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Cobra RM53 HST PRo

Looking at possibly changing from our Hayter 56 pro,s to these. Got a downer on Hayter,  don't take on board or respond to legitimate comments. 

The Cobra website is poor, hope that's not a reflection on the mowers? Anyway what we need to know is the

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3 Replies · Reply by Peter sellers Mar 4
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Hayter 48 vs bbc

For everyone who followed our post on rear roller mower with variable speed and bbc along with reasonable weight,  we bought a Hayter 48 , not pro as wanted variable speed and its only going to do a couple of hours per week. 

So thoughts after first u

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1 Reply · Reply by Tim Bucknall Feb 22
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Shelf Life

I quoted to hand paint a substantial area of closeboard fencing panels in the garden of a new build property 3 years ago using the potential customers newly purchased supply of fence paint , Not a well known brand , probably water based . 

They just g

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4 Replies · Reply by John F Feb 22
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Horticulture Week

Does anyone subscribe? We used to some years ago but felt it lost relevance for the SME sector so cancelled. 

Not cheap at £345 a year, looked at the current issue online and does seem to have some articles of interest to us but whether it will contin

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Black Spot Remover

I was just wanting to know what brand of black spot remover people use. It seems so expensive and just wanted to make sure I get something effective and not harmful to surrounding plants and grass. have a job to do that is an old sandstone patio that

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4 Replies · Reply by Adam Snow Feb 19
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Lawn edging templates

Hi folks

Has anyone ever seen a set of edging templates? I'm sure I saw years ago (this might've been on eBay) there was a set where you could link up sections to make perfect curves etc. as a guide for an edging tool, but I've not seen anything like

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8 Replies · Reply by Vic 575 Feb 18
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Sealing a Pond

A very good customer of mine has asked for my help with their pond, which is currently leaking. To try and give you an idea of the pond. It has a diameter of 3.6 metres and is raised above the ground. It is made using some form of sandstone blocks wh

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6 Replies · Reply by Tim Bucknall Feb 15
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Wiebang 50 svp

Any got a weibang 50 svp 3 in 1 mower?

Interested in long term reliability,  mulch and collect performance,  operator comfort and any issues.  Going to be used commercially 7 days a week. At £600 it's less than half the price of the Honda 537 HRX whic

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16 Replies · Reply by Will Roberts Feb 5
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Has anyone found any breathable waterproofs that really are waterproof, without costing a fortune.  The ones we're getting aren't exactly cheap, but even so they only keep you dry for an hour or two if it's really raining.  Maybe a bit more when new

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18 Replies · Reply by Neil Ruddick Feb 1
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Makita bhx 2501

Anyone got one of these?

Our old Echo hand held blower finally died. We only use a hand held for occasional light use EG grass clippings on hard surfaces,  use backpacks for serious clearing.  At £168 Inc vat online seems a bargain ? Appreciate it's 4

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3 Replies · Reply by Billybop Jan 30
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Lumag chipper.

Hi all, I have seen a lumag hc10 petrol wood chipper for sale not too far from me, quite new and a bit less than half the retail price. I haven't had a chipper before, I don't do big tree works, it would be more for chipping up shrub/ hedge reduction

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9 Replies · Reply by Sam Bainbridge Jan 28
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Roller mower

Another mower question!

We are looking for a 19 inch petrol,  not battery roller mower. Currently run Hayter 56 Pro,s which on the whole we are happy with but have some new contracts where these are too cumbersome on smaller areas.

Ideally, ribbed roll

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12 Replies · Reply by Dylan Jan 21
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Honda Carb

I have a Honda HRX 476 which I use for small lawns. It's always been great and started 1st time but last year it was hunting a lot. I cleaned the carb to the best of my ability but it was no better.

A local engineer had a go, apparently cleaning it i

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7 Replies · Reply by Adam Pilgrim Jan 9
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Spring fert suggestions

Hi. Thinking ahead to spring. What are peoples reccomendations for slow release spring granular fertilisers?  I'm looking around for best value with a nitrogen content of around 18. So not to high as I don't want the grass growing to quickly.  Thanks

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6 Replies · Reply by Gary R Jan 2
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Industry Jobs


Are you looking for an exciting job where you can experience the great outdoors and have a meaningful impact on UK conservation? What better way to mitigate climate change and benefit wildlife than planting trees and helping to create biodiverse habitats. As the UK’s most experienced ecological consultancy and contractor, Ecosulis is  currently looking to


Opportunity for work experience in Arboriculture/Tree Surgery + Gardening/Landscaping. Based around Kings Lynn / Wisbech. Variety of work,mainly domestic,suitable for pre- college,or similar. Contact chris; hennelly@tiscali.co.uk        or       07940 759 121.


We are looking for an arborist/climber to join our small team for our our well established gardening, property and tree services company. We are looking for someone on an initial trial basis of 3-6 months which may lead to full time employment after this. We would also consider someone part time for 3 days per

Experienced gardener wanted

We are looking for a gardener to join our small team for our our well established gardening, property and tree services company. We are looking for someone that has the potential to move up to Head Gardener/Team Leader within a year. This means we require someone with ambition, enthusiasm, experience and a good knowledge of

Trade green waste centres

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PRO Supplier

New ET Lander is perfect for Penzance

Penzance Council is the proud owner of the first ever UK road registered Etesia ET Lander – an award-winning fully electric utility vehicle.

After making its debut in 2021, the Etesia ET Lander has taken the industry by storm. 100%…

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