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Hey everyone, Its been a while. Is it just me or is the new style Stihl hedge trimmer attachment a bit pants compared to the old style? It's shorter, feels flimzier, doesn't cut as well and generally feels Cheap compared to the old model. Stihl Kombi has always been my go to model for long reach hedge cutting but I'm seriously considering binning this machine and moving on to pastures new, any other recommendations? All views welcome, Cheers Harry

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  • PRO

    I'm with you on the new one, when I first used it it made a lot noise and felt like it was just cheap. And with the noise it made as it was cutting it sounded like the gears were very strained. It's still working but I don't have a lot of faith it's going to last.

  • Haven't tried it but I would guess Stihl would have carried out extensive testing for performance and durability before they started selling it............... the last thing they want is loads of  warranty returns.

    • Must have used the same technitions that did all the tests on the Hayter 48 pro and said it was fit for purpose.... 

    • PRO

      Stihl over the past 10 years suggests this is no longer true.


      • PRO

        Would agree - in many respects some of their products are a shadow of their former selves, maybe due to outsourcing manufacturing and / or pricing / product positioning.

  • All my petrol tools (except my backpack blower - Husqvarna) are now Shindaiwa and Echo. I have the Shindaiwa combi tool and hand blower plus Echo hedgecutters. Been really happy with them and i've had some for many years now. Unlikely to go back to Stihl unless anything changes.

    • PRO

      Hi Harry , I got one begining of the season and so far only used it for topping new growth and shaping and it is fantastic for this purpose but funnily enough i was thinking i am going to have to invest in something a bit more substantial when the hedge cutting season starts   

      I would like to think its an improved engineered version of the old one but it's feel and appearance makes me think its an ecomony version but i could be wrong its hard to tell at this stage .


      • PRO

        Also just curious and wondering if the new stihl attachments are purposely lighter so they will be more compatible with the new cordless kombi engine stihl are supposed to be launching this year ?

        • That thought crossed my mind too John, would be a shame though if this was the case as they have ruined a great peice of kit, maybe at some point they are going to bring out a pro version of the same attachment?  This contribution from Stihl is far from a professional bit of kit.

          • PRO

            It is an interesting situation Harry , I have only just returned to using Stihl and got the hedge cutting blade , I measured its performance in a regular garden where there is alot of shaping to do , growth was exceptional but i managed to complete everything , plus extra  before lunchtime whereas normally i get half done by lunchtime with other machines, The blade seemed alot easier to use and the machine more balanced, more cutting and less pushing , more precise on soft growth . 

            The older stihl blades were all rounders in my opinion , the newer one seems more delicate  I feel it might bounce off the thicker stuff but not put it to the test yet and certainly can't afford to keep replacing blades too often . 

This reply was deleted.

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