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Stihl kma 135r v km130 disappointed

a bit disappointed in the speed of the kma 135r with the hedge cutter attatchment compared to the speed of my old km130. 

anyone else surprised on how slow the kma 135r is? 

also is the Hla 135 any faster v  the kma135r with hedge cutter attatchment?

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  • PRO

    I have the kma 135r and the km130.

    I haven't noticed the difference in cutting speed, hedges I've cut for years take me the same time regardless of which machine I use. I prefer using the kma over the km because its healthier etc, although the km feels more comfortable to use not taking into account the vibrations.

    I often up the ap300s over ap200, 300s seems to have more grunt.

  • PRO

    I don't notice any difference when cutting with it, been using it all day today and achieve the same work compared to the km130, just much quieter and less vibration and nicer to use all round.

  • agree with honey badger and dave, definately a lot nicer to use the kma 135r, less vibration , no fumes and i dont have the exhaust blowing hot air onto me leg! 

    maybe cos its so much quiter i dont realise its going as fast?? im using it with the ap500s batteries so should be getting full speed.

    is there a way of testing the speed of the blades?

    • PRO

      Know idea how to test stroke rate. I just did some research. 

      Hla 135r stroke rate (sr) 4000rpm

      Kma 94r  Sr 3600 rpm

      Kma 130r/131r,  Sr couldn't a find a figure so worked it out via power outputs. Sr 4800 rpm

      In my opinion the difference of 800rpm is negligible considering a hedge cutters only As good as the sharpness of blade, the speed you can move it. Plus the larger more powerful batteries will have increased effect on the stroke rate. I've noticed the gain difference in power from using ap200 then swapping to ap300s.

      • thanks for the info

        im sure it is slower, used it again today and it does cuts fine, so probably just a matter of getting use to the lower speed, would be nice to have the speed of the HSA 130T though!

        seen a few videos on youtube saying the km135r isnt  as powerfull as the km130, they say its more like the km111r, maybe if the km135r was called the km110r i wouldnt be comparing it to the km130. why did stihl name it the km135r??? undecided

        • PRO

          Agree with kma 135 being on par with km111. May be when they improve on the motor there will be three models.

          I used my km130 for strimming a wild flower meadow on friday absolute monster compared to the kma135. Only really tickle with km135 on low setting to conserve battery.

    • Completely agree. The battery tool is a great bit of kit and I'll buy it again. Although I feel it's nowhere near as powerful as the petrol and I'm sure not as many stroke rates on the hedge cutter as the petrol unit. I find myself reaching for the petrol unit for big hedges, and generally use the battery unit for shrubs and smaller jobs. Also I find on the strimmer attachment using the 300s battery it really doesn't last very long. My biggest gripe with the battery unit is the power select/safety button that regularly drops it to minimal power when you don't want to.  In saying all that though I would buy it again, as the battery unit is nice to use being quieter and less vibration and no heat.
    • yeah, the select/power button is definately annoying at times! 

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