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Practical Pesticides; Drain covers; Music or not
19 minutes ago
Richard Gadsby replied to chris's discussion Vine weevil
"Just spray on I think with knapsack sprayer.
Having said that I got some stuff off Amazon can't remember name now Provado something and that works just spraying on about £15 if I remember rightly."
56 minutes ago
Louise Boothman replied to chris's discussion Vine weevil
"Hi Chris,
We have a number of products that have Vine Weevil control on their label which you may be interested in having a look at - 
Rigel-G  (organic control)
Met 52 (Bio insecticide)
Bayer Provado Vine Weevil Control 
Happy to chat through the o…"
59 minutes ago
Samuel Beresford-Foster replied to Mitchel ingham's discussion Handyman/ Property Maintenance
"It's the old saying, jack of all trades, master of none. There will always be new ones coming along, having a go and then failing. Lots of people think garden maintenance and landscaping is just digging holes and hacking back plants. They may well w…"
1 hour ago
James Brett replied to Mitchel ingham's discussion Handyman/ Property Maintenance
"My main focus is gardening, but I landscape smaller projects. I also have a team of sub contractors who I use for other work or pass things to. I do many things but don't push that, its more existing clients as they trust us"
1 hour ago
Louise Boothman replied to Andy Whitmore's discussion Moss killer
"Hi - Mogeton is still available but unfortunately its areas of use changed a couple of years ago.  Now it is only approved for Managed Amenity Turf - and restricted to golf courses only.
Sorry I'm not familiar with Dieard - but it doesn't seem to be…"
1 hour ago
Mitchel ingham replied to Mitchel ingham's discussion Handyman/ Property Maintenance
"haha nail on the head everyone asks me on here why dont you have a grass cutting round in your local area and thats why to many ill do it for a tenner guys around. "
2 hours ago
rosie larking shared a profile on Facebook
2 hours ago

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