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Andy Kenney posted a discussion
Bought a new Tanaka from local dealer this week; Added the Oregon twist load metal head on it. Anyone else run one? In the week I've had it, it is an excellent machine, smooth and quiet yet powerful as you like. 
54 minutes ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Peter Davis's discussion Hyundai Mowers
"They are probably good for domestic use, but for on and off trucks/vans all day everyday probably not.
The engine may be good but if the wheels or handles fall off your not working!"
9 hours ago
James Hull is now a member of Garden maintenance providers
9 hours ago
Peter Davis replied to Peter Davis's discussion Hyundai Mowers
"I was enquiring because they are a new brand. I am a Honda man myself.

Hyundai have built up a good reputation for their vehicles. I would be surprised if they would risk this by producing bad products with their name on them."
10 hours ago
Tom Beevor replied to Peter Davis's discussion Hyundai Mowers
"I would echo Richard on this one, theres a difference between reasonable and cheap. £700 for a new Viking is reasonable, for a professional mower, that is really the lower end of what I'd expect to pay. They're built to last and to work, unlike thei…"
10 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Peter Davis's discussion Hyundai Mowers
"No experience of these cheap mowers but generally if a mower is cheap it cheap for a reason. Buy cheap buy twice is the golden rule. Try not to be tempted like I was at the beginning!
As you only end up with breakdowns costing you time and money!"
11 hours ago
Landscape Juice posted a discussion
Should I charge more for awkward to reach fence panels and/or doors? 
If part of a job proves more difficult than first thought how can you protect yourself from being out of pocket?
Spare parts suppliers 
Is looking for the cheapest price online be…
12 hours ago
Nick @ NM Garden Services Ltd replied to Darren Walters's discussion Different voicemails for different days?
"We use an app for voicemail called HulloMail. It costs £40 per year per phone (I use it just for mine).

It won't solve your problem but it is easy to record messages for people to listen to (and you don't have to call - it can be done over wifi).…"
14 hours ago

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