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Create your own Code of Conduct

Want to help your business stand out and at the same time give your client the confidence to use your services? I have written a Code of Conduct post this morning - please fell free to cut and paste the bulleted text into your own set of business forms - send it to your client as part of your supporting information. Use it in conjunction with your Terms and Conditions.

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  • PRO
    Can I just add the following points:

    It is a particular issue with me for those "companies" who are not registered with the Environment Agency for waste disposal - We all have a duly to comply with the law and it isn't acceptable that some one man bands load up their green waste in their car and take it to the local tip and not pay for it. Also if you read the very small print on waste disposal licencing technically we all should be licensed.

    Therefore one point in the code of conduct could be "That as a business, we have a duty to ensure that any waste that we produce is handled in accordance with the law and safely disposed of."

    Second point: Safe working environment

    We should all aim to achieve a healthy and safe working environment free of all work-related accidents, dangerous occurrences and ill health by constant attention to safe working practices and awareness etc.

    We should also aim to safeguard, protect and enhance the environment by minimising any adverse effects of our operations by implementing procedures to prevent pollution to land, air and water, and reduce waste and consumption of natural resources wherever possible.

    And finally....

    Prior to commencement of work, if applicable a full risk assessment / works method statement / COSHH assessment / engineering controls will be undertaken.

    And please we don't need to start up another debate on having a waste licence ! :-)
  • PRO
    Thanks Graeme

    All of our vans carried a copy of the waste carrying certificate. I also sent a copy of this to a client as part of the supporting information package but I agree with you it is worth adding to the Code of Conduct also.

    Safe working and Health and Safety/Risk Assessments were also sent as supporting documents but again I agree it could be added as an item to the CoC.

    Good points to raise - with your permission I will add these items to the suggested template?
    I would encourage anyone to assess and modify their documentation to suit their specific needs.
  • PRO
    No problems from me Phil.
  • PRO
    In your circumstances you are correct no license is required however you could state that your waste is handled in accordance within the law and left on the clients premises for their recycling / onwards disposal.
  • We are lucky in being able to take most waste to recycling centre with traceability, but we generally recycle ourselves on site - as such don't need the licence at all and would only apply if our particular clientele changed to a degree where we needed to. It is an important factor to include and can allow for individual companies to identify how they tackle the problem. Which as such means that whatever the 'code of conduct' or indeed any other good practice stuff comes out of LJN, there will have to be allowance for the individual units to state their dealing with particular identified issues that require the necessary attention given through this process.
  • At the risk of it appearing that Graeme and I have fallen in love (we have never met, honest!), once again I agree with him, this seems to be an opportunity for a very cheap sales advantage point - if you are using licensed disposal companies anyway (and paying for the privilege) don't be shy about saying so. If you can work in a green, low carbon emission, environment saving aspect over and above the legal aspect "We endeavour to shred and compost as much waste as reasonable practicable (please correct the appropriate gardening expressions) and the balance is carried away by EA licensed waste disposal contractors" is another line on the list of USP's that goes with the quote.

    Of course, if you have the work experience lad roped onto the back of the 190 transit, hurling all the waste off as you drive down the A267, perhaps give this whole area a miss..........

    Graeme @ The BGS Group said:
    In your circumstances you are correct no license is required however you could state that your waste is handled in accordance within the law and left on the clients premises for their recycling / onwards disposal.
  • PRO
    Information sources:-

    DEFRA - Waste Legislation

    HSE - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • Another excellent site is NETREGS.
This reply was deleted.

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