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Cordless lawnmower

I am looking at getting a cordless lawnmower i am stuck between the stihl rma 448 and the ego lawnmower has anyone got both what would you recommend 

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  • PRO

    Researched this myself recently  

    I have a little cordless mower for postage stamp size lawns but need to replace my excellent petrol Viking mower owing to its weight and the effort it requires to manoeuvre it up garden steps .

    Planks are not helping , too steep and generally finding the mower too heavy to lift .

    I looked at several cordless mowers . Bosch , Stihl, stiga , Makita , The ego mower seems to tick all the boxes .

    Personally I am put off buying a dedicated cordless mower because I keep reading they don't cut short enough ?

    Fact is they cut short enough for me personally as I like to leave the grass high but some customers have an obsession with having Thier lawns scalped but the lowest cut I find with cordless leaves a knife and fork finish .

    I went with a budget lightweight petrol mower  from parkers . 

    • Thats the same reason i was wanting to purchase a cordless machine due to the steps i was edgeing more to the stihl machine as i have more stihl batteries but i do see more and more people using the ego lawnmower so i am wondering if that was the way to go with the lawnmower 

      • PRO

        If i had the stihl batteries i would probably go with Stihl which was my first choice but its so easy to get side tracked when you start watching youtube comparisons and reading reviews . 

        I think the level and state of a lawn also affects the finish and obviously a cordless mower is lighter than a petrol mower . I notice when the bag on my existing cordless gets full and the mower gets heavier it leaves a closer finish . 

        From a different angle i cut one medium sized lawn in a row of identical bungalows with identical lawns . petrol mower is too big to use on this lawn so i use my cordless mower it doesn't leave as good a finish as the neighbours mowers as customer pointed out but my own discerning eye had already picked this up before customer pointed it out . 

        neighbours apparently all use corded electric mowers which leave their lawns looking like bowling greens and the neighbour demonstrated by cutting my customers lawn which left a shorter more desired finish than my cordless could , as a so called professional i hung my head in shame but i am not going corded electric mower any day soon and i dont agree with cutting lawns too short .and most customers are delighted with the results but it gets you thinking . 

        My petrol viking mower performs top spec so looking for a lightweight cordless mower which can repllicate its finish which is possibly stihl or ego but its a hefty investment with  batteries  also a risk if it doesn't meet expectations . 

        In some ways more sensible to drop the clients with garden steps but gone with a lighter petrol mower . 

        To be honest its becoming a bit of a minefield having so many mowers to choose from bearing in mind a mower may be suited to one lawn but leave an undesirable finish on another lawn .

        Also i picked up that some users liked the double blade on the ego but some felt it made no difference so really difficult to make a judgement unless you can personally trial machines . 

        • I know what you mean with the reviews thats threw me iff the stihl machine but i have the stihl batteries so makes sence in buying this machine as it would just be the machine i would need and not loads of batteries heard the collection on the stihl is great and leave a good cut and i know in years to come we will all need to be cordless machine so is it the rigbt time to make the jump over to cordless lawnmower

      • I have Stihl RMA448, sad to say that I avoid using it ! I prefer to take other cordless mowers out with me. I like my Stihl RMA2RT Mulching mower, which is lighter and simpler in construction than the RMA448 and has a metal deck. Also extremely powerful, it's amazing what it will mulch up. That one gets plenty of use. Never tried an Ego mower. As for cutting short, I have battery mowers which cut at 2Cm which is plenty short enough for me. The sadly now discontinued Bosch 43Cm Rotak's are extremely light and have a 2cm height setting and my Bosch Pro 53Cm will do 2cm also. I bought a new model Bosch one which is even quieter than the older type and folds down very small, but the lowest cut is now 2.5Cm. Plus mine has developed a weird problem where it dislikes certain batteries and won't run for more than 1 second on most of them. So has been relegated to the back of the shed

        • Hiw come you aviod using the stihl rma448 all i heard is good things about this machine this was the ine i was looking at as i have a few stihl batteries 

          • Hi Dougie I just find it a bit heavy and unwieldy for what it is, not keen on the mono handle, having to open the hinged grass box to empty it, sounds daft but even the sound of the motor is a bit harsh to my ears compared to most, not major issues in themselves but in combination they put me off a bit. If I didn't use other battery lawnmowers to relate it to, I might be none the wiser

            • PRO

              Hi Billy might be worth checking the blade on the Stihl , could have clipped a heavy object or be wrong blade .

              Had mowers which sound rough and unweildy when it's a blade issue .

              • Thanks John it was like it since day 1 to be honest, I changed the blade for a brand new, genuine, correct Stihl one, and no difference, maybe I'm just picky but I much prefer the gentle musical hum of the Bosch lawnmowers, the Stihl battery kit is very good on the whole but Bosch certainly know how to make top notch electric motors

        • I have that problem. I stripped the battery & discovered that two of the terminals were loose & needed resoldering.

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