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Etesia UK posted a blog post
Etesia UK has added to its ever-growing network of dealers after announcing two new dealerships for Somerset and Northumberland.Etesia has been leading the way in building high quality grass cutting machinery for both the professional and domestic m…
3 minutes ago
Darren McCrone replied to Phil Voice's discussion Downloadable Risk Assessment
I have just become a member.
Could I possibly have these documents mailed to me - info@mccronecontracts.co.uk
Many thanks"
22 minutes ago
Ginny L replied to Phil Voice's discussion UK trade plant nursery supplier (map)
"Hi there, just wondered when our details will be added to your plant nursery map!
27 minutes ago
Darren McCrone, Toby and Allan Ancrum joined Landscape Juice Network
27 minutes ago
Andy replied to Duncan McLaren's discussion Metres vs Meters
"Teacher goes to a visit a house where the child who is frequently absent from school lives. She rings the doorbell and the child answers. Is your mother available? she asks Nah, replies the child, is your father home? Nah, the child says, is your gr…"
59 minutes ago
Duncan McLaren replied to Duncan McLaren's discussion Metres vs Meters
1 hour ago
Harry@loveyourgardenwildlife replied to Duncan McLaren's discussion Metres vs Meters
"All joking aside, Maybe the fact that I'm an Aussie and we are a lot more laid back than most, but I struggle to understand why people will feel the need to pick holes in what others write and complain about their bad grammar, for me it just makes t…"
1 hour ago
Daniela McGhie replied to Duncan McLaren's discussion Metres vs Meters
"Advice vs advise
Their vs there vs they're
Border vs boarder
Weather vs wether
It's vs its
Loose vs lose
Except vs accept
And many many more..."
4 hours ago

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Metres vs Meters

Just a bit of banter but I can't help but get annoyed when I read "meters" when it should be "metres". I'm no grammar expert but I keep imagining pallets arriving from Scottish Power rather than Rolawn. Does anyone else have a similar bugbear?

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28 Replies · Reply by Andy 59 minutes ago