Mid range multi tool

Looking for a mid range multi tool - hedge trimmer / extended angle trimmer / saw lopper / extension bar . Bonus of backup strimmer / brushcutter / blower.

Won't be used that often, only a say a dozen times a year so not worth investing in high end kit, but still want it to be powerful and safe.

Total spend circa £500. Any recommendations?

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    Sorry but my only experience is shtil. Fabulous tool and I use it much more than I thought.

    I hear echo isn't bad but no experience of it sorry.
  • I use the Shindaiwa multi tool, into its fourth year and still going strong. Extremely reliable but I think for all that it's probably more like mid £600's

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    We use Stihl and Honda for everyday tools such as strimmers and blowers. The hedge trimmers just don't get the use - mostly for our own gardens and only for a handfull of customers; not our area. So don't want to spend too much.

    We've used a gardencare multitool for the last 3 years. Pretty rubbish, £200, but it's got us by, just. Now broken. Tried a screwfix triton multitool this morning, very cheap, but no power. Will be taking it back.

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      How about the Cobra multi tool mate?
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        I haven't used the Cobra engine, only the Kawazaki engine, but the multi tool heads were pretty good.
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    thanks Harry, will try and have a look tomorrow. Think Sonning Mowers will have them.

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    I know Tanaka do one, but I'm not sure of the prices, might be a bit over £500 for the bits.

    I used to use a Ryobi, but they are really rubbish.

    I run a KM130r now, which I bought as a long term investment for the hedge trimmer and pole saw. I just got the strimmer attachment for it and used it for the first time today. It's scary powerful, loads of torque, which you don't notice too much while hedge trimming. It seems to just make things disappear :)

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    Hi Andy,

    I hope you're well.

    I run the Stihl km 130r for all the heavy work and then the smaller km 56 for strimming edges etc. Depending on how much grunt you need from the machine, the km 56 might be the one to go for.


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    Hi Andrew

    I have the Shindaiwa multi tool, used it as my main hedge cutting tool for the first few years, retired it a couple of years ago and kept it as a back up, still starts and runs perfectly after having owned it since 2007. I still use the long reach chain saw regularly.  Good value tool, I believe Echo owns the brand.

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    Tanaka has been recommended to me as being as good as the Stihl version by my supplier, but I have not had chance to try one yet.
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