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John Bates replied to GARETH's discussion What Mower to buy
"Hi Gareth
I'm just about to get a new mower for domestic work.  Are you only looking at 4 wheel mower rather than rear roller which is what I'm looking at.
I see that Etesia get good reviews but think they only do 4 wheel mowers
For rear roller I'm…"
29 seconds ago
Phil Voice replied to Phil Shaw's discussion Advice please on my Website
"I think client testimonials are important. The secret, I feel, is convincing future clients they are genuine.
I make kitchen island units (not a lot of people know that;). I don't ask for testimonials but a few clients have provided me with one.
12 minutes ago
mark harris replied to Ian Parkes's discussion akwardness of cleints
"you cant make money charging by  the hour, its a fixed amount you can earn, no incentive to make money and get done and move on,"
19 minutes ago
Steve London Stone replied to Phil Shaw's discussion Advice please on my Website
"Hello Phil
On point 3, now you have removed the testimonials it seems to have addressed the issue that I raised.  Happy days :)
Got to say it looks a lot better with the reviews removed.  The home page is looking really good!
I've got a bit more fee…"
28 minutes ago
Thermo replied to Roger's discussion Cooling off law question
"Its there to protect the consumer and to try and stamp out the type of cowboy work from people who turn up on the doorstep offering to do the drive with left over tarmac etc.
Ive always had t&cs and as ive gone on in business I constantly refine and…"
31 minutes ago
Seth Burgess replied to Andy Spence's discussion First cut of the season
"Still too wet here for a cut. The two Forsythias in my garden are only just coming into flower."
1 hour ago
Ian Howes replied to Phil Voice's discussion Landscaping waste - UK recycling sites taking green and general waste (interactive map)
"Hi Andrew, tree fella are good guys been using them on and off for 15 years now, bit of a trek down the cost but the best in this part of the world.  Ive heard of Appleton, never been there tho as I dont really go up that far. Thanks for the tip tho "
1 hour ago
Gavin Gray replied to GARETH's discussion What Mower to buy
"stay as far away from them as possible"
1 hour ago

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What Mower to buy

Hi all, i'm looking to buy a new mower for my small gardening business, i have £500 to spend. I want something light(around 30kg) if poss and i would like a mulch option as i have a couple of cuts were i have a lot of grass to take away(would a…

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27 Replies · Reply by John Bates 30 seconds ago

akwardness of cleints

I mentioned to a client my rates may go fixed rates instead of hourly. A few weeks back i happen to finish 15 mins early and left, driving straight past the client as she was comming home, she called me angrily that id left early.To be honest i…

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11 Replies · Reply by mark harris 19 minutes ago

Cooling off law question

Hi all, ive made a few posts recently as im considering starting up again part time this summer; last year I tried but it didnt really get going with any momentum. Anyhow im in the process of writing up some t&c's and have come across the cooling…

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15 Replies · Reply by Thermo 31 minutes ago

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