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Andrew Midgley replied to Tom Beevor's discussion Calling on pickup owners
"I got a Toyota Hilux Single cab MK4 which is reliable and have just clicked 100k. I serviced it back in the autumn and it was a doddle. The Mk5 is a tad more economical on fuel than the MK4 but the injectors on the Mk5 are more expensive than on th…"
56 minutes ago
James Brett replied to James Brett's discussion Advice on sunken turf
"The ground was heeled in well. I was there when it was done. In fact I did most of the heeling in!

The ground itself is firm but soft. If that makes sense. I'm going to give it a go with the roller mower tomorrow if dry as it desperately needs cut…"
1 hour ago
Craig replied to Craig's discussion Grass cutting contract
"I appreciate all the useful comments. As i mentioned i don't do commercial work and was only considering this contract as i felt it would be useful for my portfolio.
The sticking point for me is the lawnmower, i obviously don't have the adequate mac…"
1 hour ago
Gareth McLean posted a discussion
Being asked to price up on three patio jobs various sizes 25-55 square meters using marshalls vitrified range all in 600x600x20 slabs.wondered if anybody has used this and what prices people are charging.Thanks
1 hour ago
briggsandscrapem replied to Craig's discussion Grass cutting contract
"Colin is spot on.
Tell them you would be delighted to provide a quotation, however you would not require the use of their mower as you will be providing all necessary machinery."
2 hours ago
briggsandscrapem replied to James Brett's discussion Advice on sunken turf
"I've had sinking lawns a few times due to broken drains. One was not so obvious as it was an old drain no one knew was there."
2 hours ago
Andrew Midgley replied to Andy's discussion How do you cut ornamental grasses?
"I use hedge shears to cut the grass down into a dome shaped I also 'comb' out the thatch using a hand fork to encourage air and to get as much dead material out. I saw some contractors using hedge cutters to cut back ornamental grasses in the park.…"
2 hours ago
Andrew Midgley replied to James Brett's discussion Advice on sunken turf
"Heavy rain will have contributed to the turf sinking. I use a lute to top dress the turf but do this when the grass is a bit taller and when it's dry as it will be easier to spread the dressing. You might have to do this a couple of times throughout…"
2 hours ago

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Grass cutting contract

I have been invited to quote for a grass cutting contract for a parish council, the contract is to cut a number of village greens. burial ground and a playing field. The parish council will provide a ride on lawnmower and all other machinery will be…

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17 Replies · Reply by Craig 1 hour ago

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