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Daniela McGhie replied to Robert Bethell's discussion Vehicle Choice
"Yes its true about balance. Sometimes though I do wish I had a larger truck because I have all these hedge jobs That I have to pass up because I cannot handle the amount of waste it would generate."
2 hours ago
David Cox replied to chris's discussion Headland granular fertiliser
"High in K? Dont you mean N david?If its slow release it should be OK TBH otherwise yep that lawn will grow"
3 hours ago
Benedict Simmons replied to Gary Smith's discussion At what age did you become a Gardener, Landscaper, Designer?
"I was 15 when I got my first Saturday job working for a local landscaper, I haven't looked back since apart from a couple of years at college but even then still working in the trade. Been self employed since 20 and loving it (now 28)"
3 hours ago
Freshscaped and Dean Harvey Icewatch are now friends
3 hours ago
Daniela McGhie posted a discussion
I am going on the PA6 course and need a Knapsack sprayer. Currently I have a choice of various Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayers for £140 up to £160.Are these prices reasonable? Are these even good sprayers?As I am a small person, I don't want anythin…
3 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Robert Bethell's discussion Vehicle Choice
"That's me!!! Does get irritating but it's a balance I have learnt to live with as I love my truck!!!"
3 hours ago
Daniela McGhie replied to Robert Bethell's discussion Vehicle Choice
"Absolutely, the guys working out of an open trailer type van always unpack the large tools and bring them into the garden we share work on. Worried the kit may get nicked whilst they are in the back. "
3 hours ago
Nick @ NM Garden Services Ltd replied to Robert Bethell's discussion Vehicle Choice
"I would echo Paul's comments in their entirety too."
4 hours ago

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Vehicle Choice

Hi all, I've just started my own gardening business and the advice on the forum is invaluable, so thanks guys! I'm currently using my family's Ford Focus C- Max with magnetic signs on the doors, which is ok, but not ideal. I can't fit my lawn mower…

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