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James Brett replied to B F's discussion Wage increase request
"I was thinking about some thing performance wise. A measurable way for you to gauge how he does. If he exceeds his current performance then pay rise. It would need to be objective"
4 hours ago
John Cavill replied to Gary RK's discussion How big do you go ? Toro introduce 30" walk behind mowers
"I have quoted for a school football field and got the job. This is my first commercial mowing job and I looked at a turfmaster as it will go in the back of my Bipper van and in my shed too! - Many thanks for all the reviews! I will be buying mine to…"
5 hours ago
David Brain @ CGS replied to B F's discussion Wage increase request
It sounds a little like you have a tiger by the tail with one hand while holding a double edged sword with the other.
The two phrases I personally have troubles with are "minimum wage" & "labourer".
I honestly, and personally feel (rightly or wr…"
5 hours ago
Philip Blair replied to Paul McNulty's discussion Most recent posts option?
"Yep, very frustrating. A photography forum i belong to takes you to the first unread post when you click on the thread title,"
6 hours ago

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Wage increase request

I've a lad who works for me as a labourer. He's currently on minimum wage and he has asked for a wage increase. He has been with me for 8months now. He has the following attributes:GoodTimely - though last few weeks been 15 minutes late the odd…

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2 Replies · Reply by James Brett 4 hours ago

Most recent posts option?

I can't see any way to go straight to unread or most recent posts here? The Toro mower thread is a great example: now that it's up to 8 pages I have to click on it, scroll to the bottom (no page options at the top which is unusual), then go to the…

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1 Reply · Reply by Philip Blair 6 hours ago

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