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pop up bags

  • Anyone know of any pop up collection bags that last for more than a few weeks?  Been getting mine from screwfix and the wire frame always fails. Thanks dj.

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    I use the Drpaer ones about 175ltr and around £10.00 each they last a good few months before the wires start to show for bulkier woodier stuff I use bulk bags.

  • I use 220 ltr woven bags from Lordswood Garden Bags plus a plastic bin bag loader from Bosmere. Very compact and very useful. I’ve had the bags for 2 years and they’re still going strong.

  • I can't really see much advantage in using these other than they take up less space in a van when they're empty. I've always used plastic dustbins........ they last for years, really robust so you can tread the rubbish down, cheap, they stack inside each other when empty.  They do have a smaller capacity than the "pop-up" ones you mention but I reckon this is outweighed by, as they're so much more robust, you can really squash the prunings in.

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    Large plant pots are great. Brought 8 with me her to France and still use them (almost) daily. 

    They stack inside each other so you can carry lots with space in the top one to keep small tools. They have handles too.

  • Thanks for your replies.  Unfortunately it's all about space. I have a Citroën Picasso with no rear seats.  It is surprisingly spacious but I usually carry 2 mowers, (for different types of gardens) long reach trimmer, blower and strimmer, doesn't leave much room for much else. The plastic dust bin sounds like a great idea so I may see if I can get a few of them cheap on the eb and leave them at customers premises. I once had a pop up that I got from a show that was incredibly strong (lasted a good year!) but unfortunately never seen them since. 

    Once again many thanks! DJ.

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    None in my experience they always always fall to bits and then you are left with a huge annoying piece of wire to dispose of. Better off just using the mini builders type green bags, cube shaped with handles when they are fresh they stay open nicely only when the get really old and holey they lose their shape. A bag full of these bags takes up hardly any room in the van, they stack nicely, are easy to carry and empty (strap on the bottom) also good size for filling customers green waste bins.

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      + 1   I use these also I get mine from Lordswoods , Ideal for carrying in a small vehicle when full and take up no space when empty , Very strong . I believe the local authorities use the same bags .   

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