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Thermo replied to Rodney Scott's discussion Employing staff, employed or self employed which is best ?
"you may think it can be done but hmrc are very very tight on it! depends how long you are employing them and how you are employing them as to whats best. personally I prefer employed staff as I have full control on all aspects of them and it makes p…"
3 minutes ago
Louise Boothman replied to Dave Bruton's discussion Best weedkiller to kill off old lawn prior to returfing
"Hi Dave,
You need to be careful - while the effects/ residues of glyphosate are normally all but gone within two days in SOIL,  if you plan to sprayoff a lawn and turf straight over it - the glyphosate can be held in the dying grass/ foliage for a l…"
3 minutes ago
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14 minutes ago
Rodney Scott posted a discussion
With staff costs spiralling I need to look at this again. I think I would prefer employed staff . Self employed guys need to fulfil HMRC regulations  I think this could be done. I wondered what other people thought. Do you employ your guys or do you…
16 minutes ago
Dave Bruton replied to Dave Bruton's discussion Best weedkiller to kill off old lawn prior to returfing
"Thanks guys, two votes for Gallup so will try this. Do you know if it's okay to lay new turf on the area a couple of weeks later? It doesn't leave too much residual toxin does it?"
18 minutes ago
Louise Boothman replied to Andy Whitmore's discussion Moss killer
"Hi Andy,
Thought I would be helpful...and suggest you look at Algoclear and Algoclear Pro. Both are quarternary ammonium, safe for all hard surfaces without staining. The Pro is a super concentrated version and 5lt dilutes at 1:40 for winter use.
30 minutes ago
Andy Mason posted a discussion
Does anyone have any experience with FM Radio ear defenders - which are the the best ones to go for ??Cheers
33 minutes ago
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