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We Need your Advice!

Hi All,

We have been having internal discussions surrounding Landscape Juice and how we need to be moving forward.

We are aware that since the passing of Phil, the site has changed, and we are looking to see what we can do to improve it in any way that we can.

Some of the ideas we had were to continue Phil’s plans in creating a job board to advertise and apply for industry-based jobs, creating a focused area for the industry to advertise vacancies. We have been thinking about how this structure would be provided and what it would look like.

We have also been discussing a re-vamp of the site itself because, even though it is functional, it is very dated, and in need of some TLC.

What we would like would be for you to give us some perspective on what would be beneficial to you as users of the site, what have you found is frustrating while using LJN, and what you think we could add to the site that you would benefit from.

As always, you are our focus and we want to make the experience better for you so that the website can be used and can be enjoyed.

Any suggestions are very warmly welcomed, and we would like to work together with you to make LJN a better place 

We look forward to hearing your suggestions,

The Voices,

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  • I would say if it is not broken, don't fix it ! The site works well allowing a plethora of different users to easily post and respond to numerous types of subject matter. Don't change a succesfull site for changes sake!

    Yes, a jobs section would be ok but a sales and wanted noticeboard would be of more interest for strictly landscape equipment for subscribers only, you don't want to be in the ebay or Gumtree territory!

    • PRO

      Thanks for that, Peter, good to know! I agree with the mantra of don't fix something that isn't broken, we were thinking mainly just about modernising the look of it rather than having a complete structural refurb. 

      Good idea for the 'wanted' noticeboard - will make a note of it and add it to the list! Really appreciate your feedback, thank you! 

  • How would you draw people to the jobs notice board from outside of ljn members? 

    Just as a for instance, for my business I would be looking to take on an apprentice. Would you be pushing the site into colleges, sixth forms, land based colleges?

  • PRO

    I am a member of a motorcycle club, they had a forum very similar to this (somewhat frustrating, but perfectly adequate). The elders decided to bring it up to date, with a new website et al. It was a complete disaster, lots of money spent - no increase in functionality in fact a loss of functionality in the end - so beware. We all know how this site works, it appears to be relatively (if not completely) free of spammers, and for the most part free of clients.

    A jobs board is a nice idea, but i wonder how many on here employ more than 1 or 2 people, and many of us have no intention of employing loads - then of course how do the prospective job-seekers find out about the site reliably?? 

    Potentially something that links members in a given radius... so if we are in need of help or expertise etc we can quickly identify members in a given radius??

    • PRO

      I feel Phil was ahead of his time when he created this site and many of his comments suggested he embraced the use of technology in business yet it still retains those human values aimed at it's members who perhaps feel isolated as solo gardeners needing advice and support be it technical or encouragement   

      A great use of technology and how it allows interaction between members at different levels of business to share experience ,advice and most important on the discussion forums no question is ever seen to be a stupid question which demonstrates that we gardeners have mutual respect for one another  . 

      I don't feel that part needs fixing as said in previous comments it's not broken and connects members to technical .business ,resource support and offers a place where members can seek encouragement without fear of ridicule   

      Obviously now since this site was created technology has advanced and we have YouTube channels ,podcasts ,day in the life of gardeners ,how to repair machinery ,design a garden ,mow a lawn  etc and I personally veer towards those channels for that kind of support  

      I feel L.J is a lot more exclusive in it's content it's unique and original it can be anything it's members choose it to be but perhaps other members may feel different .

      Perhaps a questionnaire is an easier way to gather useful information . 


  • Great website and very functionable... I only log in once a year before the season starts or when I really need some information and LJn is the first port of call. I agree, a section to find apprentices/workers in all regions would be great for both worlds. Also agree with Peter with a section to sell work tools from reputable tradesmen to reputable tradesmen and not criminality supporting a broken system would be a great idea too (eBay/Gumtree have way too many stolen tools and dodgy sellers). A place to sell a successful business once the time is right would be a great addition to meet potential new owners to disguise numbers etc - we’ve all known a few guys who would have loved an opportunity to sell their mini-empire and get much needed bonus before retiring. Great website... if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!! 

  • Is there a button that exists to take you the first comment which you haven't previously read? I know I find flicking Through pages to find the newest comments frustrating, however, I realise that function may be available and I'm just missing it!

    great site for knowledge finding out different methods

  • PRO

    There is something comforting about familiarity... perhaps a freshen up without a complete overhaul?

    I think the forum has been quieter of late - perhaps just because it's winter. The best bit for me is the interaction of real world gardeners and grounds maintenance members on here. We learn so much from each other. 

    I'm not that interested in job offers, but perhaps deals on hand tools, petrol & electric kit would be welcome?!


  • No complaints overall, although i think the Forum in particular could do with modernising somewhat, the fact it is only part of a full screen is annoying compared to various other forums i use.

    I agree that a dedicated for sale/wanted area for members would be an excellent resource.

  • PRO

    It's a good, sensible and easy to use format, don't change it.


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