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Horticultural Gypsum..... How long?

How long after applying horticultural Gypsum to a clay heavy lawn so I see noticeable improvement in the amount of water retention and water logging? My plan is one application of Gypsum per season followed by a monthly dose of humic acid and seaweed extract. The idea being to break up the clay soil and allow beneficial bacteria to grow in the soil which in turn will attract earth worms etc and also feed and strengthen the grass roots. Further helping to break up the clay soil. 

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  • I can only assume by the multitude of zero replies  no other professional gardener has used Gypsum before?

    I used to think this place was an excellent resource where professionals where willing help each other out with advice etc. 

    I'm not so sure now?? 

    • I've never used it I'm afraid but I'd be very interested to know how you get on with it. Where did you get the idea to use humic acid and seaweed extract? How will you apply the gypsum? (I thought it had to be incorporated in to the soil to be effective - if so wondering how you'd do this on a lawn?)

  • only used it in agriculture it takes a few months to start to work and needs doing every year but dont expect miracles

    thats the best i can do  

    • Thanks David. Since I originally posted my question I've researched it further. I think it can take around 18 months before results are noticeable. Plus it's only one application per year. As mentioned in my post this treatment will be in conjunction with seaweed and humic acid applications. I'll also be aerating prior to any treatment beginning.


  • another thought have you considerd hollow tyning and sand 

    • Hi again.  I don't have a hollow Tyne machine. So the plan is to use either a manual one or just fork the area if worst comes to worst to get some light/ nutrients etc in to the root system. Sand. Never really considered it tbh 

      • I got a manual one from amazon of all places - was about £150 but it actually works, unlike the £40 ones.  I'd recommend it on a small area.

  • PRO

    I've heard of gypsum, normally used in crop production. Never used it. I prefer to use sharp sand and compost to improve soil rather than dropping more chemicals.

    Gardening and green keeping are not the same disapline. There is cross over, but how many lawn treatment companies do you know cut grass and do horticulture? Why not try a green keeping forum you may yeld better results!

    • Horticulture gypsum is an organic mineral. 

      Considering a lawn is generally 80-90% of a garden keeping it green, healthy and free from disease is in my opinion, gardening. 

      • PRO

        Just out of interest how deep is the clay Gary ? 

        Are you automating the aeration process mechanically or manually ? 

        Large area or small area ? 

        If the clay is deep you need to go down into the clay beyond the root zone therefore hollow tine but a painstaking task manually I tend to use a mixture of sharp sand and organic material from the bottom of the compost heap  . 

        The visible results I notice is when digging a fork into the treated area the fork brings up mounds of soil around the fork tines whereas non treated area the fork just leaves holes in the compacted clay  

        So time consuming though I suspect you have added the gypsum to try and speed the process up but will it work if the ground is just aereated but every little helps .


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