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Jonathan Davidson replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Please help , what is eating my lily’s!!!??
"red lily beetle? have you checked under the leaves for the larvae?
the adult will drop off to the…"
8 hours ago
Stephen r Brook-Smith posted a discussion
I've sprayed them and replaced them and these have the same trouble!!??
10 hours ago
Lee Davis replied to James's discussion What is average cost for mowing a garden?
"I charge £30 an hour for lawn jobs. £20 for general maintenance. The difference is to make up for…"
11 hours ago
Lee Davis posted a discussion
Hi guys. I've been in business 7 years and it appears to be time to buy a new mower. I've been…
13 hours ago
Honey Badger replied to James's discussion Overseeding
"General guide I use for scarifng is 3x mowing time for one pass 4x for two passes. I Use a blower…"
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Agrovista Amenity is thrilled to announce its partnership with Perennial, the UK's only charity…
Anthony Toop replied to James's discussion Overseeding
"We use a blower to create rough piles and then rake in to a mound.
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Stuart Chalmers, Head Groundsman at Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, has recently elevated…

New mower time!

Hi guys. I've been in business 7 years and it appears to be time to buy a new mower. I've been using a Hayter 41 Pro roller and AS 420 Superclip mulching mower, the combo has worked well. But I managed to wreck the engine on the Hayter and it's £530 to replace, really should check the oil more often! So I'm thinking of getting a 4 wheeled collector rather than another roller as a more practical all rounder. The mulcher is great but some clients don't like it, if grass is damp like it often is…

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Just after some input from you guysGoing to be doing a lawn scarification and overseed/top dress but because of the naff weather we have had it has taken me ages to get the weedkiller down on the lawn. I have to wait 4 weeks before seeding and that now leaves me at June the 1st for doing it.  Do you think that this is getting a bit to close to the summer and seeds drying out in the heat or do you think it will be fine. I know it probably depends on the weather at the time but welcome your…

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Fence spike in clay

Hi all,I'm erecting a close board timber fence in clay soil. Due to the clay and poor drainage I'm thinking of using fence spikes. Would clay be suitable? Would it provide enough stability for a 1.8 mt high fence? I'm considering using 15cm wide boards with a slight gap to allow for expansion and wind to pass through as opposed to feather edge boards, any one else done this? Thanks in advance 

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Nature Loving Customers !!!

Had a brief chat with a once a year customer , where I just cut his knee length grass down . I happened to mention the abundance of wildlife in his garden , and that last year I saw some slow worms basking in the sun.He looked at me and replied " Oh how do I get rid of them ? "I explained that were of benefit not sure if he took it in.

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5 Replies · Reply by Dominic Gillespie May 4
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Clients contracts for wet Grass cutting

Hi allJust, interested as we had so much wet weather. What do you do when the grass is so wet for your clients? I know you can cut wet grass, but I am finding sometimes clients turn around and say to wet on a dry day!Do you have it in contract with your clients for this so you can cut it or do you leave it, please?I look forward to your thoughts.

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7 Replies · Reply by Billybop Apr 29
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Etesia Hydro 80 failing to start

Hi all,Long time lurker new but new member.I bought a second hand Hydro 80 which I've been using for 2 seasons now. It's been laid up over winter and now fails to start.Model is Hydro 80 MHHP - V twin honda engine.I've got handbrake on, pedals level, blade off and sitting on the seat and when I click the key round to start, all that happens is the relay on the right in front of the battery clicks once and that's it.I've checked the handbrake, seat and pedal switches for continuity and all check…

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