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Freshscaped replied to Tom Beevor's discussion Wileyfox Smartphone
"I bought a new MotoG (second edition) smartphone about a year ago. uses the Galaxy OS. It has dual sim capacity but I'm none too impressed with that side of its performance. But it was only around 130-140 quid, is fully featured and other than the d…"
4 minutes ago
Geoffrey King replied to Rob Bury's discussion Lightweight Mower
"My customer wants to get a new Viking MB 545T, for his lawn, for the lawn lady to use, good choice?"
42 minutes ago
Andrew Watts replied to James Brett's discussion Advice on sunken turf
"this was down 6 inches, so a huge amount of new top soil over a large lawn. Get a very long screwdriver or rod and poke around the sunken soggy areas to check if this is the problem here."
1 hour ago
James Brett replied to James Brett's discussion Advice on sunken turf
"How deep though? the ground is still very soft today. Even where it has been firm. The ground was rotovated really well. Good fine finish. Bought in some really good soil to on top of that"
1 hour ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Rob Bury's discussion Lightweight Mower
"Cheap Honda izy. Just the push model 18 inch cut about £350 new.
I have 2 and they both get abused and keep going.
1 did 5 seasons it's the back up now though it still starts first pull!
If you go for an Etesia put a review up as I'm tempted"
1 hour ago
Roy Parker replied to Ashley Norman's discussion Fencing Prices
"quick way  for labour costs is to double the materials costs . we did a 12 panel fence last year concrete posts and gravel boards with 5 ft panels , we did that in a day with 2 men but that was digging posts in to new ground ."
2 hours ago
Kieran Ray replied to Rob Bury's discussion Lightweight Mower
"I'd second the etesia pro46. Look at a second hand one on eBay or similar."
2 hours ago
Neil Brown replied to Ashley Norman's discussion Fencing Prices
"Hi All 
Just read your post I usually carry out the work you described at the rate of £95 a bay based on 1.8m good quality panels. The cost of disposal of the old fence is quite expensive depending on your area. £750 is way too cheap and if I had a…"
2 hours ago

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Lightweight Mower

Hi all, I hope everyone is well.I am just sorting out new gear for this season and was wondering what you guys use as a small lightweight mower for those small lawns with difficult access.I have been looking at the Viking mb448 and wanted to know if…

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8 Replies · Reply by Geoffrey King 42 minutes ago

Fencing Prices

Morning All, I've been a member of the forum for a while now and have learnt a lot from here. Never posted a discussion before but after the last quote I did I thought it would be good to get other peoples opinions. I've spent weeks creating a…

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18 Replies · Reply by Roy Parker 2 hours ago

Casual labourers

Just a quick enquiry as to how you all go about dealing with casual labourers. My business is growing and the work load is getting to the point at which I need another pair of hands or two. I cannot guarantee the work as yet so don't want a full…

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5 Replies · Reply by Stefan P 4 hours ago

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