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Last year, KAR UK launched the new Hunter TTS-800 rotors and, in that time, they have become one of the most sought-after irrigation products in sportsturf. Sales Manager Mike McDonnell reveals the reasons why.

“Greenkeepers, Course…

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Kris Baker replied to John F's discussion Efficient turf removal methods
"The one I hired was from HSS and looks like the picture currently on their site
the web link includes "Turf Cutter - Light Duty" which is not mentioned in the description! but it was a decent.,…"
5 hours ago
Kris Baker replied to John F's discussion Efficient turf removal methods
"I just pulled "any old image" from Google, sorry the link wouldn't have been useful (posting a linked-image here defaults to also putting a link on it as well, which just goes to where the image is stored and is unlikely to be useful, and likely to…"
5 hours ago
Jamie Booth, John Martin and James Clarke joined Landscape Juice Network
14 hours ago
Paul Doyle replied to John F's discussion Efficient turf removal methods
"Yeah I was taught that from day one. If there's a place to store it ,then I would without hesitation.  What's gonna replace the turf??"
14 hours ago

Land Drain Layout

First post, so I'll start by saying hello: Hello!I have been asked to install a land drain under a lawn by a client. I have only previously installed herringbone patterns, but this is often governed by the shape of the land. In this instance however the area is a near rectangle. Which got me thinking, must it be this way?I have only found a single reference to a grid system in a Green Keeping magazine whereas every other article deals exclusively with Herringbone.I have attached two draft…

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1 Reply · Reply by Dave Colton 16 hours ago
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Efficient turf removal methods

Due to past experience of the unreliability of some  hired turf removal lifting machinery i have decided to estimate to remove 60 square metres of lawn using my preffered method . first cut a line in the turf with a spade and then gently swing  my heavy wide head pick / mattock to ease it up which causes the line of turf to curl up nicely and saves my back , less bending involved . this works great on small areas of turf as the strips of turf are narrow in line with the width of my pick head ,…

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19 Replies · Reply by Kris Baker 5 hours ago
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Business Objectives Group

So I can see there's lots of useful articles I'd like to read in the BOG however if I click on any or even the links about what the group is I get the msg "we're sorry - you're not allowed to see the page you're looking for". Do I need to be a paid member of LJN to view them? I can't find any info on exactly what the group is or on access?  TIA

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9 Replies · Reply by Dave Colton yesterday
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Advertising on Bark

Hello allI know a few of you have mentioned getting work through online agency Bark in other conversations I wondered how many of you have used it and how you've found it for actually finding work. Do you find that the leads are more often than not only thinking and researching what they want done, and if more than one professional responds, do you find yourself in a bidding war to get the job.I don't like the idea of paying money to get leads which may well not then employ you anyway. I know…

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1 Reply · Reply by John F on Saturday
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Electric Vans

Anyone out there running a small electric van for a maintenance business?  I am looking to get a new Kangoo sized vehicle and will probably only clock up 5k per year so an electric appeals. However, the premium for electric over a Euro 6 seems too high still. The cost savings for running will soon be eroded by the government protecting existing revenue from vehicles as electric become mainstream. Any thoughts?

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16 Replies · Reply by Kris Baker yesterday
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"An open association like LJN is just a remarkable place. What you pay per year for what you get out of it is astonishing, and speaking personally, LJN has helped guide me from a new start up business into 5 years of profitable trading and I don't think I could have done that without access to the forum and the great contributors to it." Simon Land

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