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The vice-chairman of the Association of Professional Landscapers has slammed the Marshalls Register, saying:

"We have been asked tine [sic] and time again to join Marshalls Register. I am completely aware of the benefits of being on the Marshalls Register but one main gripe we have is who is on the register. There are companies local to us who are on their register who, quite frankly, are awful. As a company we just can't be associated with such companies. In our opinion it is just a way of making more money for themselves (suppliers)."

Paul Baker told me that he stands by his comment wants to make it clear he thinks that there are also some "very good contractors involved with the register too".

In response, Marshalls said:

"We are confident to approve all those who are on the Register and we can confirm that we assess every applicant and continually monitor those existing members on a regular basis in terms of workmanship skills and customer care. We are the only installer scheme that undertakes this activity.

"We have seven full-time regional assessors out in the field, all of whom are ex-installers. It is their sole job to assess, train and support our Register members.

"Some members fail to maintain standards and we always try to improve rather than remove, however we do so when necessary and during 2013 we removed 18 members and have declined membership to a further 20 who did not make the grade.

"We have a brand to protect so it is not in our interests to have people on our Register who do not meet the required standards."

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  • Marshals are trying to clean up there act, admittedly way after the horse has bolted, but luckily for them their name in the publics eyes (where after all it matters) has remained fairly untarnished. The APL can be critical of the scheme as there scheme is better policed. What I will say is that I was extremely impressed with the Marshalls website to show case contractors work. It's a definite winner to convert work from enquiries & the APL should take note as their web site is very poor in comparison, offering nothing for their members in way of promotion. I have avoided joining the Marshalls register for the same reasons the APL highlight, but with the opportunities that web site can to promote their contractors, I am now tempted.
  • i have been on the Marshalls register and i know some others who are and we all have its a waste of time and have or are coming off. products are hard to get hold of there is no support and they never really check your work any way. so any one thinking of it trust me don't.

  • PRO

    I was one of the original members of the Marshalls's register when pretty much anyone could join. I have seen the register develop from a contractors point of view over the last 15 plus years.

    As a company we get inspected on a reasonably regular basis plus I get to see my installer rep as and when needed.

    I have always found the help I get from Marshalls to be good although like any company there are things that can be improved.

    I personally feel the money spent on being a member is more than recuped with the benefits received

  • hi all i was on the register was very impressed with the support and products i support the way they work to try and keep the cowboys out .as a company we work with natural stone only .it was only when cobbelltek came along which to me is a far superior than pattern impression concrete .but i prefer to use granite and state this on my website .there brochure with your name and details on the back page is worth the membership fee alone cookie

  • Over the course of the last 10 years, I've been on both the Marshall's register and a member of the APL at some point. During the time with Marshall's we've had different Installation Development Managers - some better than others - and different Regional Assessors - some better than others. Our work is inspected fairly regularly and personally I find it interesting to hear about other companies and have some insight into the market. I haven't sold many guarantees and don't need too much technical support but overall I think it's (just about) worth the money on balance. I was a member of the APL for 2 years and had 1 office based visit in that time - no on-site visits at all let alone assessments. And it would now be costing me double the Marshall's register. That's just my experience of the two!

  • PRO

    Marshalls & APL tie up...good move or not?

This reply was deleted.

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