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  • PRO

    I have no issues with mine, good pick up and a nice cut blades of grass with a good stripe.

  • I've never used an etesia. Is the blade in good condition, Sharp etc?

  • PRO

    I wouuld check that the blades are sharp and that their is good airflow in the collection box.

    We are very happy with our Etesias.

  • It's nearly new, but I'll check tomorrow


  • PRO

    Only once and that was because a cricket ball went through the side...

  • Got a nearly new Pro 46 PHTS too.
    Only been using for a few weeks.

    Very pleased with the finish.

    Pros:  picks up everything, can even cut and collect wet moss!  Finish is good on every crap lawn I've tested it on, but blade is new. 36kg. 

    Cons: needed the speed up kit installed. Hate not having a central height adjustment, back to front levers. Drag Mat fell off after a couple of hours. Would prefer a bigger box.

    I'm not easily impressed, but all in all, very pleased with purchase, valuable addition to the fleet.

    • Are they not suppose to have an 80 litre box ? I've looked at a newer models it doesn't look like an 80L box to me . If it is 80L that extreme good size for 18icnh mower . My old etesia pro 56 has a 90L box. 

      • Think it's a 56l box, which looks like it'll fall apart some time soon....

        • PRO

          Something like 56l but they're sturdy and get properly packed with grass. 

          • Hope they are sturdy, I've had to reassemble mine at the top already...

This reply was deleted.

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