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Stihl HSA86 cordless hedgetrimmers

Good day All. It's happened again! Hedgetrimmer has stuttered and stalled. 3 red lights on the battery. I've checked and it's fine for grease, battery was at room temperature, this bit of kit just does not like the cold. This happened last winter and when I put the machine in for repair I was told it was a fault with the motor and the repair price was higher than buying a new machine. One month out of warranty, so I bought a new one. Now the new one has similar, yep, just out of warranty.  Before I put it into the dealers, does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks!

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  • I had the same problem however it was just the blades sticking. After commenting on this forum, someone,  (to my great thanks), told me to loosen blades and oil and put sap cleaning stuff on. Which I had done, but not the loosening of the blades. Worked a treat. I just think the battery is not powerful enough when the blades get "sticky". Great  hedge trimmer but still got the hs82rough cut out today for ivy. 

    obviously if your dealer says something else, he knows more than me, (probably obvious) or is not a good dealer. I have to release the nuts on the blades, spray it and leave it 24 hours before tightening back up at least once a fortnight.

    maybe I have a pig in a poke

  • Yes, I had the same thing happen with the same machine, my HSA 86 and also a similar thing with the pole hedge cutter on the same day. Three red lights on the battery. It was a very cold day [this last Tuesday].

    I immediately checked the gearbox and changed the battery and crucially, applied plenty of WD40 to the blades and all was well. I knew that the grease would be okay in any case as it was the first time out after I had serviced both machines, but I just double checked.

    I assumed it was the very low temperature combined with any residue on the blades, which then needed more torque from the motor. Both machines were sluggish when first ‘triggered’, but then loosened up. The WD40 made all the difference.

    Both batteries were fine. No such problems encountered during the following two days.

  • PRO

    I get the same issue, always try to spray with oil on the blades and clean off which seems to lessen isssues. The Stihl batteries definitely don't like it cold unlike ego batteries. Been thinking lately the battery stuff is not quite up to it but almost!

  • I have had quite a few of the HSA86 and they are a useful machine although in practice not as heavy duty as some would like. I seemed to end up buying a fresh one every so often when they got a bit rattly. I still use them quite a bit, but not for very large or tough hedges where either a HSA94T or HSA94R is preferable. Which are of a more robust build quality and more powerful. So in some cases a faster rate of work also. Although battery has to be attached to the machine by a cord, with the 94 trimmers. Which is a deal breaker for jobs where a self contained unit is preferable.  I think the HSA86 model, which has been around now for 10 years or so, would benefit from a bit of a re design and an upgrade to certain parts which can develop issues, the price of the machine might have to increase obviously. And it would likely be heavier too

  • PRO

    This is the stuff you want, cheaper than the Stihl alternative and it breaks down the resin on the blades as well as lubricating all in one, no brainer IMO. We've been using this for years. Excuse me if I'm stating the obvious but you'll also get more out your machine/batteries if the blades are clean as they're not working as hard.


    Agealube hedgetrimmer spray lubricant with resin solvent (400ml) – FR Jones & Son
    • Looks good ..... I use something called Kramp resin remover which is a caustic "shaving foam" type product. Spray on, agitate with a brush, leave for a few minutes, wipe off. Then lube shiny blades with the usual spray oil. The Kramp treatment is something to be done back at the yard rather than applied at an actual job obviously. I tend to combine the resin removal procedure into a blade sharpening session, and maybe a re grease of the gear box at the same time. So basically a complete maintenance service for a battery hedge trimmer

      • PRO

        Yes I use kramp too, but only use outside. The stuff is lethal to breathe. Wear a mask and not on a windy day. Works brilliant though. My dealer sells it and not the Stihl product as it's crap. I never get red lights as the sap resin remover and wd40 mske for easy cutting 

  • Thanks for the advice guys. Currently the blades are soaked in resin remover for the night, yesterday they had a first soaking and a scrub with a small wire brush. Tomorrow I'll be giving them another brushing  before putting in the battery. I'll let you know how it goes!

  • PRO

    Hey Tony, I had this problem on my HLA 85, it ended up being a sensor that was caked in rubbish, causing it to cut out and show red lights.


    gotta say I've had one of my HSA 86 's for around 4 years, and It gets treated hard, it really does take a battering and it just keeps on going, such a shame you've had such bad luck with yours..

  •  I've only used the Stihl resin cleaner once and wasn't impressed with what it did....basically, very little if anything!  Before that, I never used anything and since then, the same... an occasional spray with GT85 if its struggling to get the blades going from cold, and that's it.  Never had a problem with the cutting.... depending on what I'm cutting, the blades often come out cleaner than when I started.  At some £15 a tin, won't be wasting my money on the stuff again. 

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