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Liquid seaweed on lawns

A quick question for those of you who recommended / use liquid seaweed on lawns please. 

I want to introduce liquid seaweed to the lawns I manage. How often do you guys recommended and is it something that can be applied all year round as it's not a fertiliser as such? 

The lawns I'm thinking of I am on site every week all year round, so can be added with relative ease and minimal cost. 

Thank you. Glen. 

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  • PRO

    My understanding is that application of a liquid seaweed feed for lawns is every 4 weeks or so.  Think the rate is something like 20-25 ml per 10 litres.  We've been using it this year for lawns and lots of other things like from foliar feeds for shrubs and fruit trees.  Seems to do a good job and lots of articles setting out the benefits of it.  

    • Thanks for that. Yeah I had every 4 weeks or so in mind. And yes seems suitable for just about everything. Definitely worth keeping a bottle in the van! 

    • You're a husband and wife team too I presume? 

      • PRO

        We are.  Heather started the business 3-4 years ago now and I joined last October after leaving a poisonous environemt for my own sanity.  Love the work, love learning new stuff and being outdoors.  Doing the RHS Level 2 theory stuff to try and get me up to speed!

        • Funnily enough I jumped on the wife's bandwagon too, albeit from a horticulture / countryside management background anyway. About 10 years ago now I think. 

  • PRO Supplier

    Good Morning 

    You could use it all year round but it wouldnt have much effect over the winter months. We recommend applying every 6-8 weeks from March - October time. We sell a product called Nutrigem which 20-20-20 which is a foilar fertilser containing a complete mix of seaweed and trace elements, wchi we reccomed applying to turf and grassland at 3L/ha  for boom spraying or 5-7ml per 1 Litre of water when knapsacking. 

    • Thanks Sarah. You're agrigem right? I was reading about nutrigem in one of the old blogs on here. Seems like a very versatile fertiliser to have on board. Maybe one for the future - got a stash of granular feed to get through before I start changing things too much! 

  • PRO Supplier

    Maxicrop Concentrate as a pure seaweed tonic - improves soil microbial content, has anti-fungal properties plus it acts to 'beef up' cells in the plant which helps it withstand prolonged drought and recover quicker....good for lawns, plants, veggies, etc. Every 4 weeks or so. 10L covers approx 10,000m2

    Maxicrop also combine the benefits of seaweed with some NPK - plus there is Mosskill & Conditioner for spring/ autumn mosss control along with lawn feed & seaweed.

    Liquid feeds for general lawn maintenance  also available from us, but one analysis or type of product is not normally sufficient for the whole year as grass requirements change throughout the growing and dormant season...

    Richard @ Progreen

    • Thanks for the info Richard 

  • PRO Supplier

    Hi Glen

    Monthly applications March to October as a guide. We have a Seaweed SB BioSea CP Liquid

    A point to note, you are using granular fertilisers at the moment. To maximise benefit try and use organic fertilisers. Inorganic are basically salts, which harm the microbes that we are trying to encourage

    Which is a cold pressed acidic based organic seaweed Ideal feed for plants and microorganisms..
    SB Bio Sea CP Liquid also acts as a broad- spectrum biostimulant and is suitable for improving the healthy growth of both annual and perennial grass species.

    In Amenity Turf : Apply SB BioSea CP Liquid at a rate of 5 - 10 litres per Ha in 400 - 600 litres of water.
    In Horticulture : Apply SB BioSea CP Liquid at a rate of 5 litres per Ha in 600 - 800 litres of water.

    SB BioSea CP Liquid is compatible with all inorganic and organic fertilizers and biostimulants.
    SB BioSea CP Liquid can be used as part of a compost tea programme and can be added directly to the brewer.
    SB BioSea CP Liquid can be mixed with fungicides and pesticides.
    To increase productivity of the Seaweed mix with Humic acid which will increase productivity of both by 50%.  
    If you require any information on Humic acid i can send you some.
    Please visit our website and products are in shop
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Event organisers have reported a significant increase in pre-show visitor registration ahead of SALTEX 2018, which takes place at The NEC, Birmingham on 31 October – 01 November.

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