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Swapping van for a pickup ??

I have a Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive LWB  2018  . It's pristine ( yes I'm sad I hoover it out every night and give it a quick wash )  I've had it from new and am very pleased with it but with all my Stihl machinery being combo and half  the size of my old stuff I'm wondering if I could get away with using a pickup truck 

Yes the first and maybe only problem is lifting my Honda HRX in and out and having to drop its handles first etc . I only use it once a week the rest of the time it's shrub trimming and blowing. Come winter it's mainly blower work only and I never carry waste. Tree pruner could be a problem though....but once again how often do we use one 
I often look inside my van and wonder why I carry 4 different types of shovel, an assortment of clothing as if I was going up Everest not to mention socket sets, screwdriver sets, enough Petrol and diesel to run a tank for a week . It's crazy I know but you just never know. 
Basically now if it isn't orange and powered I probably won't be using it in the future. If it's snowing or monsoon weather I'll just stay in the van
Security is an issue  but my wife comes along with me most of the time for company so that's sorted. Over night it's secure at my house

I fancy the Toyota Hilux Invincible X any opinions?. Yes they are expensive but extremely reliable and look the part. 
Any advice on sellling this idea to the wife. Yes I've tried the " It'll be far far more comfortable for you than the van passenger  seat " 

Cheers all

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  • PRO

    I run a Transit and a Ranger pick-up.

    Maintenance in a pick up is awkward as you can only access it from the rear, (no side loading door.) over the tailgate. Small items will always slide forward and you either have to rach over the side or hook them from the rear.

    No security, have had tools stolen whilst stuck in traffic.

    • That's concerning to hear you've had tools stolen while in traffic 

    • PRO

      My mate a tree surgeon with many years experience only ever drives a pickup and takes minimal equipment to jobs , Always admired his efficiency and organisational skills .  

      I think a pick up forces your choice when loading it up you will only carry what's essential   

      Guilty of overfilling all my vans with a spare everything and losing time searching for stuff the only time it got a good clear out is when thieves struck and wiped me out   ( Three times ) .

      Security cages then in situ took up too much space .

      I was going to buy a great Wall pickup after doing some research but I felt it might be vulnerable when left in public car parks or in retail car parks .

      Probably okay commuting from job to home . 

      If buying any vehicle used I would check it out thoroughly and make sure the warranty covers what you need .

      I made the mistake of buying a used Toyota my current vehicle and it's cost me a small fortune in repairs but essentially it's burning oil , clogging up egr valves which need cleaning every Two months parts are expensive ,make sure it's got a good service history and had regular oil changes .




  • PRO

    Isnt the loading space in a pick up ooh so much higher than it is in the Vivaro...???   Heavy mowers - long ramps and reduced security???

    • Yes I hear you But I spend 4 days a week for 6 months of the year either attached to a hedge trimmer or a blower. I mow every other week at one job only. I don't sound like a busy gardener but I'm lucky that my gardening isn't requiring ride on mowers etc 

  • I am in on my ninth new Hilux, just got it in April.


    [Private plate is on now]

    I’ve been self-employed now for 32 years and I have never owned a van [does a Land Rover 90 hard top count as a van? No, I fitted side wndows]

    Firstly, there are no security issues when you have a canopy fitted. Most pickups you see have canopies, so it a moot point.

    I carry a hand mower, steps and all the Stihl gear and other tools and petrol/consumables etc. and there’s no problem fitting it in.

    You can drive through the snow as though it isn’t there.

    You can drive off-road and across wet grass/playing fields.

    They tow like a dream [3.5 tonne towing capacity].

    They hold their value like nothing else. It cost me £13400 to swap a 5.5 year old Hilux for a brand new one, bearing in mind how much they [as everything] have gone up over recent years.

    My insurance is £360 [fully comp – protected]

    They are the most reliable vehicle I have ever encountered. They just do not go wrong. They have a 10 year warranty if serviced by the main dealer. Who else offers a 10 year warranty? That is confidence in the product.

    Main dealer serving is surprisingly cheap.

    They are very comfortable. The new one [2.8] is very quiet, smooth and refined. They are loaded with tech, autonomous braking [collision detector – yes, it does work], adaptive cruise, lane departure, brake assist [useful when moving off on a slope – you can’t roll back], heated seats, dual climate, apple car play etc. 220 volt outlet, reverse camera, parking sensors all round, the list goes on – all standard on the Invincible.

    As I said I am on my ninth one now and I would not have anything else. So that’s a road test done over many years and nine Hiluxes, so that must count for something.

    Do not hesitate Keiron.

  • PRO

    Why not if its got enough space for you.

    Like Vic said get a canopy.

    Ramps for your mower.

    Me i couldn't be without a panel van. What's wrong with carrying four shovels?! 😅

    If I was in your position, I'd tell my Mrs 'the money we save on fuel and the extra space on drive means we can get a caravan'! My Mrs would love that, she'd be in there for hours! Win win! 🤣

  • Single cab toyota hilux pickup for me, it has a towbar but i have never needed a trailer (if I had ride on lawnmower jobs like Vic I would, obviously) Largest stihl battery pruner fits horizontally in the bed with just the end peeping out from the tonneau cover. No truckman top. But safe area and if vigilant never anything been nicked. Plenty of space for dumpy bags of waste stacked sky high. Very long ladders or trees etc can be transported overhanging the cab. Mowers sometimes 3 at a time next to each other with the handles protruding over the tail gate. 4 wheel drive can be useful when attending a water logged car boot sale rather than on a customers drive. Bought 5 years ago when it was 1 year old hopefully will keep it another 5 years, been trouble free just a set of tyres and servicing

  • We are all different but, other than the advantages of being able to use it as a car, I could not see myself working out of one. I occasionally work with another self employed guy that drives a pick up and he loves it but will readily admit, they hold next to nothing and security is a nightmare. In places he works out of sight of the vehicle he carries everything to a central area and sets up base there. For me, one theft could ruin any further peace of mind and I don't know what your area is like but around here it is an ongoing risk. 

    • Security is not a problem –


       Someone once tried to break into the canopy on the previous Hilux. They applied so much force that they snapped the handle off. They did not get in though. It remained locked.

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