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Wolf Garten Multichange Tools

I have been using these for years but recently I have noticed the latch failing to hold when pulling.  I think one example got a stone lodged inside.  There seems to be no way to remove obstructions.  Has anyone been able to repair these or do I put a bolt through it ?

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  • PRO

    I usually buy a new shaft if squirting wd40 through the plastic airesol pipe supplied into the latch does not break down or dislodge any obstructions but actually your idea of using a bolt to clamp the tool head sounds good to save on discarding a perfectly useful handle . 

    • Yes I was doing the same.  The problem with a bolt is it breaks the spring so you can't use the latch.  I am very surprised that Wolf haven't produced a fixed tool version 

      • PRO

        There is usually a very long guarantee on wolf garten is it worth going down this route ? 

        Agree some tools would be better and perform better  fixed .

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