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The arboricultural consultant Jeremy Barrel exposes the bizarre decision by the National Trust to fell one of the top heritage trees in England. In this video he speaks of the NT video, explaining their reasons for felling this iconic tree against advise. The NT have now removed their video from YouTube. Hats off to Jeremy Barrel for exposing the NT and beating down their PR machine. A win for practitioners!

Felling of the Duke of Wellington Cedar

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  • I can barely hear him with the saws going in the background

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    Briefing note on the felling of The Duke of Wellington Cedar by The National Trust at
    Kingston Lacy House in December 2013

    This briefing note has been prepared by Jeremy Barrell in response to technically incorrect and
    potentially misleading public statements made by The National Trust relating to the felling of
    the Duke of Wellington Cedar at Kingston Lacy House in December 2013. Its purpose is to
    publish factual, balanced and technically credible information to assist readers in developing a
    properly informed view on the validity of the justifications advanced by The National Trust for
    its actions.

    According to The National Trust press briefings, this tree and others of a similar species, status
    and age were felled for safety reasons following “expert advice” and “exhaustive technical
    analysis”. However, a more detailed review of the publicly available documents reveal this
    information to be one-sided, factually incorrect and potentially misleading. Through a series of
    carefully crafted briefings, The National Trust has created a clear impression that it has behaved
    responsibly, with no other course of action but to fell the tree, which the press and East Dorset
    District Council seem to have accepted at face value without any further investigation.
    For the avoidance of doubt, I must stress that The National Trust has not acted illegally in any
    way; however, it has just felled one of Britain’s most valuable heritage trees that it had under its
    care without publicly demonstrating a reasonable level of due diligence.


  • PRO
    Reply from National Trust on Twitter:

  • So they cut it down because it was blocking the view!

    Phil Voice said:

    Reply from National Trust on Twitter:

  • That's terrible...makes me feel sick !

  • PRO

    Helen Gazeley has written a good post:

    The National Trust makes me very, very angry

  • PRO

    I've been in contact with Jeremy Barrell and he's kindly provided this update for Landscape Juice readers: Jeremy Barrell on the Kingston Lacy Duke of Wellington cedar

  • PRO Supplier

    Thank you!

    What has marked out the criticism for me so far is the very measured, calmly argued response from the experts in the arboriculture world. There's so much been said that seems unarguable that it's going to be interesting to see how the National Trust responds to this. And if an answer is not forthcoming, that will speak volumes about the Trust in itself.

    Phil Voice said:

    Helen Gazeley has written a good post:

    The National Trust makes me very, very angry

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