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Mulching ride on

Hi guys,

Looking for any recommendations for a mulching ride on that leaves a good finish, I'm edging towards a husqvarna R214 out front as it's very manoeuvrable ad leaves a good finish

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  • It's a budget machine, depends on how much work you have for it. Toro Titan would be a better choice but appreciate it's  nearly twice as much

  • I've recently bought a stiga park pro 25 2006 model, had a few small issues, as with any second hand machinery, leaves a decent finish, lovely to use, especially where trees are concerned, 4x4 is great, thats one of the main reasons I bought it, just got a new job and my old etesia hydro 80 would have never got up the slopes.


    Someone on here also has a newer model than mine, think he's called Vic from memory, his comments on here definitely help my decision on which ride on to buy......so thanks Vic!


    have a search on here, well worth reading what he has to say.

  • PRO

    The Husqvarna is not a great machine, we run a pair of the stiga park pro 540's, these are used mainly on 'nice grass' and give an outstanding finish, no visible difference from collecting, a mix of weekly and fortnightly cuts. There's also the option to discharge should the need arise. The 4x4 and out front deck means they are extremely manoeuvrable and even reduces the amount of strimming we need to do. These are our 5th and 6th of these machines and they aren't without their niggles but I don't think there's much better! 

    • PRO

      Have just been offered a diesel stiga 540 for 3500 is that worth getting?

      • Always approach used machines with a high degree of scepticism.  Put it like this - I've a used ride on that's done lots of work ,there's absolutely nothing wrong with it but I'm going to take a big financial hit and sell it and then put a few thousand to the proceeds and buy a new one !

        Why would you sell a perfectly good machine?

        Buyer beware!!

  • As per what has already been said, Stiga is the way to go. The one I have now is my third one, it’s now about five years old [I bought it new - Stiga 740 Pwx].

    I also have a John Deere Z535m. It is very good, but as an all-round machine that will do everything, the Stiga Parks are unbeatable.

    I would always recommend getting a 4x4 Stiga model. It makes all the difference, not just on steep areas, but also on even gentle slopes or in damp conditions.

    Second hand Stiga Parks [out front deck] machines are very expensive and personally I would not buy one second hand. With a good dealer there is a substantial discount on new anyway and so the difference between new and old is not that great [also, sometimes you will find a dealer selling a new demonstrator at a very good price]. Don’t look at new list prices, they are not what you actually pay.

    There is a guy on eBay that buys tired machines, then tarts them up cosmetically and then fits a new hour metre with far fewer hours on it. I know this because I sold him a slightly knackered machine that had heavy commercial use with nearly 700 hours on it. He then put it on eBay with an obviously aftermarket hour metre with about 125 hours showing.

    Five years ago, I paid £4800 for the brand new 740, just the machine though with no deck. I already had a good deck from the old one which was newer than the machine it was on.

    At the end of 2021 I needed a new deck [Combi 100]. They are about £1240 list. I spent a few hours ringing around the many firms I found online. I finally found a large agricultural dealer [Russell’s] about 40 miles away that had one [new old stock]. I went over to collect it and paid them £694 Inc. vat.

    So you can get very good deals on new Stigas if you shop around and/or have a very good local dealer.  

  • I have the Husky R 420TsX AWD which mulches, for a "garden" that includes 4,500+ trees, and a variety of terrain, and it is superb!

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