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Online plant suppliers

We have a very large high end planting job commencing soon, so are in the process of sourcing herbaceous, shrubs,roses and evergreens.

Part of the scheme requires semi mature Taxus Baccata cones and balls, we will use our usual local suppliers for everything apart from the Taxus which they can't supply. So been looking online, there's substantial price differences for example 40 cm Taxus balls which vary from £40 to £130 ? What concerns us more is the Trustpilot reviews of these online sellers with reviews being extremely variable for each seller from 5* to don't go there!. Suspect that some sellers are just middle men not growers ? Appreciate that many nurseries will buy in but at least buying locally you have the opportunity to inspect and not such a problem to take up issues or return.

So have any members used and can recommend any online suppliers for Taxus topiary ?

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  • PRO

    I don't know where you are Peter, but I use Architectural Plants - based in Sussex

    • PRO

      Johnsons of Whixley 

  • PRO

    You could try https://www.fouroaks-nurseries.com/

    near Macclesfield, also where the annual Four Oaks show is held

    which is a great place to find wholesalers https://www.fouroaks-tradeshow.com/

    FourOaks Nursery Cash & Carry Four Oaks Cash & Carry now has over 1500 lines of trees and shrubs, which will be on display from starter plants to spe…
  • Hi Peter,

    I have used Hedges Direct quite a few times now, with no problems. The Baxus they have supplied is very good, although I'm not sure if they will have what you need. I think I had one dodgy plant in 50 & that was replaced within two days. Ornemental Trees have supplied me as well with good stock, again not sure if they will have the topiary. Good luck.

  • Public Member

    I've used, and been happy with:

    Hopes Grove


    Paramount Plants (but their smallest is likely to be larger, and unlikely to be cheap)


    They have a nursery in North London, you'd be able to walk round and judge the quality

    They also have Thuja balls, which would be more economical - no idea if they are any good as a replacement, I do use Thuja plicata atrovirens for vertical topiary - to save money, and time - but I think of it as Poor-man's-Yew

    Buy Yew Topiary Balls | Taxus Baccata Ball Shapes | Hopes Grove Nurseries.
  • Parklane at Preston 

  • Hi Peter, we grow our own Taxus Baccata at Barcham Trees in Ely but not topiary.  You would have to buy the plant and topiary it to your specifiction.  All grown in the UK and certified Plant Healthy.  Plenty in stock at various sizes.  I attach our current stock list and a photo of the trees.  If you would like prices, please email me at Caroline@barchatrees.co.uk  Barcham-Trees-Availability-List-29.02.24.pdf    12395769095?profile=RESIZE_930x

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