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Last lawn cuts

Morning all, next week will be my final lawn cuts aside from the customers who request one final cut, I've prob got about another months work then going to do some winter taxi driving, how does everyone else hold up through the rest of the year . Soon be xmas 


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  • PRO

    Same here last lawn cuts next week but pushed Two small low pressure makeovers back to Winter weather permitting . 

    This year has being very challenging and frustrating doing what is considered to be a stress free job but quite the opposite  so Winter will be a time to reflect and perhaps a complete change of direction , definitley need a break got some driving exploration and hiking trips planned  .

    Sounds a good idea to take a break doing something else like your Winter taxi driving . Good luck with that .  Lets hope next week is is reasonably dry here in the North .


    • Yeah Scarborough good forecast beginning of the week :)  this was my first season full time and I've hammered it tbh, looking forward to a break from it , still getting new customer enquires...

      GOOD luck mate

  • I have been grass cutting since 1985 and I still find this time of year stressful. This is because there is no telling what the temperatures will be. I have often been mowing until mid-November. I have also had to turn out to mow in December, January and February in certain years when there were very unseasonal temperatures.

    The forecast for here in north Derbyshire is for a high of 17 degrees on Wednesday and 16 on Thursday. After that it drops steadily until reaching more normal levels between the 1st and 3rd of November. The grass will still be moving under these conditions.

    It is often very difficult to know when to do final cuts, particularly on contracts with specified numbers of cuts. Do you do it this week, or leave it until November but risk those very wet conditions where it never dries up. Do you mow this week and then find the second week in November suddenly warms up and the grass is away again.

    Knowing when to stop I find is far trickier than knowing when to start in March.

    • Hi Vic , very true 

      Global warming be changing things rapidly, will prob start in Feb before long, dew makes things tough for me  this time of year, it's hammering with rain here now

    • PRO

      We do our final cut at the end of Novemeber, but carry on doing maintenance all year round.

  • PRO

    If its growing keep mowing! Its still 2 months till christmas and then even in the mild south it contimues to grow so can mow with the lightest of mowers, there can be cuts around Christmas, even if its just to tidy up and suck up those last remaining pesky leaves...... which reminds me leaf grabbers on order 

  • probably 2 more cuts still to do here, on some

  • i have cut into december before now if ther is no frosts and its still above 5c it will keep growing also it depends if the lawn has been treated as that will make it grow as well 

    had one customer nock me off at the end of september and not wanting me to start till the end of may did not go again 

  • Hi, while it keeps growing I keep cutting. In a mild year some customers keep me mowing right up until Christmas if the weather is fit. I'm fortunate in that I used to work for my dad decorating years ago so some clients save inside painting jobs for me for winter. Also if folk need fencing doing I try to get them to hang on until the hedge cutting and mowing has ended. I don't mind working less hours during the winter, so long as I can keep ticking over because I need a rest! Although winter can be very stressful during the early years, I've had periods in the past  December to march with not much to do. It gets easier with time as your client base expands. 

  • I still cut my clients lawns ground conditions allowing upto Christmas week, as quite a few of my clients have large gardens and have the extended families over for Christmas lunch and it's always nice to see a good looking lawn when they look out the window especially as I've normally put an autumn winter feet down with a good % of iron to green it all up and leaf free 🤞

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