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Thermo replied to Mitchel ingham's discussion Handyman/ Property Maintenance
"its beyond me how they do it. I know my limits on what I cant or wont do, either because its not safe, or its not profitable because im not skilled or fast enough to do it. If someone wants to quote 50 to put up a greenhouse or worse a childs climbi…"
3 minutes ago
Derek Conway replied to Mitchel ingham's discussion Handyman/ Property Maintenance
"There's a guy working in my area who will service your gas boiler, do your garden, chainsaw work or build you a greenhouse or extension to your home - to name just a few of his services!!  He's been about for a long time, would find it very off putt…"
29 minutes ago
Gavin Stevens replied to Andy Whitmore's discussion Moss killer
"Sounds like a drainage problem or shade. Moss only grows between April & September so mainly drainage. Investigate Mogeton if still available or Dieard."
33 minutes ago
chris replied to chris's discussion Vine weevil
"Thanks Gavin interesting save the client a few pounds to"
33 minutes ago
Gary RK replied to Phil Voice's discussion APL Market Update
"Interesting stats & figures from the APL respondants.
Unless mistaken, APL's 'member base' is definately Southern based  but I think most sectors & locations in our industry are experiencing positives trends and a 'feel good' factor....

Spingtime o…"
34 minutes ago
Gavin Stevens replied to chris's discussion Vine weevil
"Very few products work against this pest. If the plant is large enough, the roots will outgrow the pest"
38 minutes ago
Gavin Stevens replied to Richard Hogarth's discussion Why Is dead patch in leylandii hedge getting bigger?
"Likely that it is aphids; it will recover as new growth is trimmed over the brown area"
40 minutes ago
Landscape Juice replied to Landscape Juice's discussion The Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke at Mountbatten House have been classified as an historic park and garden
48 minutes ago

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Vine weevil

Hi have a few vine weevil issues in a couple of gardens we maintain,and was looking for a supplier of treatment in a more economical quantity ???Any suppliers would be welcome and best products to use thanks

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4 Replies · Reply by chris 33 minutes ago
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APL Market Update

I have to say I have to hand it to the APL (HTA) for it's inaugural Market Update report. The report, which was sent out to all 220 members of the APL with 53 respondents contributing to the compilation of the report. Not all of the information is…

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1 Reply · Reply by Gary RK 34 minutes ago

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