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Lawn mower choice...another discussion

I’d be grateful for opinions on which mower to buy as a back up.  I use a Hayter Harrier Pro 48 as well as customer provided ride ons, but don’t have a back up mower (which my wife can use to cut our home 600 squ mtr lawn). The local lawn mower workshop recommended a Cobra 20”, but i’m also looking at Lawnflites

Any views on mowers that are especially good at collecting damp grass for about £500?

Thanks very much.



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  • Are you hoping that your new domestic mower will be covered by a long domestic use warrenty?  I admit I have wondered how I could prove my 'home mower' was never used professionally if I ever needed to make a claim.  Hoping my dealer would believe me seems optimistic so I'd consider buying elsewhere.  

  • Hi I use a Honda which runs like clock work
    But my old Mountfield 55 is a work horse and recently I needed new wheels for it but they are about £90
    Costco have a similar size Mountfield now with the new Honda engine for only £300 and taking into account costco return policy it is a no brainier
    So I would recommend one of these
    Also on Groupon right now if you're not a Costco member you can join at a discounted rate of £33 for the year and you get a £10 in store voucher, £20 online voucher, two uncooked chickens and a bunch of batteries . This is a bargain introductory offer if you use the vouchers alone that's your membership back already
    Cheers Kieron in The Peak District

    • PRO

      Thanks Kieron and Tim. Does anyone think it’s necessary to have a rear roller to cut lawn edges more easily? 

  • PRO

    i have a cobra 514spc cant fault it what so ever, and even good in the wet.

    • PRO

      Thanks, looks like a good and lower priced alternative to a Hayter Harrier. Which magazine didn’t rate Cobra (different model to yours - MX515SPB1) for picking up damp grass or for sloping ground, so it’s useful to hear your experience.

  • Hi Andrew, 

    I use an Alko highline 46.7 mower. It's small enough to get through doorways (as some customers gardens are only accessible through converted garages etc) but big enough to tackle big lawns. It's sold as a domestic use mower, but it's been used daily for the last few years without a problem. It's got a mulching plug and a side chute so I can use it wherever. It can also cope with really long grass- saving the need to strim 1st. Have a look online. I had a Honda as well, just as good (and I worked for Honda too). Works well with wet grass, but a good clean underneath helps. And it's good on fuel.

    Oh, it's well less than£500!!

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