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Hard Pruning a Mahonia

Good evening,

I have a new customer whose garden is rather overgrown. There is a Mahonia (not sure of the exact type) that is around 8 ft which is which needs to come down to around 5 ft. Has anybody ever pruned one so drastically? I'm…

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4 Replies · Reply by dan 6 hours ago

Hourly Rate v's Priced Work

I know this topic comes up regularly but would like to know how to change to priced work as it might work out better for us, but wondered how it would work in practice. We normally visit fortnightly for 1 or 2 hrs for general garden maintenance,…

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Cobra mowers

Evening,Ive have a quick search on the forum but looking for reviews from anyone using Cobras. Would you recommend and specifically does the fan assisted collection make a huge difference? The model I'm looking at is the RM48SPS. We currently run…

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8 Replies · Reply by Si @ GS on Saturday

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