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Billybop replied to Nicola Jackson's discussion Women in Arb
"be good to see more female, and for that matter trans gendered, arborists in the trade yes"
1 hour ago
Billybop replied to Gary RK's discussion Depressing, isn't it ?
"erecting the tree before 1st december maybe a no no,,,a real tree?...installing artificial turf is one thing but is an artficial tree is a real class marker, discuss lol"
1 hour ago
Billybop replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion This is reason i love my Viking MB655VR roller mower.
"also love the little flap that flips down when the box is full, why don't all mowers have this, high lift blade filling that box to the max, shame some of the cutting height settings are either too long or too short, if you know where i am comng fro…"
1 hour ago
Billybop replied to Ashley Robbins's discussion Is Brexit causing timber prices to rise?
"nothing wrong with english oak it helped sink the spanish armada lol"
2 hours ago
Billybop replied to Chris's discussion Tennis elbow anyone?
"dislocated left shoulder couple years ago still not perfect now cant see myself doing this forever! but doing more work than ever thanks to the cordless lol"
2 hours ago
Billybop replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion This is reason i love my Viking MB655VR roller mower.
"been using the ittle viking cordless again today, am starting to wonder if something wrong with it, it uses so much battery, but really powerful, like a petrol, more than the small bosch which seem tuned to give good m.p.g. as it were, i have loads…"
2 hours ago
Roy Parker replied to Harry@VWGS's discussion This is reason i love my Viking MB655VR roller mower.
"i have a weibang bought it couple months ago and so far it working well i cut a lawn this week that must been 10 inch high and it took it down to 2 inch in one pass and filled the box full with out blocking only time will tell if they stand the pres…"
3 hours ago
John Fulton replied to Chris's discussion Tennis elbow anyone?
"I had tennis elbow some years ago , I went to see my GP and he had the the very same condition from swinging his golf clubs , Mine was due to repetitive strain and incredibly painful , I tried a couple of support clasps and they helped , The alterna…"
4 hours ago

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New van opinions please

I'm just about to change the run around. It's a Vauxhall combo 2008 and has done us proud. However it's due a cam belt change done 100,000 miles and is now a little tatty.I'm looking at the Vauxhall combo (new shape) or the fiat doblo. Both the same…

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4 Replies · Reply by Andy 4 hours ago

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Security marking landscaping equipment

Following recent discussions on Wednesday with local Crime Prevention Officer, I was made aware that Custody Suites in Waverley (Part of Surrey) and Surrey Police area as a whole are now generally equipped with Smart Water & SelectDNA detectors to identify recovered property.  See: & In addition to the liquid, both of these kits come with security stickers for equipment, vans & premises. We went for SelectDNA some while ago and gives some piece of mind.…

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13 Replies · Reply by Gary RK Sep 22

Setting up and collecting direct debit payments from your clients using GoCardless

Setting up direct debit payments through a business used to be a lot of hassle.  Businesses had to be big enough to ensure security for their clients and a business had to pass a fitness test before being allowed to participate in the direct debit scheme. For ease, many businesses turned to bureaus - intermediaries - to process payments on their behalf. B Thankfully, there are now much more easier options available to a business for setting up a direct debit payment facility. Landscape Juice…

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3 Replies · Reply by Andrew Midgley Apr 10

Get your LJN vehicle stickers

Please send me: 1 x LJN vehicle sticker 2 x LJN Vehicle stickers 3 x LJN Vehicle stickers 4 x LJN Vehicle stickers 5 x LJN Vehicle stickers 6 x LJN Vehicle stickers 7 x LJN Vehicle stickers 8 x LJN Vehicle stickers 9 x LJN Vehicle stickers For 10 or more stickers please click here and fill in the form.

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9 Replies · Reply by Blake Lawrence Jul 22
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A big Thank You to LJN!

Just thought I would spend the time this morning to say a big public thank you to the members and operators of for all of the help and assistance I have received over the last couple of years since stumbling across the site in 2012. I pay £40 per year in a one-off payment as a Pro Member but the payback from this very small investment must be many thousands of pounds saved or gained through knowledge and advice. Only this week I have gained detailed advice from members…

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19 Replies · Reply by Chris Lloyd-Davies Aug 21

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