"An open association like LJN is just a remarkable place. What you pay per year for what you get out of it is astonishing, and speaking personally, LJN has helped guide me from a new start up business into 5 years of profitable trading and I don't think I could have done that without access to the forum and the great contributors to it." Simon Land

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Glen Stillman replied to Glen Stillman's discussion Liquid seaweed on lawns
"Not so much recently as I've now found an organic fertiliser that provides the same benefits as…"
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Acacia Groundcare has taken in new Predator stock for our stump grinders including the P38X and…
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"Johnsons of Whixley "
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"I don't know where you are Peter, but I use Architectural Plants - based in Sussex"
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We have a very large high end planting job commencing soon, so are in the process of sourcing…
Andrew Pullen replied to Nick Milne's discussion BIG Roll turf suppliers..
"Hi Nick, my client will be able to source this for you. George Davies Turf. Any questions just let…"

Online plant suppliers

We have a very large high end planting job commencing soon, so are in the process of sourcing herbaceous, shrubs,roses and evergreens.Part of the scheme requires semi mature Taxus Baccata cones and balls, we will use our usual local suppliers for everything apart from the Taxus which they can't supply. So been looking online, there's substantial price differences for example 40 cm Taxus balls which vary from £40 to £130 ? What concerns us more is the Trustpilot reviews of these online sellers…

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Best Place to sell machinery

For the new season, I have finally decided to upgrade my ride-on mower. This now leaves me with the issue of selling my John Deere X166. Having sold some items through ebay, I was shocked at how much the commision is, even on Classified adds. A number of years ago, I seem to recall it was something like £50. It is now about 12%. If I get about £2500 for my mower, this is going to be £300! Unfortuanetly, Ebay seems to be everyones first port of call. Does anyone use any other sites to sell and…

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Cobra RM48SPH

Following on from our post re Honda 476 rear roller which seems to be plagued with gearbox issues now looking at the Cobra RM 48SPH, this having BBC and Honda engine around £1100 to help distinguish it from the cheaper Cobra models.Queries - The handle length could be an issue for transport but appears from photos to have knurled knobs both at the base of the handle where they join the mower and also around halfway along the handles. Do these allow the handle to be folded or adjusted? If so…

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Agri fab towed spiker.

Hi all, a customer of mine has a large lawn which I mow using his stiga park pro. The grass is in generally good condition but a bit of aerating wouldn't go amiss. I've just seen a local dealer has the agri fab 1mtr towed spiker on at a good price, have any of you used one of these and found them to be useful, or not worth bothering with. Regards, Martin. 

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