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Lawn care pricing

Hi all. I am looking to branch out into lawn care as well as my garden maintenance. I am just a little unsure

of what I should charge,so before I get the calculator out and try and callobrate everything,I thought I would ask here.

If any of you guys carry out lawn care,what sort of prices per square metre do you charge.

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    Probably best to use the search function on LJN for 'pricing' etc as there is lots of info on previous threads. Not many businesses will tell you what they charge outright but collate all your costs first then think about what sort of care you want to undertake, what qualifications you possess - or might need (Pesticides, etc) and look at what businesses online are offering in terms of treatment options.

    Progreen are happy to suggest products and options for items that we supply to the lawn care industry...and beyond.


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    Lawn care is a specialist field needing training, qualifications, expensive kit and specific business knowledge. There are training  providers out there, and there is a lot of info in the BOG herein on LJN.

    So before worrying about pricing, step back, work it out as a business. Who is the customer, how will you get them, what will you offer, what kit will be needed & when, whats the supply chain, whats the CRM?

    You can get a lower end basic price for smaller lawns from Green Thumbs online quote calc.

    BTW, a linear model of basic price per sqm will not work in the main as it becomes uncompetitive for lawns over 600sqm. You need something scalable. There is a calc spreadsheet detailing a configurable model in the BOG.

    • I  have a lot of experience working for a turf company and the sister company with was lawn care, I am just a bit dubious about the pricing side, but think I will work it out. Spread sheet time.

  • PRO

    Lawn care can be a challage to start out in as there are so many products available and you need to define your lawn care treatment plan with them in mind. How many treatments per year, what mechanical services wil you offer? There is no hard defined cost. Many expense variables to impact your charge out costs. My advise is start out simple and expand your services/treatmetns whern you gian more experience and grow in confidence on applying products or use differnet equipment. 

    Take advantage of the kind offers form those such as Pitchcare and other amenity suppliers. Join the UK Lawn Care Association or UK based lawn care groups on Facebook. Loads to learn and some great low cost or free info out there. 

    Pricing is too subjective and I doubt anyone will say openly ina public forum of course. 

    To give you a ballpark approach, Greenthumb do have an online price guide but it's for their business that buys in huge volumes so their product/cost of sale costs will be a lot lower than yours. What ever you do make sure your costs and sell on price are profitable! 

  • To add to the other comments, be prepared for customers to expect you to remove the waste from scarification (if your offering that service).If you have a waste carrying license and a tip site (or local authority that charges),happy days. As our local council (Flintshire), have just started charging to empty garden waste bins, a lot of my customers have cut down to just 1 or 2 bins. Always clarify it in quotes and add a realistic price for removing the waste. Our local Greenthumb charges £1 a bin bag for taking the waste. 

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