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Landscape contractor

Landscape contractor required for Landscaping company based in Surrey. Candidate should have minimum five years experience and be  proficient in laying Paving, Brickwork, fencing, operating an excavator and general Landscaping tasks. A clean driving licence also required.

Experienced gardener

Grove Gardens is an established landscape gardening business in Brighton and Hove and we are currently looking for an experienced gardener to join our team. You must be a highly motivated individual with a professional attitude to your work. Experienced in garden maintenance and a good plant knowledge. A full driving licence is essential. Competitive

Landscape and grounds maintenance operative

Landscape and grounds maintenance operative required for a well established landscaping company based in south wales. Looking for an enthusiastic and well motivated worker who works well as part of a team or on their own.  Must have at least 3 years experience in landscaping/ grounds maintenance and sports ground maintenance and renovation. The roles

Grounds Maintenance Operative

The purpose of the Grounds Maintenance chargehand/team leader position is to carry out a range of duties to support the running of contracts. This will include operating machinery, towing a trailer, grass cutting, hedge cutting and general grounds maintenance duties, able to work on own initiative to complete daily work to a high standard The Grounds Maintenance Team Leader will

Landscape Site Manager

Woodhouse Landscape/Natural pools are a design and build company based near Cambridge We undertake a whole range of diverse projects from small patios to natural swimming pools and lake renovations right across the UK and abroad with a variety of private and business clients. We currently have a vacancy for a Skilled landscaper/site manager to

Landscaper Supervisor/Team Leader

Vibrant individual needed to join quality landscape design and build team in Cornwall. Applicant must have 5+ years experience in the industry, be skilled and competent in a range of hard landscape disciplines, be able to work to a very high standard and have great attention to detail, be able to guide and supervise a

Landscape foreman / Skilled Landscaper

We currently require a self-motivated skilled landscape foreman with a minimum of five years experience to take on this role. Their skills should include laying paving, brickwork, timberwork, laying setts, installing drainage and irrigation, turf laying and operating a 360 excavator. The applicant should be polite, able to work under pressure, lead by example and

Help us to build luxury climbing frames and treehouses

Overview This is a fantastic opportunity for a carpenter or a skilled outdoor landscaper with good wood skills to join our team. We are a small yet growing high-end manufacturer and installer of amazing climbing frames, tree houses and zip wires. We’re seeking an installer based in the SE to join the team and cover

Mechanic & Service Support Engineer

Working with a team of dedicated hard working enthusiasts in the Grass & Groundcare machinery industry the successful applicant will be responsible for undertaking the build up, pdi, servicing and repairs of a range of grounds machinery. With a range of ability’s and attributes allowing you to work under your own initiative diagnosing and repairing

Business Objectives Group (BOG)


Got stung again

Paid a company to do 15k flyers for me last year and the only calls I got were people finding my flyers etc in their hedges.  Took on a new company this year and pretty much the same experience.  They are 10k apparently into the 15k run and I have…

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13 Replies · Reply by Robbie Apr 11

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David Benson replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"i would not have put a dpc in it as it will have a sidways load rather than a vertical load and would cause a week spot, i persume it has been built in english or flemish bond or simular to give it strength with a pond liner witch in turn will have…"
1 hour ago
Gary RK replied to Benedict Simmons's discussion Summer watering with IBC tank
"We take our outlet from the bottom tap using 1/2” non collapsing hose, so for stop/start use we don’t have to keep priming the pump when it lifts above  the water / lifting head ht."
1 hour ago
Graham Wright replied to Pembrokeshire Gardening's discussion Where to get foam tubing for bare metal handles?
"Thanks for the link, they look perfect to replace the grips on my ferris walk behind :)
1 hour ago
Benedict Simmons replied to Benedict Simmons's discussion Summer watering with IBC tank
"No problem with the weight as well the forklift is ranted for 3t. It's more like a tele handler so can boom out ect. "
2 hours ago
Benedict Simmons replied to Benedict Simmons's discussion Summer watering with IBC tank
"Yes it will be a regular job over the summer and I want to make it as simple as possible. To water everything well will probably be nearly 2000l so 2 tanks. I don't quite follow what ⚯ needs a 1/2 inch outlet  would a pump not just draw water out of…"
2 hours ago
Graeme Crowder replied to Pembrokeshire Gardening's discussion Where to get foam tubing for bare metal handles?
"You could try duplon grips for fishing rods, like these:
2 hours ago
David Benson replied to Benedict Simmons's discussion Summer watering with IBC tank
"a 12 v water pump attached to the battery will do it but not have a massive flow rate do not forgett that 1 lt of water weighs 1 kg so you will have over a tonne with a full IBC"
2 hours ago
Seth Burgess replied to Pembrokeshire Gardening's discussion Where to get foam tubing for bare metal handles?
Alternatly rubber strips, also on ebay. I'd stick whatever you choose on with a high quality adhesive spray, even so far as 3m 90 spray"
3 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Benedict Simmons's discussion Summer watering with IBC tank
"With the tank raised up on the fork lift and a decent diameter hose attached, you should be able to get a fairly decent flow of water to the nozzle. Certainly worth a try before spending extra on any unnecessary kit.
Alternatively, I’d be looking at…"
3 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Pembrokeshire Gardening's discussion Where to get foam tubing for bare metal handles?
"Bike handlebar grips or tape can work quite well."
3 hours ago
Shell replied to Jason Creed's discussion EGO
"i have the EGO multi tool with the strimmer, trimmer, pole saw, plus the blower. Blower drains even the big battery quickly when used on max (and why would you use it on anything but max). Strimmer and trimmer last a long time
Last year I had 2 x 2a…"
4 hours ago
Kieron Treacy replied to Ian Parkes's discussion new mower choice
"I have a weibang roller mower for 14 months now. Would not recommend them. I've three Honda HRH and two Kaas roller mowers. My guy's always go for Honda's and  Kaas first leaving the Weibang behind. Doing my own basic repairs  I find the Weibang is…"
6 hours ago
Neil Brown replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"good point andrew thank you although i dont suppose he will admit to that if he had 
Many Thanks 
8 hours ago
Nick Shenton replied to graeme mccaig's discussion Pricing a turf job
"I really dont get it , £900 to supply and lay 35 sq mtrs ! Is that what folk pay in your neck of the woods ?   "
8 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"Is there any possibility that the customer or someone under their instruction has cleaned the wall with acid and/ or a pressure washer?
8 hours ago
Andrew Betteridge replied to Neil Brown's discussion Customer Complaints
"Being an older guy I would tell you not to put a plastic damp course in a garden wall, as a strong wind or impact will allow the wall to topple over.
Engineering or semi-engineering bricks too two courses above finished ground level and the right mo…"
10 hours ago


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Summer watering with IBC tank

With a dramatic change in weather here in Somerset I'm after some recomendations for watering kit. I have a client with lots of raised planters along a quater mile long drive. We will soon be planting up with bedding for a summer display and will need to keep them well waterd. I have a IBC tank and use of a good forklift. I'm looking for a good way to pump the water out via a nice rain lance. Has anyone got a good suggestion. There would be no acsess to power and the forklift dosnt have a 12v…

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6 Replies · Reply by Gary RK 1 hour ago

Customer Complaints

I had a bricklayer build a small pond brick wall 3 years ago and the customer is complaining the jointing has failed and is crumbling  I have offered to get the wall re pointed which in my opinion should resolve the issue  He has said he has had a proffesional bricklayer look at the wall and been told it should have had damp proofing and needs to be knocked told and re built and he would not accept it being re pointed  In his letter he said if i am not prepared to do this he would get a…

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7 Replies · Reply by David Benson 1 hour ago

Tripod Ladders

Do you use Tripod Ladders for tree or hedge work? At Northern Arb Supplies, we supply a wide range of high-performance Tripod Ladders ranging from 1.2m(4ft) - 4.8m(16ft). In our latest article, we discuss the best hedge cutting ladders and give you all the information you need to know when considering purchasing Tripod Ladders. Read Here   

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Pricing a turf job

i know theres no set price on metres square (unfortunately) with loads of variables . But is there a rule of thumb. I have seen a couple of stories on facebook of customers paying £800 ish for tiny new build back gardens. One thing, i have no way of knowing if these are real or fake news. Im in manchester. working on a 36 metre square garden. was 100% full of flowers, which i have almost cleared. have priced up the turf. asking lads here how much they think is a few labour quote. lastly, one…

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4 Replies · Reply by Nick Shenton 8 hours ago

Lawn treatments.. OK Mixing selective herbicide (thrust) with Fertiliser / Iron sulphate etc??

Have quite a few lawns to treat and fertilise.. Is it ok to mix Thrust with other treatments such as a slow release fertiliser or an Iron sulphate solution in a knapsack sprayer? Or should i stick to seperate applications? Just rather busy at the minute and have a massive backlog of scarifying / mowing and treatments to do so was thinking of time saving...

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2 Replies · Reply by Progreen Weed Control on Thursday

Hard and Soft Landscaper required Marlow.

I am trying to find a reliable landscaper to finish of a job thats been started at  my sister's but has now been let down by the contractor undertaking the work. The work consists of, finishing off a small block wall, that then requires to be rendered. Some broken  large tiles on the existing patio to be replaced, lawn levelling. A small box hedge planting, Garden gate replacing. Anyone interested let me know and i will pass on your details. Thanks  

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1 Reply · Reply by Sean Clarke on Wednesday

Sthil dethatcher/scarifier for kombi system

Was having a chat with local sthil rep regarding why there is no dethatcher unit for the kombi system when they have one for the multi tool engine.  After having just bought the power brush for the kombi - it was clear it looked logically like the dethatcher could be used instead of the brush.  He said he thought someone had managed to do this even if it isnt a Sthil recomended / publized thing.  Anyone tried getting the dethatcher: …

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1 Reply · Reply by John Fulton on Thursday

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