpose for UK along with its Support, something SAP acknowledge they struggle with (their words, not mine).


  • Many years ago we used to use Lawn Pro which is out of the US, apparently this has developed into a very good software and could be worth looking at. If you have less than 50 customer's it is free

  • There is another reason why SA probably don't want to come into the UK yet, and that SA has now partly owned by an American Credit Card company who only operate in the US, and SA now insist that all their US customers move over to the new credit card company via the SA software. Which means you can't use a UK card based system. 

    Because we only do recurring maintenance this has not proved to be a problem for us and we have devised another method of collections.

    • PRO

      As they say, it is not optimised or recommended for use in the U.K. 🤷‍♂️ But glad to hear you've  gone ahead ....

This reply was deleted.

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