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Mower not bagging

Hope y'all enjoying the great weather , just a quick bit of advice 


my stihl rm 756 hasn't been collecting very well recently , took it to my local dealer and he said jetwash the bag as it's clogged and blocking air flow, now working an absolute treat again so thought I'd share ( I know i prob should of known but you learn something new everyday) 

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    That's why I like mowers with a box compared to a bag.

  • How are these for collecting wet grass? My stihl/Viking mowers are great but they all have plastic grass boxes, was looking at one of these the other day at the dealers, not as heavy as I expected it to be

    • PRO

      Still have an ancient viking with a box and it's still awesome never needed a single part and performs like new in all conditions .

      Thanks for the tip . Did you just hose and allowed bag to dry or just do running repair hose and carry on with bag still wet ?

    • Well it was great , I've used pretty much all the mowers apart from the hayters

      and for me the best mowers without doubt overall are the ones with the fan assisted collection, they bag all day everyday , they do a cobra pro , Kaaz , lawnflite etc 

      All similar and great performance , for the price they are my go

      to mowers


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      • I bought a cobra 53 pro new this season. First one I've had, And I've needed it! A lot of thick grass this year and it just chomps through it all day long. Fantastic machine. 

        • I don't think they can be beaten mate , I've had mine 3 seasons , it's only ever required a new blade and it's the best machine in the fleet by far! My dealer said don't be fooled by cobra as they are made by all the different brands but it's been great 

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