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Etesia mower.

Hi, thinking of getting an etesia mower, probably a pro 46. I currently use a hayter 41 pro ( which is great for the smaller/ fine lawns) and a Toro 22" recycler. However I need something that can boss the job a bit better than the Toro, it leaves a good finish but it never fills the grassbag and is hopeless on damp/ wet grass. Most of my work is domestic lawns and I also cut a churchyard( cut and drop) every 3-4 weeks. So ideally I need a mower that can collect, mulch or cut and drop. Do you find the finish good enough for lawns and also  would you recommend an etesia or is something like a Stihl or honda better? It's an investment so I want to get it right. Thanks in advance, regards, Martin.

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  • I love my pro 46 but if it’s for a large area, I prefer to get the Honda hrd 536 out.
    You may notice a drop in productivity as I find the etesia slow to walk behind and obviously only 46cm wide, so a speed up kit on it is essential in my opinion
    When I put the mulch plug in I think it leaves a finish as good as any dedicated mulching mower
    You won’t find a mower better at lifting wet grass than the etesia.
    The finish on the etesia is a bit funny, it usually seems to cut it marginally higher or not leave a tight cut with the level of moss. I think that’s fine but some customers like it ready to be burnt to a crisp by a solitary week of dry weather. I usually find if the grass is healthy it usually leaves a nice finish

  • PRO

    Honda hrx537hy for me, it's been my favourite mover so far.

  • Hi, thanks for the advice, after searching a few old threads i've decided to get a price on a honda hrx537 or similar. I started out using the izy mowers and they did very well. Also a  lot of my customers like the grass short, that's where my Toro struggles . 

  • You won't go far wrong with the Honda HRX 537 we've used them commercially for several years

  • I have two Pro 46's, nothing better for wet or damp conditions and unlike other mowers leaves a good finish first time when cutting back long grass. I have a Honda and the Kawasaki, the Honda picks up slightly better I think but the Kawasaki has blade brake clutch and bigger fuel tank. Both fantastic machines but I wouldn't want them as my only mowers because they are quite slow. 

  • PRO

    Horses for courses Martin.  I run a very similar set up to you for push mowing.

    Toro recycler in the dry, every time, no questions.  I am very happy to use it to collect as well as it is quite acceptable.  Like you say toro are just hopeless in the wet, so I use an Etesia pro 46.  I think it is also worth saying that my Etesia is getting slightly more use every year as we seem to be getting really warm humid damp conditions in the summer now.

    These mowers are light and easy to manoeuvre on hills and steps which I do a lot.  I have an old hayter which I like, but both it and a reasonable size honda are just shading it towards too heavy for the terrain I am on - at least for all-day physical comfort.

    I will be replacing my etesia with a new one ready for next year.  


    • Yes, Toro's are very good in the dry but I agree we are getting more extreme spells of intense heat mixed with showers every year , resulting in more thick/ moist grass to cut. I also like the light weight and manoeuvrability of the Toro. They are a good machine and I always have one but they have their limits. 

  • I've got a hrx 537 , nice and light and a great mower 

    Also the hrn is a good mower 


    I actually sold my etesia as I didn't think the finish was good enough and now have a stihl 7 series 

    Probably the best mower I've ever owned but heavy so nice to have the honda in the van

  • Check out Weibang shaft drive mowers. With a high lift blade they are FANTASTIC in the wet. The engine is powerful and just never seems to struggle. Solid, quality machines in my opinion. The only downside for some is there weight. They are heavy. But there self drive. So the only pushing you really have to do it when you ramp it in to your van.  Personally. I wouldn't be without mine 

    • Hi, I looked at them, seem good value and I liked the look of the shaft drive rather than belt, but like others I thought the weight might be an issue. Also people's reviews of them seem to be split between " best mower I've had"  and "worst mower I've had" ! 

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