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Public liability and tool insurance

I saw a discussion on here about tool insurance which replaces new for old can anyone remember or can advise best company to go with I want public liability and tool insurance currently with axa £150 2 million liability and tool insurance but not new for old thanks

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    I use Simply business

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    me too

  • Hmmm - just looking around for advice on this myself and found this very old thread. Posting a comment in case anyone else is looking and might save them some anguish later.

    I have liability insurance which includes tools cover with Simply Business with £100 excess on any claim - but some very small print exclusion somehow treats tools as goods in transit and they apply a £500 excess when they get stolen from a locked parked vehicle !! By the time they take off for wear and tear there is nothing left to pay out! So now I am wondering the benefit of this insurance at all?

    • Judging from the number of vans being broken into and tools nicked, I'd guess insurance companies really don't want this business so they make it as unappealing as possible. 


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        I think you are right, Graham. I was trying to collect a few quotes for tools insurance and was put off every time. It seems they really don't fancy the business.  Some time ago I signed a petition calling for tougher penalties on tool theft, (Hang,draw and quarter- I'm for!), but I suspect it didnt get anywhere.

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      i know what you’re saying here. I’m no fan of insurance companies but £500 access against 2 x £1500 lawnmowers and 5 or 6 pieces of stihl equipment is better than nothing. 

  • Premiums have shot up in the last year or two. I've got a £110 PL policy now and a £157 tools policy up to £5k, two seperate companies. Joint policies were not cutting it fo rme


  • Public Liability insurance requirement will vary, depending on the type of work that you do.  Most commercial contracts require £10m cover. 

    • PRO

      Tool insurance payout is subjective , Some methods of vehicle entry are not leaving any evidence that a crime has been committed , A difficult one for the insurance companies to investigate and assess i should imagine .  

      I found it necessary to create russian doll style protection for my most valuable tools after Three seperate thefts , The inconvenience of the theft and associated stress i found more painful than the value of the tools .

  • just to point out i had a policy with simpy business, my van lock back door handle was taken off by theives within seconds, i hear the loudest bang bang bang , i heard it all happen and come running out to see my tools got nicked. van WAS locked, alarm went off, police attended the scene too and simply business did NOT pay out out for nothing it went on for years in the end i have better things to do than chase insurance companies ! I had a damaged van and locks needed replacing and tools stolen it cost me a fortune. I cancelled the policy soon after AVOID ! 

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