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Weed-free soil with just one application

UNIQUE residual turf herbicide, Valdor® Flex, is now available from Agrovista Amenity.

Valdor Flex was introduced to the UK turf and amenity market last year and has…

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David Benson replied to Gary's discussion Industry never ceases to amaze me
"its amazing i wounder if its ajustable for differant size balls"
3 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Gary's discussion Industry never ceases to amaze me
"That's amazing, do they do one for cubes?
4 hours ago
John Culpin replied to Ben Gooding's discussion Pressure washing detergents
"This recipe is reccomended on the Paving Expert website. I know the guy (Roger) who first posted the recipe - he runs a very susccessful pressure washing company.
I have used it on a brown/buff Indian sandstone as well as some block paving with it -…"
5 hours ago
Connor Galbraith and Mike Baker joined Landscape Juice Network
5 hours ago
Gary posted a discussion
6 hours ago
Paul Doyle replied to James Macleod's discussion pa1 / pa6 exam
"and well done!!!
6 hours ago
Paul Doyle replied to James Macleod's discussion pa1 / pa6 exam
"your not alone!!!"
6 hours ago
Fleur Voice posted a blog post
“Gardening programmes tend to be very ‘traditional’ white middle-class in their attitude towards gardening”, Julia Sargeant said in an interview after she won gold at Chelsea Flower Show in 2016. She was the first black gardener to design a Chelse…
6 hours ago
Steven Mills replied to Peter sellers's discussion budget scarifier
"I picked up an Einhell at the back end of last year and have been pleased with it."
7 hours ago
Gary replied to James Macleod's discussion pa1 / pa6 exam
"Well done. It's been a pretty challenging day out there today...
9 hours ago
Jon Davidson replied to James Macleod's discussion pa1 / pa6 exam
"Passed my PA6 exam today in far from ideal weather conditions, but onwards and upwards and looking forward to using the knowledge come better weather!"
10 hours ago
Liam Wetherall replied to Joe McWilliams's discussion weed kill
"Hi joe, 
chemical weed control is always  my last solution but many unwelcome weeds find their way into drives and the cracks between paving.
most weed killers work best when the application of the herbicide occurs during several days of dry weather…"
13 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Peter sellers's discussion budget scarifier
"+ 1 for the einhell. I had an older model than this but was very pleased with it for the money. Had it for three years I think before it died a death, but I was using for far more than it was designed for. I thought it did a really good job, and the…"
14 hours ago
Richard Farley replied to Peter sellers's discussion budget scarifier
"Hi I bought one of these Einhell machines about 4 years ago it does a decent job on my lawn a a few others I use it on every year.I m more than happy with it and for what it its great.
Regards Charlie"
15 hours ago
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Weed-free soil with just one applicationUNIQUE residual turf herbicide, Valdor® Flex, is now available from Agrovista Amenity.Valdor Flex was introduced to the UK turf and amenity market last year and has been widely praised for providing excellent…
15 hours ago
Adrian Noble posted a discussion
We are getting emails every day which proclaim to come for our website provider "1&1 Ionos", but are in fact a scam.If you are a 1&1 customer make sure you don't open any emails with this address :-
15 hours ago

budget scarifier

We are looking to buy a scarifier for occasional use, wondered if any one has recommendations? Tool Station have an Einhell GC-SC 2240P on offer at £250 inc VAT, has anyone any experience of these ? The amount we have to do does not justify a professional grade machine, we want the convenience of owning rather than hiring, also seen a Feider FST 212 anyone used these? Any suggestions for a reliable budget machine gratefully received.

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3 Replies · Reply by Steven Mills 7 hours ago

How could I use sleepers in this garden? Looking for design ideas

Garden: Morning all, I have 16 new timber sleepers left over from a project and would like to use them in this garden. The sleepers are 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m. The garden is roughly 36 square metres. The garden slopes down towards the house slightly, the rise is around 1 ft. I am going to transfer the existing plants into pots and re-use them, so it will basically be a blank canvas. I am installing a new fence this week and then I'm hoping to start the sleeper work…

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0 Replies

Pressure washing detergents

Hi all,just wondering what people's thoughts and experiences are on pressure washing driveways/decking and paved areas.  I have a large power washing job starting next month and am wondering if there is a decent detergent available that can be sprayed on 5 or 10 minutes before starting washing to just make the job easier, obviously a detergent which isn't going to damage or stain paving or decking! Or maybe better to not use any product at all? Any comments greatfully received! Ben 

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2 Replies · Reply by John Culpin 5 hours ago

components coming from china

saw this morning that JCB are cutting the working week in the factory because of a shortage of components coming from china this may have a effect on garden machinery as in shortage of spare parts or even to buy new as a lot of the brands use components from china 

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1 Reply · Reply by Gary on Monday

Battery Powered Strimmer, Husqvarna or Stihl...?

Morning AllI'm sure this topic has been covered before, but just wanted some upto date experience re the following. I'm looking at getting a battery powered strimmer and I'm undecied between the Husqvarna 520i LX or Stihl FSA 85. This will be the first battery powered machine I will have, so want to stick to one brand, for ease & cost of batteries. It will only be used for general tidy up of lawns, so no heavy work. Looking in the brochure the Husky seems to have the better run times between…

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10 Replies · Reply by Chris Powell on Tuesday

Planting best practices

Hi all,hope your all well after the adverse weather we've had?. Ive a question im looking for some feedback on, which is 'what is the best practice for planting'. The actual issue is landscapers putting down eco matting after planting. I don't see an issue with this, in fact its actually neater as it doesn't leave soil residue on the matting after planting and plants are backfield much better. Landscape architect has not specified either way, however an over enthusiastic contracts manager has…

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3 Replies · Reply by Glen Stillman on Tuesday
"An open association like LJN is just a remarkable place. What you pay per year for what you get out of it is astonishing, and speaking personally, LJN has helped guide me from a new start up business into 5 years of profitable trading and I don't think I could have done that without access to the forum and the great contributors to it." Simon Land

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