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Agrovista fert prices

Anyone use Agrovista fertilisers and would like to share what your roughly paying per 25kg bag of spring /  summer fert? 

just want to make sure im not paying over the odds from my supplier.


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  • PRO

    Buying a few bags is a lot different than buying a pallet and there are big differences between product lines so it's like comparing apples and oranges. I think you need to be more specific about the products and the amount you buy
    I would always shop around and not be afraid to play one supplier off another.

    • Be quoted a few quid short of £50 per 25kg bag of Enforce Basic 15.5.8 (delivered UK) initially only wanted two /  three bags.

      I'm just wondering if that's about right or am I helping to pay for someone's next holiday 

      • PRO

        It's often more down to delivery costs when you want just a few bags.

        Often a pallet load delivery cost is not much more ...

      • a sunday or wednesday night in a Blackpool Travelodge as low as £25 at this time of year, so it is possible

        • Thanks for that thoughtful insight. Really appreciate that. Thanks

          • Sometimes I really wish this site had emoji responses!

  • It would appear the price people are paying for their fertilisers is a closely guarded secret? Disappointed as I've always found this forum /  resource to be excellent. Surely not everyone on here only orders pallets of the stuff and it's only me that's requires just a few bags? 

    • I buy off Agrigem. 
      I used to buy roughly 3 bags at a time, but if you play around at time of ordering to see the delivery chargers per bag compared to a pallet you can see how much you can save. 

      I now buy 2 years supply sent on a pallet. There's a discount for more bags you buy and cheaper shipping. 

      can't give you a price as they are fluctuating since the Ukraine war and what I paid is not what it is now.  

      I have bought off agrovista ( pitchcare.com) previous but you have to email for a price, it's not advertised on site.   I don't think inflating one persons order of a few bags will be paying for anyone's holiday. 

      id say shop around. 

      • Thanks Stuart. I have thought about buying a pallet load at a time. But I'd have the hassle of correctly storing them from one season to the next. Plus. To be perfectly honest. I'm not sure how many more years I'll be in this game.  I remember last season I'd be coming home at the end of the day and every bone in my body hurt. (well almost) I think I should start listing to my body more!  Although saying that. I probably won't and I'll still be at it in years to come 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for your sensible reply. It's given me food for thought and is much appreciated. 

  • Hi Gary,

    I agree with the thoughts already shared here. Pallet charges / delivery charges are significant. I would speak with supplier(s!) with what their price breakpoints are as they'll be happy to upsell to a half pallet maybe.

    I personally wouldn't be comfortable in listing exact figures for fertilisers on a public forum anyway, however this is going to be massively swayed by:

    1) The analysis/ quality of the product you are buying including it's longevity. Even the source of potassium and the coating used (if any) is all going to come in at different price points.

    I've never got a price from my rep for the product you're looking at for the quantity you're looking for so l really can't help even via DM unfortunately.

    2) Quantity as discussed. Full pallets are significant then in my experience price doesn't fall a great deal. With one supplier I've achieved a small per bag discount at 6t due to transport efficiency.

    3) Timing of purchase. The best time to buy over the last 2.5 years has been yesterday. Prices may be levelling off now as energy prices hopefully doing so. Fertiliser manufacturing is energy intensive.

    We've had a shuffle of fertiliser products ready for 2023. Like many things in business the more options you have on the table the better the decision that can be made on grounds of both cost and quality.

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