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DeWalt hedge trimmer

Is the DeWalt hedge trimmer range a worthwhile investment? I already have several DW tools, and handy because they all use the same battery system.


A colleague has also recently reccommended to me the BU-KO 52cc multi functional tool. It comes with long reach accessories and safety kit for around £170 (amazon price).

My corded hedge trimmer has finally given up so I'm looking for a replacement tool 


Many thanks




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  • That Buko might seem a lot of tools for the money but would recommend reading all the reviews, maybe you are mechanically minded to keep fixing it !  Am no brand snob but I would be reluctant to use one personally even if it was supplied for free, with a lifetime supply of fuel chucked in. As for dewalt cordless hedge trimmer, 18V, great for light-ish work, worth buying if have batteries already. They do a more heavy duty range Flexvolt but different battery I believe

    • PRO

      Fantastic, thanks Billybop

      I did wonder what was wrong with the BU-KO for that price.   Thanks for your comment. 

      Ideally at some stage I need to upgrade both shredder and strimmer so further advoce on that gratefully received.

      • It's a miracle really that they can manufacture, assemble, package, ship to the UK, Customs and Amazon take their cut, delivery to your door and 20% VAT included, and some profit, for a machine with that number of attachments, might work fine initially, straight out of the box, but ultimately I fear it will disappoint. Not the manufacturer's fault, their brief was to make this multi tool as cheaply as possible. But nothing worse than being part way through a job and then to be let down by the equipment, even some minor looking piece failing or breaking off can scupper the whole day. An irritation for the amateur user but catastrophic if trying to earn a living from it

  • PRO

    Never used DeWalt hedge cutters the video reviews look good. I would thought it be miles apart better than your old corded cutter. I'd go for it. Even if it only lasts two years it would have paid for its self. 

    I got tempted buy Makita cutter, but went down the Stihl route. I certainly can't stop buying more batt kit. I'll never say never on the Makita, I always need want more tools.

    • Some of the better mains corded hedge trimmers can be pretty powerful ... 240 Volts ... but what a pain to use ... I wince every time I drive past someone on a rickety step ladder bravely cutting their road side hedge with extension lead dangling, like the victim in some 1970's domestic health n safety film

      • PRO

        People are bonkers!

        A few years back, I saw an elderly gent up a doggy step ladder with his Mrs footing it, cutting the wispy bits off his hedge with a petrol chain saw! 😱

  • Rachel,  as other commentary have said I wouldn't go anywhere near the Buko or other Chinese generics.  No one will want to fix, parts will be non existent. The prices are just to suck jo public in who can only see the cost without any thought to the longevity or reliability. A Stihl multi tool with attachments is around £800 there's a reason why !

  • PRO

    When i first started (2009) i bought some Ryobi kit, and on the whole it worked and lasted pretty well for the first two years. But as funds allowed i gradually bought Stihl stuff, and it really is night and day once you have used the better built equipment.

    I would say if you really cant afford the professional kit straight off, atleast buy cheaper kit from somewhere you can return it if there are issues. Like Screwfix for example https://www.screwfix.com/c/outdoor-gardening/garden-multi-tools/cat...

    Garden Multi-Tools | Garden Power Tools | Screwfix
    Versatile Garden Multi-Tools available at Screwfix.com. Choose Cordless or Petrol. Handles and harnesses for ease of use. Free delivery available o…
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