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  • Duncan,  we've posted on here previously praising the HRX.

    We run 3 in a commercial environment with all entering their fourth season,  they have been totally reliable  without so much as a snapped cable.  All we have replaced is blades.

    We use them for both collect and mulch and the performance is exceptional in both modes.

    Why choose the HRX ? Lighter at 48 kg than the Stihl at 60 kg so less tramlining.  Infinitely variable forward speed with HRX hydrostatic transmission, we've found the 3 speed variable pulley transmission unreliable with the pulley becoming stuck in one position and the gear ratios either too slow or fast ( Stihl).

    Mulching- the Honda can be swapped from mulch to collect in seconds with the rear handle, no messing about with mulch plugs and has the flexibility too part collect , part mulch. Top tip if you buy the Honda regardless of mulch or collect run the back wheels one notch higher than the front for best performance .

    Buy the Honda!

    • That's good enough for me. Many thanks Peter!

      • You're welcome let me know what you think after using a bit

    • can I ask what the wet collection is like on the Honda? As stihl/Viking is superb, thanks

      • Undoubtedly a plastic box is better than fabric but the Stihl 756 that Duncan was considering has a fabric box like the Honda. We don't have any issues with collection with the Honda, as with all fabric boxes best collection performance is maintained by keeping the box clean , Undoubtedly the twin blades on the HRX help with collection, we also run wheeled Honda pro,s with a single blade and they don't collect as well as the HRX. 

        • Thanks Peter, sounds good enough to me, I'll also be purchasing one soon, just need to sell a mower 1st.

  • PRO

    I use both and for reliability and build quality the honda wins hands down.

  • PRO

    We bought and picked up the Honda this week for mulching mainly and worked well for us from high end Wentworth clients gardens to lower end clients, I may add a 2nd......

  • PRO

    Just one question, when I have used machines before they either mulched or collected and this machine will part collect/mulch, is there any value in this?

    • PRO

      Total advantage. Chops and sucks up the beginning of autumn leaves. The really naughty bit -when customer wants the grass collected but you want to save time on tipping.

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