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With temperatures heading up, and in some cases record highs beaten, what precautions should you take when applying sprays and fertilisers to help plants get through the summer months?
Volatilisation Spraying in hot weather n…
11 minutes ago
Russ Francis replied to Andrew lloyd's discussion Fuel consumption averages
"Perhaps more useful to combine fuel usage with capital cost of the equipment and it's lifespan and service costs ?  Purely fuel for kit I get through about 15 litres a month, but I do other stuff as well, hoes, forks and spades don't use any fuel !…"
2 hours ago
Landscape Juice commented on Landscape Juice's blog post Record breaking July weather
"Feels even hotter when put like that ;-)"
4 hours ago
Landscape Juice replied to Pristine Gardens's discussion Online work schedules
4 hours ago
Colin Hunt replied to Pristine Gardens's discussion Online work schedules
"Our maintenance customers are on yearly contracts, paid monthly with all foreseeable work included. Our customers understand that we have a certain amount of time on site per visit and that any additional work will be carried out and invoiced separa…"
5 hours ago
Pristine Gardens posted a discussion
What systems do other people use to run their staff work schedules? I am currently printing out fortnightly work schedules for each of my teams but any amendments to jobs or hours are then adjusted by the staff and given back to me at the end of the…
12 hours ago
Gary RK replied to Andrew lloyd's discussion Fuel consumption averages
"Not starting when hot especially slighlty older models....
A few years ago to try and improve image/sales they looked at options. It's not often an engine maker releases an engine range named GTS, which stood for "Guaranteed To Start", which was the…"
12 hours ago
David Benson replied to Austin Campbell's discussion Removing Prunus: best method and timescale?
"use a spit to dig the hedge out first then cut the side branches off the Aucuba with a pruning saw or loppers leave the main stems to pull it out  dig a trench round it, work underneath pulling it over 4 hrs. should cover it plus rubbish away jobs l…"
12 hours ago

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