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Seeding after scarifying

In a couple of weeks time, I will be scarifying a new customers lawn. Fortunately, they have had this done before and are aware of how the lawn wil llook afterwards. There is quite a volume of moss and in my opinion, it will need to be seeded. After scarification, is it possible just to put seed on and leave it, or, is there further work required? For example, applying further soil?

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  • Just loosen the top surface of soil with rake and apply seed. Obviously if there are hollows where areas need seeding, then you could add soil.

  • PRO

    We scarify multiple passes, collecting each pass, heavy aeration 2 passes, seed, feed and finally optional layer of top-dress worked in.

    Sometimes we'll use our slot seeder after the aeration for the seeding.

    Seed needs to be in soil or top-dress contact for germination - if not, it's bird food.

    • What do you tend to use for top-dress?

  • If they’ve had it done before, I think they need to address why they are getting Moss. 

    No point in paying money to scarify, seed and feed if moss is just going to come back.

    • Speaking to them, it would appear that the previous people did not kill the moss first. They simply scarified.

  • PRO

    Moss often comes back year on year on many lawns, thank our weather for that, that also gives lush green lawns.Here it's not a problem.

    It's important to distinguish light surface moss,  vs thick moss on top of a thatch layer.

    A good heavy scarify will often last at least 4 years before needing again. For many of our's we're at 6+.

    • PRO

      working on a similar previously heavily mossed  lawn at the moment , After removing the dead moss using a stihl MM56 with attachments i find top soil is required to level the lawn and it also needs firming down before seeding as the pockets the dead moss came out of are too deep to just sow seed in ,   

      Experimenting using a gardena hand scarifier lawn rake thinking the machine could be too harsh on the lawn but same results deep pockets after moss removal so i suppose it depends on the state of the lawn after the moss is removed .

      • My thoughts are to use a petrol scarifier. However, I am wondering about using an electric lawn rake as I don't think it will be as aggresive. Any views on that?

        • PRO

          I cannot advise on this as never used an electric scarifier but if you have one or can borrow one it's worth  trying .  

          Previously though i have posted asking about moss removal from lawns as i have seen it carried out by people who claim they have scarified a lawn in preparation for seeding but moss was still present  in the lawn  so the seed could not not make contact with any soil . 

          Andrew suggests multiple passes which indicates just  how much work goes into doing the job thoroughly where moss is really bad . 


        • If its thick moss I wouldn't have thought an electric rake will go deep enough to get all the moss and deep thatch out. 

This reply was deleted.

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