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Experienced Hard Landscaper

We are looking for an experienced hard landscaper to join our growing team. Ideally the applicant will be skilled in paving, brick laying, timber work and other aspects of hard landscaping. A clean tidy appearance (at least when you turn up in the morning!) is a must, as is a polite manner as you will

Experienced maintenance gardener

* HIRING NOW * EXPERIENCED MAINTENANCE GARDENER GARDENS BY SERENDIPITY is a landscaping and garden maintenance company. We are a family run business priding itself on providing high-end domestic garden maintenance and landscaping services in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding areas. We work to the highest standard ensuring the client’s needs and wishes have

Garden assistant

Tim West Gardens Ltd are looking for someone to join our small team of gardeners, working on a range of residential gardens throughout Mid Sussex. Professional experience of all aspects of garden care, knowledge of pruning methods and familiarity with garden machinery would be an advantage. This is a full time, permanent role with an

Skilled Landscaper/ Forman

We currently require a self-motivated skilled landscaper/ foreman with a minimum of five years experience to take on this role. Their skills should include laying paving, Blockwork, stonework, timberwork, installing drainage and irrigation, turf laying and operating a 360 excavator. We are a busy growing garden design & landscaping company and a proud member of

Experienced Landscape Gardener.

We are a busy Landscaping company and are looking for an experienced Landscaper. Must be fully experienced in all aspects of landscaping, salary dependent on experience.

Landscape Gardener

S&S Garden Services Ltd  require an experienced  Landscape Gardener working on mainly domestic projects in High Wycombe and surrounding areas.  The successful candidate will be competent in brick laying, paving, fencing, decking and other aspects of garden construction. Driving ability required together with the ability to communicate well with clients and staff. Twenty eight days

Plant Health Supervisor

Plant Health Supervisor required for family run wholesale shrub & perennial nursery. Candidates must hold a full clean driving licence as you will be required to travel between sites. It is essential that you hold the correct industry standard qualifications for the post. The right candidate will be required to spray all stock on a

Landscape contractor

Landscape contractor required for Landscaping company based in Surrey. Candidate should have minimum five years experience and be  proficient in laying Paving, Brickwork, fencing, operating an excavator and general Landscaping tasks. A clean driving licence also required.

Experienced gardener

Grove Gardens is an established landscape gardening business in Brighton and Hove and we are currently looking for an experienced gardener to join our team. You must be a highly motivated individual with a professional attitude to your work. Experienced in garden maintenance and a good plant knowledge. A full driving licence is essential. Competitive

Landscape and grounds maintenance operative

Landscape and grounds maintenance operative required for a well established landscaping company based in south wales. Looking for an enthusiastic and well motivated worker who works well as part of a team or on their own.  Must have at least 3 years experience in landscaping/ grounds maintenance and sports ground maintenance and renovation. The roles

Business Objectives Group (BOG)


Glitch or Fate

Here's a weird problem i am currently pondering any theories gratefully appreciated .  I finished a small project which has freed up some capacity and then Two seperate enquiries came in, one via email to sort out an overgrown garden with the…

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6 Replies · Reply by John Fulton 19 hours ago

Partnership for 1 job

I'm hoping to take on a joint landscaping project with a friend, we both trade as sole traders. The lead is through me, though I'm bringing him in for his expertise and we are going 50/50 on it. It's a large lawn that I'm pricing to be seeded out…

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4 Replies · Reply by Robbie yesterday


Morning all,Not a riveting start to the 'spring' season. Trying to chalk this one off before my business reaches top speed. I'm just trying to build my understanding on GDPR so the time that I put into in is for sure the right work.I plan on…

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24 Replies · Reply by Geoffrey King May 16

Box blight

A confirmed case of box blight at a customer's. They have been in contact with the RHS and have been recommended two Bayer products, but I wondered what professional products are available. Another professional gardner has suggested 'Signum'. Thank…

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7 Replies · Reply by dan May 15


  Hi all,   We've had an apprentice before that sadly wasn't a lot of good, however that's not put me off and I have had annother one lined up for when he leaves school this summer. We are currently understaffed at the minute due to various reasons…

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4 Replies · Reply by Hugh Gunn May 14

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John Powley replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
Went yesterday and it's just drying out and they said they were just watering it for about ten minutes.
Ground was watered prior to laying but it's amazing how quickly your hard work can get undone. 
They've had a rollicking and are doing…"
24 minutes ago
Richard Gadsby replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
"I’m with Colin. 99% they have put a hose or sprinkler on for 10 mins at most and they think it’s enough........"
8 hours ago
Colin Hunt replied to Andrew Evans's discussion Pond loosing water
"I'm not an expert, but I notice that the waterfalls and header pond have an area that exceeds the surface area of the lower pond by around 5/1. So lets say the whole surface area is around 22 sq.m and lost 10mm a day through evapouration - about nor…"
9 hours ago
Colin Hunt replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
"At this time of year, newly laid turf will root within days, providing it has moisture and that means when laid, ie thoroughly wetting the ground BEFORE laying.  For aftercare, very few customers understand that watering means WATERING and think a s…"
10 hours ago
John Fulton replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"The skin has healed over now and no infection , I remember kneeling on it and it left a mark which can flare up randomly at certain times , I think pyracantha can leave the fine tip of the thorn under your skin and it can really swell up until it wo…"
10 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"That was going to be my suggestion! That’s what I do. Get the leatherman out and dig it out straight away before it has the chance to go bad! 
Disclaimer it’s not that bright to do it:)"
18 hours ago
Jon Ward replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"Don’t hack at it with your penknife then and  wonder why it hurts more?"
18 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"If the thorn is surrounded by weeping puss you can try sitting in a bath of hot water and flexing your leg to draw it out. If that doesn’t work ask the pharmacist at your local chemist about using some drawing ointment.…"
18 hours ago
John Fulton replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"Agree on the Pyracantha , the irritation from a skin puncture can last all week , gauntlets help , i have a thorn from ages ago embedded in my knee and every so often it flares up like some some old shrapnel wound ."
19 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"The sap of rue can be potentially very nasty, and the sap from fig trees is quite an irritatant. "
19 hours ago
Tony @SM replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"I find Ivy gives me hay fever symptoms, despite not normally suffering from it. Laurel trimmings are quite nauseus and I always avoid getting a lungfull. It does fade though as the clippings age.
Blubells irritate my skin if I get splashed while str…"
20 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"The coroner recorded an open verdict at the inquest, the cause of death was never definitively established."
20 hours ago
Progreen Weed Control’s discussion was featured
Hello,Customer living in Surrey area : Postcode : KT12 5NS wants a gardener to spray some weeds and do some general garden maintenance. Sorry, no idea of what needs doing and how large the garden is......Pls contact us for customer email......Cheers…
22 hours ago
Andrew Watts replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
"A few things to consider:
1. Was  a "pre turf" fertiliser added to the soil before laying the turf? Has it been fed at all?
2. Check if it's being watered enough - should be moist enough down to 4" depth. Are they using a sprinkler or by hand?
3. Ha…"
22 hours ago
Ben Carter replied to Tim Stevens's discussion Tree died that I planted 3 months ago
"Was is a bare root or container tree?
Did you dry the roots out? if it was a bare rooted tree even a few minutes while you dig the hole can have serious effect on roots.  If it was a container grown tree bought from a good nursery that know what the…"
22 hours ago
Ben Carter replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
"New turf needs soaking all the time in the heat.  I suspect the close proximity to the concrete doen't help but they are not putting enough water on it.  
When did you lay it?
Has it Knitted in yet? 
Good luck!"
22 hours ago


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safener for leaf burn on banana plants

   This is a bit of a strange one. i am invoved in a small way with a project improving the growth of banana plants. We are in the research phase of a new product.Can anybody help with something called a " safener 'that would help counteract the leaf burn that these plants suffer. Any suggestions should be compatible with organic production, comply with new EU directives on residue and is safe to honey bees. Any advice welcome thanks in advance.

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New turf struggling

I know it's not ideal due to the heat but I have no other time to do it. I've been working in a garden since March and for a number of reasons it's only getting finished now. I've laid some turf, soil is good, nicely prepared etc, the bit in particular is right next to a fence that has new concrete base panels and gets full sun almost all day, I've had a phone call saying it's dying so am popping round layer to look. I'm wondering if it's scorched next to the bright concrete base panels,…

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5 Replies · Reply by John Powley 24 minutes ago

Pond loosing water

I have a client which we built a large waterfall in the garden for but have had a lot of problems with it loosing water. The warerall is built on three tiers with a header pond aprox 2mx2m x 900mm deep then it runs down about 5 meters x 2 meters, over a waterfall into the next pond which is approx 3m x 1.2m x 500mm deep it then runs down a short run of about 2m x 800mm then over the last fall into the bottom pond which is about 3mx1.2mx500mm deep where it gets pumped back up to the very top…

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2 Replies · Reply by Colin Hunt 9 hours ago

Estimating packages

Hi all, I operate a landscape construction business and am looking at ways to speed up and streamline the estimating and quoting aspect of my business. What estimating packages are people using, both free and paid for and what are the advantages and disadvantages of them. Ideally i would like something i can make variations to and add extra work to and it just churns out the estimate/quote as these are all seperate and time consuming processes for me at the moment. I currently use a spreadsheet…

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1 Reply · Reply by Adrian Shearing on Friday

Yippee .....Stihl battery gear for evaluation

With many thanks to Stihl and our Dealer, we've been give the whole range of this years battery powered gear for short term evaluation, including multiple batteries and backpack battery and fast chargers.The only item not available was the new Kombi head, but we're hoping to get that to try out some time in the future. It will be intererting to see what we make of the gear, it's usage and convenience out on commercial sites with multiple users. It was like Christmas, loading all the items into…

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5 Replies · Reply by paul doyle on Saturday

Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?

I have a job  cutting the grass in a churchyard that contains several yew trees and bushes.My question is that since Yew trees are deadly posionous, and their foliage is scattered all over the ground isnt there any danger in cutting up bit of the tree and getting it all over my mower which then goes in my car? I was thinkng a similar thing when cutting around hemlock the other day.Anyone else ever been near a yew tree or bush or any other deadly plant with any of their equipment?Thanks,Rob

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30 Replies · Reply by John Fulton 10 hours ago

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PRO Supplier

The national football team won’t be the only team of professionals flying from England to Russia this summer. In fact, a whole fleet of Dennis G860 cylinder mowers will already be making their mark in Russia before the England squad is even…

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