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Weibang Scarifier

Hi ,

Just looking to see if anyone had any experience and opinions with the Weibang scarifiers? either the 38 or 46cm width. Not to fussed on the Eliet machines because of the constant tweaking of the height set up.

Thanks in advance.

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      Hi Graeme

      You can use the 'Follow' button for any discussions you wish to follow. It's located to the right just under the HTML comments box.

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    Hi Matt

    No experience of the Weibang scarifiers, but used the Elliets a great deal in the past whilst with a franchise. On my own for 7 years now, and use a Bannerman scarifier - so much better than the Eliet. Height adjustment is much easier - you don't even have to stop the machine ! Bannerman suggets running the engine at around 70% throttle, so much less 'harm' than running at full throttle as suggested with the Eliet. Why not have a look ?




    Bannerman Scarifier B-LT-15-H (15 X 1/16" De-thatching Blades) | Scarifiers | Pitchcare Shop
  • Thanks Mark looks a good machine but a bit more than im willing to pay. I want to be under 1k the other machines that could be a possibility is the efco but again not heard anyone using it. 

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    Hi Matt,

    we do a lot of scarifies and use the Eliets 401 and 501's as the main workhorses. We also have both bannermans, with one being a fine lawn verticutter, the other being general purpose. We also have an Efco, and it's a beast. We use whenever we have a rough lawn that we really want to muller!

    Everything bought 2nd hand, lots off Ebay, apart from the Efco, which was new.

    For £1000, I would try and get 2 used machines - 1 larger rougher eg Efco / 501 and 1 smaller, more manageable eg 401.

    I've not used the Weigbang, but have looked at it and it does seem tough, so perhaps a smaller one of those and a used Efco would be in the £1000 range.

    My money would go on a used 401/501 pair everytime and put up with the height adjustment. The overall performance / toughness more than compensates.

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    Forgot to mention, a used Camon could be a good bet also.

  • Thanks for that Andrew good to know the efco does a job.  Ive used the camon before and not overly impressed with it, it was a hire machine so perhaps it had been well used by the time i had it.  Im gona hire the smaller Weibnag machine next week so least i know what its like before i buy.

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    The webb and weibang scarifiers are made in the same factory by the looks of it. I dunno what that means really. I think the hayters are quite well regarded for their price?

    • I used the Hayter one for a few years and it was fine on light thatch and moss but struggled on pretty thick stuff. Not bad, but would probably not get another one unless I was running another more heavy duty one alongside it.

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