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Any ideas

Hi all , I've been asked to repair some grassed areas where a lorry has driven over grass leaving tyre marks  , I'm thinking best bet is to tamp down the tyre marks , topdresss with topsoil and overseed

anyone have any other suggestions ? 
hope everyone is good 

appreciate the help 

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    • Stephen   we also suffer with this type of damage on our sites on a regular basis.  We've found the best way is to push the raised outer edges of the damage into the depression,  this will fill the majority of the depression and as the ground is saturated at the moment it's quite easy to push the ' soil heave'  back in. This will often form an acceptable repair.

      Depending on the amount of grass in the material pushed back in and whether the level is too low to be acceptable we then put top soil on top of the repair  to a depth that just allows for the grass to be visible which then grows through the soil.

      It really depends on how much is in  the budget and how fussy the client is, obviously grass seed is not going to take at this time. As it appears to be a public area I would be concerned whether laying turf is practical as it's likely to be moved by users of the area !! Hope that's of some help. 

      • That's great Thankyou for the advice , it is a large area and it's an insurance job so budget is fine , going to order a load of soil , cheers 

  • Thats a right mess.   I've done much smaller areas doing as you say .............. ground was a bit hard though so I used a spade to push the high bits at the rut sides into the  hollows rather than tamping it all down. . 

    • Yes the trick is too push the heave into the hollow rather than tamping the raised area down as this still leaves the depression. The back of a soil rake used in a pushing motion seems to work best for us.

      • PRO

        Biggest problem we've found is that you fill it in and make it lovely but as soon as we get some heavy downpours the soil has been so heavily compacted by the lorry its becomes waterlogged almost immediately 🤦‍♂️🙈

        • Ahh yes understood 

          maybe fork the compacted areas before levelling ?

  • Hi

    im afraid that to really repair this youll need to decompress the soil in the rut as much as possible and then push the displaced turf over this otherwise, as previously metioned, it will fill with water along the compacted rut.

    hope that helps


    • I agree with Martin. No soil ( or very little soil ) has actually been removed from the area so it shouldn't require any to be brought in.       I use a fork to lift the compacted area and then try and push the ridges to the sides underneath.  If there is still turf in the bottom of the rut this will regrow and knit in.

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