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Landscape contractor

Landscape contractor required for Landscaping company based in Surrey. Candidate should have minimum five years experience and be  proficient in laying Paving, Brickwork, fencing, operating an excavator and general Landscaping tasks. A clean driving licence also required.

Experienced gardener

Grove Gardens is an established landscape gardening business in Brighton and Hove and we are currently looking for an experienced gardener to join our team. You must be a highly motivated individual with a professional attitude to your work. Experienced in garden maintenance and a good plant knowledge. A full driving licence is essential. Competitive

Landscape and grounds maintenance operative

Landscape and grounds maintenance operative required for a well established landscaping company based in south wales. Looking for an enthusiastic and well motivated worker who works well as part of a team or on their own.  Must have at least 3 years experience in landscaping/ grounds maintenance and sports ground maintenance and renovation. The roles

Grounds Maintenance Operative

The purpose of the Grounds Maintenance chargehand/team leader position is to carry out a range of duties to support the running of contracts. This will include operating machinery, towing a trailer, grass cutting, hedge cutting and general grounds maintenance duties, able to work on own initiative to complete daily work to a high standard The Grounds Maintenance Team Leader will

Landscape Site Manager

Woodhouse Landscape/Natural pools are a design and build company based near Cambridge We undertake a whole range of diverse projects from small patios to natural swimming pools and lake renovations right across the UK and abroad with a variety of private and business clients. We currently have a vacancy for a Skilled landscaper/site manager to

Landscaper Supervisor/Team Leader

Vibrant individual needed to join quality landscape design and build team in Cornwall. Applicant must have 5+ years experience in the industry, be skilled and competent in a range of hard landscape disciplines, be able to work to a very high standard and have great attention to detail, be able to guide and supervise a

Landscape foreman / Skilled Landscaper

We currently require a self-motivated skilled landscape foreman with a minimum of five years experience to take on this role. Their skills should include laying paving, brickwork, timberwork, laying setts, installing drainage and irrigation, turf laying and operating a 360 excavator. The applicant should be polite, able to work under pressure, lead by example and

Help us to build luxury climbing frames and treehouses

Overview This is a fantastic opportunity for a carpenter or a skilled outdoor landscaper with good wood skills to join our team. We are a small yet growing high-end manufacturer and installer of amazing climbing frames, tree houses and zip wires. We’re seeking an installer based in the SE to join the team and cover

Mechanic & Service Support Engineer

Working with a team of dedicated hard working enthusiasts in the Grass & Groundcare machinery industry the successful applicant will be responsible for undertaking the build up, pdi, servicing and repairs of a range of grounds machinery. With a range of ability’s and attributes allowing you to work under your own initiative diagnosing and repairing

Business Objectives Group (BOG)


Webb Lawnmowers, opinions?

Hi everyone, I have a small business, just me, and do mainly garden maintainence and weeding/planting along with other jobs such as jetwashing and so on as I have a number of elderly customers who always ask for very small "other" jobs. I cut lawns,…

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Got stung again

Paid a company to do 15k flyers for me last year and the only calls I got were people finding my flyers etc in their hedges.  Took on a new company this year and pretty much the same experience.  They are 10k apparently into the 15k run and I have…

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13 Replies · Reply by Robbie Apr 11

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David Benson replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"it might be the photo but the front copings seem loose. The point ing dos not seem to desperate its mainley salts coming out of the bricks/morter a good stif brush will clear it off and has  the pond have a overflow as all the heavy wet wether we ha…"
5 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"That wasn’t what I was expecting, I was expecting to see the mortar crumbling.
With the grass  being artificial I would try washing the wall with white vinegar and water, then something a bit stronger if that doesn’t shift it.
It is a very common pr…"
6 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"I posted a link to a NHBC guide, but it has to be passed by the moderator as it may be spam.
Try a internet search “NHBC efflorescence”
Not a problem for you to worry about.
 Andy "
6 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
6 hours ago
Neil Brown replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"The internal wall is solid concrete blocks 
6 hours ago
Neil Brown replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"Hi All thanks for answers to date 
i have attached a photo of the wall in question 
The grass around the base is artificial which i installed at a later date 
6 hours ago
David Benson replied to Trevor Stephens's discussion Cables around gardens
"its got to the point now that i think you have to put a disclamer on them as there is that menny about, cable tv and phone not installed to BS, its one of my pet hates i even came accross one that came out of the footpath and over the pin curb "
6 hours ago
David Benson replied to David Green's discussion Removing Stumps - small tree/large bush
"as PG says easier if there is 2-3 ft to pull at above ground i dig round the root with a spit and cut the roots with a axe and a old pruning saw and loppers till you can start getting unserneath to the tap root DO NOT use a chain saw in the ground i…"
6 hours ago
Dave Colton replied to David Green's discussion Removing Stumps - small tree/large bush
"mattock and digging bar are my tools of choice when it comes to stumps, i also have a 5ft pry bar and a 1/4 sleeper for leverage, bloody hard work but works everytime."
7 hours ago
Liam Nash replied to Liam Nash's discussion What is this?
"Thanks found the part on the site however not in stock and doesnt have a part number but shall call Honda tomorrow,Thanks for the guidence."
8 hours ago
Scott H replied to Liam Nash's discussion What is this?
"Looks like one of those washers that holds the outer covers on the roller mowers. Think its correct name is a cover setting washer.
You should be able to look it up on one of the Honda spares websites - here is one I use
8 hours ago
Liam Nash’s discussion was featured
Hi all I have lost one of these for my honda lawnmower and cant seem to find out what they are anywhere could anyone help?Many thanks in advanceLiam
10 hours ago
Jim Gibbon replied to David Green's discussion Removing Stumps - small tree/large bush
"There are a few You Tube videos of taking out stumps with a high lift jack. It has worked for me a few times but I'm not sure you'll have enough stump left for the chain to grip."
12 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to James's discussion What is average cost for mowing a garden?
"if I had to pick one of my mowers now it would be the weibang pro 48 bbc"
12 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to James's discussion What is average cost for mowing a garden?
"I use lawnflite pro, weibang pro, Honda pro, etesia, Ransomes and toro.What I use isn’t really the point any of the big brands are ok it’s more down to personal choice. 
If you are busy with non grass cutting then fine (though a decent roller mower…"
12 hours ago
David Green replied to David Green's discussion Removing Stumps - small tree/large bush
"I bought a similar one a while back and it was great digging up the laurel with it's roots etc.
But this tree with it's roots is a tough bugger to get through,it's a bit "elasticy " when I try and cut with the post hole digger. I was pretty knackere…"
13 hours ago


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Cables around gardens

Hi Advice on cables Please! So many gardens now have cables for lighting, audio, internet, Tv aeriels running through hedges in beds and borders (a lot not armoured just dropped down by lazy sparks) Several time we have nearly cut these even having checked before.  Who is liable to pay for repair if this happens? do I put a standard disclaimer on quotes to say we should be informed of any cable runs in the garden otherwise not liable.?? Thanks in advance  Trevor

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1 Reply · Reply by David Benson 6 hours ago

Slow/bad payers

Hi all, I have a varied mix of customers, some regular maintenance all year, some one off jobs and some bigger projects.  I provide a clear quote for each customer, work exactly to that spec, keep the customer updated etc. On completion (or end of month for maintenance customers) I send out QuickBooks invoices with bank transfer details and a 7 day payment period. Some customers pay on time, however it really annoys me having to constantly chase late payers who have usually simply forgotten. Do…

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Removing Stumps - small tree/large bush

I have a tree stump that needs removing. I've cut it back myselfso far from small tree bush There are small four trunks forming the stump. 3 of these are about 2 inches in diameter, the 4th and largest about 3 inches in diameter.They are between 4 to 5 inches in height. Should I cut back to ground level,then cut the roots with a chain saw and try to leveredge the roots out with an an iron bar ? I know using a winch may be helpfull as well but I don't have one and would have to rent one. I have…

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7 Replies · Reply by David Benson 6 hours ago

Summer watering with IBC tank

With a dramatic change in weather here in Somerset I'm after some recomendations for watering kit. I have a client with lots of raised planters along a quater mile long drive. We will soon be planting up with bedding for a summer display and will need to keep them well waterd. I have a IBC tank and use of a good forklift. I'm looking for a good way to pump the water out via a nice rain lance. Has anyone got a good suggestion. There would be no acsess to power and the forklift dosnt have a 12v…

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6 Replies · Reply by Gary RK yesterday

Customer Complaints

I had a bricklayer build a small pond brick wall 3 years ago and the customer is complaining the jointing has failed and is crumbling  I have offered to get the wall re pointed which in my opinion should resolve the issue  He has said he has had a proffesional bricklayer look at the wall and been told it should have had damp proofing and needs to be knocked told and re built and he would not accept it being re pointed  In his letter he said if i am not prepared to do this he would get a…

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13 Replies · Reply by David Benson 5 hours ago

Tripod Ladders

Do you use Tripod Ladders for tree or hedge work? At Northern Arb Supplies, we supply a wide range of high-performance Tripod Ladders ranging from 1.2m(4ft) - 4.8m(16ft). In our latest article, we discuss the best hedge cutting ladders and give you all the information you need to know when considering purchasing Tripod Ladders. Read Here   

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