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John F replied to Andrew . Perkins's discussion Do battery powered tools justify the cost ?
"Once you use battery its hard not to like and the cost becomes irrelevant and i use several brands even when i match a budget brand to the correct task it performs well , never had a single problem . 
I still need a petrol blower not sure if there…"
3 hours ago
William Beard replied to Andrew . Perkins's discussion Do battery powered tools justify the cost ?
"I agree with the previous replies.  I love battery kit for all the noise,  vibration,  fumes and butting fuel reasons. I personally run the Stihl kit. It's not been without faults or problems but i know the husky stuff isn't either.  I have the…"
12 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Andrew . Perkins's discussion Do battery powered tools justify the cost ?
"I would say that cost saving isn't the main reason to move to battery, just another reason."
12 hours ago
Billybop replied to Andrew . Perkins's discussion Do battery powered tools justify the cost ?
"Hi with the good brands the batteries themselves will outlast the machines quite a few times over. There is something a bit disposable about some of the kit but if treated properly it will do you proud. And some of them quite easy to fix if…"
13 hours ago
Jim Gibbon liked Agata Wolf's discussion Support for trained fruit trees
13 hours ago
Agata Wolf replied to Agata Wolf's discussion Support for trained fruit trees
"Thank you very much!
Also, I have this book but totally forgot about it so will have a look.
It's a brick wall."
13 hours ago
Agata Wolf replied to Agata Wolf's discussion Support for trained fruit trees
"That was my first thought but the cost was too high for the client as there are 4 trees that will need it.
Although, it looks very sturdy!"
13 hours ago
Nicholas Rymer replied to Nicholas Rymer's discussion Make the most of a Staycation
"If I could develop further as the reason for talking about our outdoor kitchens within the landscape juice network, 90% of the kitchens we manufacture and supply will require an element of both hard and soft landscaping within the project and we…"
13 hours ago

Do battery powered tools justify the cost ?

I am really considering a battery powered Husqvarna 520 iHD70  anyone have one ?I am just struggling to justify the cost of a  battery powered machine compared to petrol . I'll probably need 2 to 3 batteries and at least a charger or two . the cost is considerably more than a petrol with two batteries. In the long run would it eventually save money before the battery went bust ? I probably  use a litre of petrol a day ( £1.30 approx ) hedgetrimming, to charge a battery around 4p it is a saving…

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4 Replies · Reply by John F 3 hours ago
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Support for trained fruit trees

Hi,We have a customer who bought few differently trained fruit trees (espalier and fan) which will be trained along the brick wall. Each tree has branches at different levels so probably the only reasonable way to do it will be to install wires separate for each tree. Could you advise what support systems you have used for that? Big eye screws? Some wire tensioners? It is the first time where we are going to install something like this so any advice is welcome!  Thank you!

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14 Replies · Reply by Agata Wolf 13 hours ago
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Supplier PRO

Trade Partners

With Iconic kitchens supplied exclusivly through the trade we are starting to build our CRM database.Although we design and build our kitchens offering an installation service for the units, worksurfaces, grills, fridges, sinks and all other components what we do not offer is the associated groundworks and landscaping required.With our Iconic kitchens supplied throughout the UK if anyone is interested in becoming an approved partner please visit our website and complete…

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Nomix Lance problems

Hi,I bought the frontline compact lance a couple of years ago, the first one I had the square discs didn't work so they sent a replacement. The second lance for used a couple of times and then blocked despite using the cleaning fluid. At the time I tried cleaning out several times with the special fluid but the flow never returned properly. I ended up leaving it and going back to a normal backpack sprayer. Does anyone know of there is a way of taking it apart and cleaning or would I have to…

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0 Replies
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wheeled strimmer and pedestrian mower for very steep banks

We will be starting a substantial new maintenance contract soon, there is a gently sloping rough grass area to be cut 4 times per year, very large area which we are considering buying a walk behind strimmer for rather than hand strimming, it needs to be 2 stroke because of the slope - any recommendations ?The same site also has a grass embankment at least a quarter of a mile long with one side to steep for a conventional pedestrian mower, this is cut fortnightly, we were considering using hand…

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5 Replies · Reply by Andrew John yesterday
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Does this sound like a really bad idea?

Ongoing issue now over several years. Plant hire business near me, located on outskirts of a small village, dispose of all their tyres, plastics on a huge bonfire once or twice a month. Because it's on the edge of the village people can smell it, but not always identify the source. I've physically approached the owner twice now, to complain, have had an ongoing correspondence with environmental health - they monitored and fined him £100 - and it still continues. I gave up with environmental…

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8 Replies · Reply by Luke brooks on Sunday
Views: 189

Lawn Moss

I have a few clients that now have a lot of lawn moss - if you think it's wet in the UK you should try the West of Ireland !  The problem is that none of them would want the nuclear option of Ferrous sulfate, scarifier, full reseed etc.Does anyone know of a gentler option ?  Do any of these alternative moss treatments word - like MoBacter ?  

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4 Replies · Reply by Graeme Robinson on Sunday
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"An open association like LJN is just a remarkable place. What you pay per year for what you get out of it is astonishing, and speaking personally, LJN has helped guide me from a new start up business into 5 years of profitable trading and I don't think I could have done that without access to the forum and the great contributors to it." Simon Land

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