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Good morning all,

I am looking to get a small (probably 42cm) push mower for the small lawns on my round. I am a bit tired of using my 48cm Weibang for this and it's not really fit for purpose. The chap I use for all of my servicing etc is an Al-Ko dealer so I am tempted but have no experience of this brand. Any advice/recommendations would be much appreciated .



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    Hi Jim,

    sorry can't answer you directly re Al-Ko; but we have been using a Hayter Harrier 41 pro for the last 6 months and it's a great machine for smaller lawns. Paid around £650 from the local dealer inc vat. It's well built, has a good honda engine and performs well in damp / wet conditions. Has a roller and leaves a lovely finish. Have a look if it's within budget.

  • I was gonna say the same Hayter 41 Pro is amazing.Maybe not the best for tiny awkward lawns specifically but it’s great on medium sized lawns too. I have one and I think if I were to buy an additional mower it would be a Honda Izzy.

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    Bought a small Viking batter mower last year and have used it loads. Collects well in wet weather, really light. Build quality is ok but most of the cost is the battery and charger so if mower needs replacing...However I have also just bought an Eco battery mower which offer  a 3 year trade use warrenty and at around £650 Inc battery and charger with no fuel or service costs it may be worth a look

  • Regardless of the size, I don’t understand why you’d want a push mower. I’ve just bought the smallest cheapest self propelled rr I can find. I just think anything to make the job easier is the best option 

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      I do see where you're coming from AI M, my thinking is; less to go wrong/maintain, all power to the blade and they go quite slowly so you end up pushing anyway. Just my thoughts really and I'm definitely not convinced I'm moving in the right direction! Hence this post. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Thank you for the feedback everyone. As usual with machinery there is never a right answer and the decision remains difficult for me.

    Ian, I have considered going down the battery route but am still a bit of a petrol head when it comes to mowers. I do, however, have the AP300 battery for my strimmer and hedge trimmer...any idea how long I would get using this battery on a Viking mower? Maybe I should take a closer look.

    Lee & Andrew thanks for the mention of the Harrier 41, I was very tempted when it came out last year and its good to hear that they are doing a good job. I'm just not sure if I want a roller for my small mower. Is it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces? I used to have a Harrier 48 and it was useless at picking up grass! I believe Hayter have overcome this with the 41? I have considered an Izzy but the small Al-Ko has a better deck (so I'm told) with regard to corrosion.


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      I'm selling a Harrier 41 Pro if you are interested?

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        Hi Paul, where are you? I'm interested?

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          I'm in Kent, don't mind meeting up within a reasonable distance.

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