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New turf struggling

I know it's not ideal due to the heat but I have no other time to do it.

I've been working in a garden since March and for a number of reasons it's only getting finished now.

I've laid some turf, soil is good, nicely prepared etc, the bit in particular is right next to a fence that has new concrete base panels and gets full sun almost all day, I've had a phone call saying it's dying so am popping round layer to look.

I'm wondering if it's scorched next to the bright concrete base panels, they've been watering it.


Hopefully it's saveable, the garden is on a slope away from the house so all the water runs down that way but I'd have thought it would be fine provided they have been soaking it all the way through in the morning.

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  • New turf needs soaking all the time in the heat.  I suspect the close proximity to the concrete doen't help but they are not putting enough water on it.  

    When did you lay it?

    Has it Knitted in yet? 

    Good luck!

  • PRO

    A few things to consider:

    1. Was  a "pre turf" fertiliser added to the soil before laying the turf? Has it been fed at all?

    2. Check if it's being watered enough - should be moist enough down to 4" depth. Are they using a sprinkler or by hand?

    3. Has it got red thread - common problem on newly laid lawns. Depending on stage will have either pinkish or yellow small patches (say around 6" max).

    4. Are there any grubs in the soil - chafers or leather jackets.

    So have a good poke around with a trowel to check moisture, root establishment and grubs in multiple places, then let us know the results.

  • At this time of year, newly laid turf will root within days, providing it has moisture and that means when laid, ie thoroughly wetting the ground BEFORE laying.  For aftercare, very few customers understand that watering means WATERING and think a sprinkle every now and then will do, so I reckon it's dried out.  Yes, being up against a fence it will be vulnerable, but these areas simply need more attention.


    • PRO

      I’m with Colin. 99% they have put a hose or sprinkler on for 10 mins at most and they think it’s enough........

  • PRO



    Went yesterday and it's just drying out and they said they were just watering it for about ten minutes.

    Ground was watered prior to laying but it's amazing how quickly your hard work can get undone. 

    They've had a rollicking and are doing it properly now.

    Fingers crossed and thanks for the replies.

This reply was deleted.

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