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An insight to the daily life of a garden design and landscaping build up on a rear garden located in Cullompton, Exeter, Devon.

Day 17


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Marking out the raised planter

Marking out the raised planter

For this particular garden design and landscaping project n

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The contents of this page shows, Paving, Patio, Radius cuts,  Hard Landscaping, Landscaper,  Contemporary Garden Design, Artificial Lawn, Artificial Grass, Devon, Tobermore.




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Marshalls SW Regional award winner 2012

I am extremely humble that my garden design and landscaping practice,  Jackson's Landscape Design, Newton Abbot, Devon are awarded the Marshalls South west regional award winner 2012, for the most creative use o

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 Day 11

Gazebo and tools moved from sub base area so the intricate paving detail can be sprayed on the ground, all measurements and diameters are noted and loaded into CAD soft

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 Looking back over the year's projects.

As we sit here reflecting over the busiest year yet! Our minds keeps coming back to all the many projects that the team have done and are doing. 
The weather has really made a difference to how people have used

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Open forum activity

Will replied to Nigel Skinner's discussion Euphorbia Sap ! !
"Cricket box it is then 😂"
12 minutes ago
Paul Errington posted a blog post
Emerald Groundscare of Dublin used the Award Winning Turf Teq Power Rake for a seed preparation job at the Kildare Stud Farm with great results!TurfTeqTM design and manufacture a range of walk-behind Power Rakes, Edgers, Ploughs, Brooms and Brush…
39 minutes ago
Andy Garside and Stump Eraser joined Landscape Juice Network
5 hours ago
Dave Colton replied to John F's discussion Big Lawn / Little Lawn / Frustrated Customer
"I only like for people I like, the few times I have done jobs for people I thought would be difficult it has always bit me on the bum. And even with the ones I like sometimes they have unreasonable requests or expectations. When this happens I…"
5 hours ago
My Garden Design posted a blog post
The subject of our latest blogpost is "keeping garden design costs under control"With so many prices on the rise right now, it's really difficult to keep costs under control.  After all, the last thing you need is for the design costs to eat into…
5 hours ago
Daniel Speed replied to Daniel Speed's discussion Trugs that last for more than five minutes
"Thanks for the tips and links, Much apprieciated."
6 hours ago
Billybop replied to John F's discussion Big Lawn / Little Lawn / Frustrated Customer
"Sounds to me like the client may suffer from some kind of border line O.C.D. .... I have a few very fussy ones but not to the extent that an empty green bin must be put out. You never quite know the state of some folk's mental health these days and…"
7 hours ago
Will replied to John F's discussion Big Lawn / Little Lawn / Frustrated Customer
"Got to go with your gut feeling on this one.
If someone told me they'd be finding someone else if I didn't turn up I'd definitely be off.
Let them contact you. From the sound of it they are going to struggle to keep anyone else they do manage to…"
7 hours ago
John F replied to John F's discussion Big Lawn / Little Lawn / Frustrated Customer
"Thanks for the replies , much appreciated . 
Its moved on and hammering it down with rain ( literally as i write ) 
No one else would attempt to cut these lawns in this weather , I doubt anyone anywhere has a petrol mower small enough that picks up…"
8 hours ago
Simon Payne replied to Nigel Skinner's discussion Euphorbia Sap ! !
"I have managed to do the same as you twice before years ago as I used to cut back the old flower stems way back inside large Euphorbia wulfenii's. 
I've also managed to end up in A & E having stripped  many layers of skin off my nuts doing the same…"
8 hours ago
Nick Carter and Mark smith joined Landscape Juice Network
20 hours ago
Mick Nunn replied to Adam Woods's discussion Strong 4 wheeled trolley??
"Take a look at Trailers & Trolleys | SCH Supplies"
Tom Greener replied to Brian's Garden Maintenance's discussion Second weed and feed?
"Garden Centre products have weed killers which tend to be more focussed on broad leaf weeds, and to be fair they're pretty poor at the best of times.  If she's complaining about smaller leafed Summer weeds (Speedwell Trefoil etc) then it is less…"
Kris Baker replied to Adam Woods's discussion Strong 4 wheeled trolley??
"I have a Sherpa trolley. Much the same as the green ones, to look at, but much stronger. Definitely isn't fold-flat, but the sides all remove (rather than hinged as the green ones do) [although current image on Sherpa site shows hinges with…"
Will replied to John F's discussion Big Lawn / Little Lawn / Frustrated Customer
"Newly laid turf is always a nightmare during the first 12 to 18 months.
Starts of lumpy before it settles, so the mower jumps about everywhere.
You have to start off with a light mower to avoid sinking into the turf.
And it grows at a mental rate.…"
Will replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Etesia pro 46
"Yep, with you on that.  The front height adjusters are okay ish, the back ones, I'm intending to cut or melt some markings into plastic to indicate where 'notch' 3 4 and 5 are positioned. Should make life easier.
Give me dry conditions and normal…"

Stihl Combi extensions

I am going to buy a replacement HT-KM pole pruner for my Combi.  I can buy it with the shaft or without & then swap the old shaft over.  But am I better using the old shaft & making another extension out of it ?  I have seen the screw collar for…

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Which Chipper?

Help! Im a gardener and have no intention of become a tree surgeon, I can't climb for a start! I often get asked to remove a hedge or make a big reduction etc. I'm at the point where I need a bigger and quicker chipper, I currently have an Eliet…

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