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Defensive plants, shrubs and trees (shrub fences)

While researching for a specific business park requirement, I came across the following website : 

Defensive plants, shrubs and trees

Very useful cross reference detailing what I/we call "FO" Shrubs ;-)

One to bookmark...

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  • Although not completely secure, plants can be a great deterrent against nuisance crime. One of our sites has a car park pretty close to the public footpath and had suffered a bit from vandalism. Their intention was to erect a security fence along the 100m of frontage. I suggested that a Hawthorn hedge would be a good enough deterrent, be more aesthetically pleasing as well as providing the wildlife with possible nesting sites and berries.
    We supplied and planted 100m of instant hedge from Readyhedge exactly 2 years ago and as can be seen from the section in the pics, it has worked a treat.

  • PRO

    Colin, what a relevant response ! We have almost the same scenario due to people using a business car park to cut thru to a public footpath at the other side.

    What prep work was involved - Did you trench with a digger ? How long before you considered them self supporting (ie water wise etc) ?. p.s. they look good, effective and healthy :-)

  • Dug by hand, ran my little Howard 350 up and down the trench, shoveling out the fine spoil down to about 400mm, 75mm of our own compost, dug into bottom, then mixed with fill. Finally a porous seep hose installed with snap-on connector and 50mm woodchip. Here's a couple of pics of work in progress.

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