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    Had a few for a couple of years now - several I got free so was no biggy to try them.  I use them almost exactly as you suggest - it lets me keep tabs on service intervals. I don't use them exclusively on Stihl kit. 

    What I also use it for is to feed into a better understanding of pricing.  An hour of actual runtime on a tool is a surprisingly long time.  A very busy day of lawnmowing might only put 2.5 or 3 hours of actual runtime on a mower.  Hedge cutters when you are heads-down going for it might only actually run for 3 ish hours.  I found I was putting 12 hours runtime on a mower in a week despite being basically full-time grass cutting.  It made me think about why that recycler with only 300 hrs on it WAS absolutely dogged and how much time I was actually using travelling in between jobs etc.

    The App used with it is a bit irritating and seems to be mainly aimed at getting you to go to the dealer MUCH more regularly for servicing.  I suspect the bigger the company or the more tools you have the more use you will get from the app.  

    Longer term I think Stihl will build these into every tool they sell and will use it for their own data collection but also as part of a warranty.  Buyers might not even know they are attached.  I think the software will develop to offer commercial users more in time.  Not impossible that there will be third party software written which offers more to us rather than what stihl wants.

    More information is almost always a good thing.

    • Thanks, that's very helpful.

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