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Poached and muddy paddocks are the bane of horse owners lives!

We own horses, so we know exactly how it feels - what should be nice green grass is brown, churned up and muddy.

How to…

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No Place like Home

It’s time to cosy up for the months ahead as nature shakes off its greenery and drifts off to sleep – yes Winter’s here! Winter is a beautiful season of serenity when we tend to slow down in tune with nature.

There’s no place like home at…

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Even in our local area, not many people know the true scale of the works that we can offer - basically if its grass (of virtually any description), we can offer services to help you maintain it, improve it, or even prepare the ground and reseed…

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Peter Davis replied to Peter Davis's discussion Warning Stihl
"So they really aren't as good as the old ones. Turns out the gearbox is wrecked. Both con rods, bearings etc.  Luckily lots of diagrams online but some confusion over whether the top & bottom crank bearings are the same.
This one has lasted a quarte…"
30 minutes ago
Mark McNee replied to Phil Voice's discussion How do you define 'fully qualified' in our industry?
"Picking one example doesn’t construct an argument either way. Certainly, all the untrained people working around here have little understanding of the job and often little care for it. Relying on experience alone can mean repeating the same mistakes…"
1 hour ago
Al M replied to Ian Kenyon's discussion Finding staff - where?
"Shouldn’t be hard at the moment as schools, colleges and universities are all out- I get lots of phone calls from friends asking if I have any casual work for their kids. I’ve tried indeed for more permanent help and found it very good"
2 hours ago


Hi All, I was wondering has anybody come accross a product for soil improvement call Terracottem.The link below goes into the details of how it works,but I feel it could be a very interesting product for gardeners for the future, with a suitable…

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Warning Stihl

I got a nasty surprise & a cut finger      Something has come out of the casing & it's very sharp.  So disappointing as I had the previous cutter for 15 years of commercial use & no problems. This one has only had a few years of very light use. …

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11 Replies · Reply by Peter Davis 30 minutes ago