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What Van?

Hi Members,

I’m Clive and I’m in the process of starting up a garden maintenance business..

My sticking point at the monent is which van?

Due to security Id planned to go the panel van route with some slamlocks etc fitted to help hinder the light fingered out there.

Initially I looked at LWB Crafters - reason for the LWB it will also transport green waste, to the transfer station as and when required. Finding a good Crafter 09 -11 plate is seeming impossible as is an MB Sprinter.

After a bit more research I opened my search up to the Fiat Ducato LWB or MWB 

A Transit is deffinately off the list as I’m not a fan of ford (apologies to Ford fans) and there security is awful.

I would really appreciate hearing what you use and what you’ve had, and had bad experiences with.

Hope to become a Pro on the group in the next couple of weeks.

all the best




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  • PRO

    I use a vauxhall vivaro and have had no issues with.

  • PRO

    Renault Master/Vauxhall Movano may be an option? Got a couple on fleet presently and 2010 mwb and a 65 plate mml rear wheel drive variant. Good reliable value for money vans that will cost you a lot less than a Crafter or Sprinter....

  • Perfectly happy with my high roofed Vauxhall Movano. It's essentially the same as the Renault Master which I've had in the past. I find the Movano has a better cab layout with more storage space. The 6th gear is invaluable on the motorway.  I also tow a trailer and it copes well. It's got a good payload and the flooring is set lower than many other vans which helps with unloading/loading of machinery. Hope this helps. Good luck with the business.

  • PRO

    Dave, Adam & Stephen thank you for your feedback ...

  • I don't think slamlocks are any more secure for overnight, just that they lock the van every time the door shuts, which may or may not suit your business. I believe deadlocks are what you would want.

    • PRO

      Dan, thanks for the comments re slamlocks and deadlocks. I have a van to view which has deadlocks which is good. 

  • PRO

    We have a couple of LWB High Roof Fiat Ducatos (most recent one purchased in November). They return around 30mpg with just local journeys and due to them being front wheel drive they have a very low loading height which makes loading and unloading kit and waste very easy.

    We did have the locks drilled on one (very neatly done!) so you may wish to look into extra security... We also has a Mercedes Sprinter broken into the same way (at the same time - in the middle of the night) so I dont think any vans are great as far as security is involved. 

    • PRO

      Thanks for the feedback Nick. 

      With vehicle crime the way it is the only ones benefiting are the car security companies.. 

  • PRO

    I had a mwb low roof  ducato l2 h1 loads of space as much as a lwb transit and wider plus massive & comfort exallant 500 mile trip in 1 day with ease....would definitely buy again ducato/boxer/relay

    2 yrs ago down sized to a new traffic sport Swb  half the size & cab feels tiny but does what I need it friend brought a new  ducato 6 yr ago and he's had no problems at all...even Swb ducato/boxer/relay are very roomy inside as big as a mwb transit 

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