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Glen Stillman posted a discussion
Morning guys and gal's, I've just bought a second hand etesia pbts, I just needed something cheap to see me through the autumn. Very pleased with it, but seems to have a very weak drive. I'm assuming (hoping) a new drive belt will sort this, is ther…
20 minutes ago
Robbie replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"I started it this year for grass cutting. From now on all new clients will be on this via go cardless. I run it from feb - dec (11 months), though any adhoc work like hedge cutting is invoiced for on the day.  It's great how muchmore  free time it g…"
1 hour ago
Carl Chaney replied to Carl Chaney's discussion Subbies contracts?
"Hi Osh,
Thank you for your reply - sorry it's taken me a while to see it!
great starting point to tweak for us. Thanks again!
1 hour ago
Vic 575 replied to Gary RK's discussion Anyone can cut grass .....
"It is true that anyone can cut grass. But not everyone can cut grass well, neatly, efficiently, at the right time, under the best conditions or produce a good result. 
That's where we come in."
8 hours ago
David Benson replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"i am with vic on this you could end up missing out on 4 or 5 months payments any thing can happen even with commercial cilents
i had one domestic cilent move to the other end of the country witout telling me then rang me just before the start of the…"
10 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to Michael Vickers's discussion Ride on mowers
"A 38 and a 42 are very similar, why do you need two almost the same size?
I run a Stiga Pwx 740 with a 100cm [about 39 inches] deck. It is four wheel drive and mulches. I use it on many sites including a trading estate. It is superb in churchyards,…"
10 hours ago
Michael Vickers posted a discussion
Hi All  
Im after a 38 inch and a 42 inch ride on mower
it would be used on care homes and industrial estates
What do people recommend?
13 hours ago
Gary RK posted a discussion
If you’re into lawns, especially in a professional way such as turfcare/greenkeeping - a thought provoking article via Lantra :
15 hours ago
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Dennis Mowers will be unveiling a new and exciting range of mowers when the show opens its doors at the NEC, Birmingham on October 30 and 31.Although product details are being kept tightly under wraps, the Dennis stand at SALTEX (E070) is set to be…
18 hours ago
Kate Cox replied to Henry Voice's discussion Phil
"So sorry to hear this news Henry. My thoughts are with you and your family. 
Thank you for agreeing to continue the work your Dad started. Setting up as a sole trader this network made the whole process a lot more manageable. Your Dad has helped a l…"
22 hours ago
Dan Frazer Gardening replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"I wouldn't recommend April-April for this system though. Jan-Dec works well for me. I know this contract you're talking about is fixed and you don't have a say in the months paid, but offering it to domestic clients I'd suggest Jan-Dec"
Brian Henley replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"Tried string once.
It was the first thing that got cut........."
Vic 575 replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"Personally this is a system I really don’t like. Unfortunately I have one contract which works this way with a local Council, which is their way of working so I have to put up with it if I want the work.
 The mowing ends in late October or mid-Novem…"
David Benson replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"by eye but if its a redyction on sloping ground you can use a cane/stick with a bit of tape round it for a marker i did use a line once on a side reduction of 18 in but set the line about a foot above the hedge out of the way "
Paul Doyle replied to John F's discussion skip surface protection
"I'd agree fully. "
Paul Doyle replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"Hi neal,
I worked for a company who used a laser level all the time for the tops. It might seem over the top (sorry),but some of the gardens demanded that level of skill for the design to work It means you also go alot faster, as theres no thinking…"