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AdBlue on lawns

Hi All, I have a client who I have worked for, for years, just as & when doing his lawn scarifying a bit of maintenance & now cut the lawns when they go their other place in Spain. Alright for some!

Anyway he let me know a couple of days before he went away two weeks ago that he had 'treated' the lawns with DEF (Diesel Emission Fluid) commonly known as AdBlue. I had never heard of this being a thing but I googled it & yes you can use it to green up your lawn! So I cut the grass last week, a touch lower than he had previously & there were a couple of dark green patches, Nothing to worry about. I have gone back again today, 9 days later, not that much rain here in Surrey (thankfully) The bloody grass has grown 100mm 4" higher than the same cut last week. It has all gone to seed,as well, the whole lot. A lawn that I cut in 90 minutes last week took me 2hr 15 today. I work on an hourly rate so that doesn't matter plus I had other jobs to sort as well. Even his daughter commented to me about the growth today, she is cabin crew & has been away for 3 days. She said she was sure it wasn't like that before she went lol.

Has anybody here had experiance of using or dealing with AdBlue & what happened when you did? I really don't think I would recommend it, not that I would of anyway, as I think it will grow like this for a few weeks now & then something bad will happen to the grass. Luckily he is back in a few days so he can sort it himself for a month or so before he fly's off again.

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  • i guess it's pure nitrogen (Urea) mixed with water... did he dilute it further or use it pure... and is it actually cost effective compared to using something proper, sounds like it's just caused a massive flush of growth to me

  • Adblue is primarily urea in a water suspension, from memory urea is around 46% nitrogen so it will cause a huge growth flush after application but generally will not result in a long term benefit. Adblue used as fertiliser works out at a far greater cost than a traditional lawn fertiliser so does not make financial sense. I believe that some of the national lawn treatment companies use urea in granular form to make a virtually instant impression !

  • Thanks Billy & Peter, I should of said, yes I & he are aware of the Urea in it. I told him that is nitrogen. He defo diluted it, to whatever the recommended dosage is. I haven't heard back from him yet, I'm sure I will today.

  • Being in solution the effct will be instant, but hopefully will be gone quickly.

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Trade green waste centres

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