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Service Schedule Stihl Cordless Hedge Trimmer ?

Just curious I have purchased most of my cordless machines on line so had no reminders to have it serviced and it all runs fine .

One machine I purchased from a supplier dealer with a showroom and it's perfect for light trimming no problems at all a Stihl hedge trimmer AK model .

I received a reminder to have it serviced but cannot think of any parts which require servicing as it performs as good as new and done many hours of work .

The blade is still sharp with no sap or resin build up Am I missing something , Are there components which need replacing , adjusting or cleaning . ? 

Does it invalidate any warranty if you skip a service request .

Is it a requirement to get cordless serviced /inspected annually as there is no noticeable lack of performance issue unlike two / four stroke . 

Does anyone take their machines to have the blades sharpened to maintain performance ?







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  • hi John never had any stihl AK only the AP stuff, I can imagine greasing the gears but apart from sharpening blades as you say, what is there to service really, probably more of a checklist they tick off

    • PRO

      Hi Billy That's a good point greasing the gears , essential I should imagine , I wonder if it's a DIY job . ?  

      Thanks never considered this .

      • I don't have the battery one but on both my stihl combi hedgecutter & another battery one, I remove the gearbox cover every few weeks & grease all the gears & bearings.

        I don't trust the grease nipple system & removing the cover allows a general inspection & ensures the grease goes where it's needed.  Checking the bearings can save a lot of expense as if they are caught in time it's a very cheap, simple repair.

        Don't buy bearings from Stihl. Take the old one to a bearing supplier - much cheaper


      • hi John yes its definitely a diy job to me, and i am not mechanically minded whatsoever. The higher end HSA trimmers have actual greasing points where you take the bolt out and put the grease in. The less expensive models you unscrew the plastic cover, I just smear a bit on the gear wheels, after brushing out the worst of any hedge trimming debris first. I use the white lithium grease as I heard it was the right kind. I believe too much grease is as bad as not enough, so just use my judgement on how much to apply

  • I'm sure this is just a trick to extort money form customers.  As said, the gearbox will need greasing periodically and the blades sharpening with an angle grinder now and then .   They have these ridiculous checklists that say for example, "check the screws are tight" etc etc.  Never had a screw come loose in 20+ years! 

  • PRO

    I think ap range you just rub a bit of grease on the cogs every 16hrs. The combi heads I fill up with grease a few times a year, was recommended to me by a stihl engineer. In the winter I clean out all the old grease. I sharpen my hedge cutters with a cordless angle grinder, only takes about ten minutes much quicker than using a file.

    • PRO

      Many Thanks everyone . Sorted now , just removed the 4 torx screws and lifted gear box cover , original grease a bit dried out so cleaned it up removed debris and re greased gears .

      Screwed cover back on and works as it should .

      A nice productiveTwenty minutes job ideal for this wet windy day even had hailstones today .

  • All the stihl kit I've got has grub screws for greasing, and stihl do grease in tubes like toothpaste.  Take the screw out (torx) and screw the tube in, squeeze some in.  Should be done quite regularly.  Also on shaft drive machines you should take the head off once a year, slide the square shaft out, and lightly grease that.

    • PRO

      Thanks Tim for the useful information , definitely worth mentioning also useful reminder to grease the gears regularly  

      I must admit I sometimes forget with my more expensive kit which has the grease thread the grease soons dries out .

      My Stihl cordless one is the one I use for light trimming on soft wood shrubs it's HLA 56 a cheaper model , well I say cheap but still around the £199 price tag but good value and nice to use  

      I did wonder if the lower price machines not having grease threads have sealed bearings and sealed grease compartments for the life of the machine but easy to get to the gears to clean out and ,re grease .  





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