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Autumn Start Up....is it worth it?

Good afternoon all. 

I've got 5 years experience as a gardener/groundsman, but I've been out of the industry for several years now. My personal circumstances have now changed, so I'm looking to get back into all round domestic and commercial garden maintenance and gardening as a career, but this time working for myself. I'm in the Bromley/west Kent area. 

But as we come into autumn, would it really be commercially viable to start up now? I would be keen to hear your thoughts on this. 

Thanks in advance for reading this and sparing the time to reply. 

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  • Hi Danny, I'm a sole trader and have been since 2008. For me normally from advertising in post offices and word of mouth I pick up loads of extra work in September. But after covid this year, I have had very little extra work compared to normal times. You could always try your luck! If I was you I'd try Todo it partime first and see how it goes. All the best.

    • Cheers Dave. I appreciate the advice as I'm a little on the fence as to starting in the autumn. Having said that, I have written a pretty robust plan, got my ideal charges in mind (obviously these may change) and I feel there's definitely scope for another professional garden maintenance company in the local area and surrounds. My only concern is the time of year, but it's encouraging to know that you get enquires for additional work at this time of year.

      Thanks again 👍🏼 

  • PRO

    Its been a decade since I started, however I think time of year will have little bias in the current climate, indeed a little steady advertsing in local shops etc through winter may see you ahead of the game when all the 'new starters' pop up in March.

    Theres's likely lots of work out there for all at the moment - we are in the admittedly lucky circumstance of being fully booked for the rest of 2020 currently.

    Lots of pruning, hedge cutting and end of year tidying up to do, ideal time to upsell a few fences etc if you are going to get involved in that kind of work also.

    If you want to bounce some ideas or business plans off someone - feel free to drop me an email - anpservicesspalding @yahoo.co.uk

    • Thanks for replying. Yep, part of the plan was to not only offer garden maintenance/gardening services but also an element of hard and soft landscaping. Up selling fencing etc.

      I might take you up on th offer of bouncing some ideas around and I'll ping you a draft of my business plan. All advice would be welcome 

      Again I'm encouraged that there's plenty of autumn and winter work. 

  • PRO

    This Adam agrees with Adam ..... it would probably get a bit lean come Dec/Feb...... but now till the leaves are all up its all hands to the deck

    • Hahaha.....not to many hands though. 

  • PRO

    I'd say it depends on your current circumstances/income. If you have a steady income now then it may be better to hold back until next March. Although I have enough winter work these days, my first december/january was a bit lean.

  • PRO

    Normally I would say go for it. But what with the ending of furlough soon/second wave of Covid and what the effects of this may be on demand... Stick with your current job until Feb and just get everything in order ready to hit the ground running in the early spring.

    • PRO

      Suprisingly i have had more enquiries This month than i have throughout the summer , previously enquiries have tailed off in September . 

      The jobs include Autumn /Winter tidy ups , some hard landscaping and turned down a huge hedging job ,also waiting to hear the outcome of some quotes . 

      It's come as a result of reviewing the areas where i was advertising and while its very encouraging i am already geared up, ready to go and in the zone i dont have to consider giving up a job which may be providing an income as you might be , jobs are hard to come by at the moment . 

      Depends on your current situation and resources , perhaps your business plan includes contingency survival plan until the phone starts to ring ?




      • Yes plenty of work on here, I would say that the domestic side is fairly secure, especially the retired folk/granny type of jobs, who will be the last to give the gardener their marching orders due to any economic downturn. I quite enjoy doing a bit less gardening in the winter and as the days get shorter and weather disimproves it can be difficult to fit much in anyhow

This reply was deleted.

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